Author's Note: Everyone liked the first interview I did and asked if I would do one with the other characters. Don't know if I'll fall flat attempting this but here goes...

T-Bone: Glad you asked us in. I've got a bone to pick with you, no pun intended.

Writer: Oh?

T-Bone: Yeah. What's the big deal pairing me with that big lug all the time? I like fems and you have me with males in every story and worst of all it's always Feral.

Writer:Well you two make such a hunky pair I can't resist putting you together. If you noticed, I always made you the dominant one and Feral's the one who suffers being pregnant.

T-Bone: Yeah, I noticed's Feral...I mean...he's not even handsome and he's got to be the most cold fish I've ever known.

Writer: That's not how you felt in at least two of those stories.

T-Bone (blushing): Who knew he could be so fragile, sheeze! Once he unbends he's a tiger in bed. I really can't argue with that.

Razor(smirked): Yeah, he's that alright. Unlike you buddy, I didn't have any problems with the big guy. He's hot.

T-Bone (snorted): Well at least I didn't get altered to something more than a kat.

Razor(grimacing): Uh...yeah...that was a little strange though kinda neat too. I could really kick ass with those super size fangs and claws.

Writer: Glad you liked it.

Razor (a bit miffed): So why have you written me as just a sidebar in the rest of those stories? I barely get mentioned before I disappear completely.

Writer: Sorry, I'm just not that in to your character as I am in Feral and you just come up short in the pairing.

Razor (groused): I just knew my height was going to come into it somewhere.

Writer: To be fair, I did write one with you guys and Feral. Aren't you enjoying that one? I'm writing another one right now with Raven.

T-Bone(grinning wickedly): Oh yeah! That one! Now I do like that piece. Raven Feral is really hot and sexy.

Razor(smirking in agreement): Oh yeah! Definitely hot! Now if you would just keep Feral like that I wouldn't mind at all. That is the hottest she-kat I've seen who outshines even Callie.

T-Bone: Oh yeah! Paws down the hottest babe you've written.

Writer: Well thank you! Unfortunately, I'm a bit stalled on it right now and have started another story with you and Feral again.

T-Bone(wrinkling his nose in disgust): What! Again?

Razor: Bet I'm left out again.

Writer (blushing): Well you do have a part in it and maybe it'll be more...I'm just not sure yet...

Razor (sarcastic): Right! I'll be left out again!

T-Bone(snorted): Be happy to trade with you Razor.

Writer(miffed): Well! I did write stories where you were barely a footnote, I can do it again if you'd rather be out of it completely. And you can forget being with Raven.

Razor(making a placating gesture): Woah there! We were just airing a bit of disgruntlement. We meant no harm. Please don't stop letting us be with Raven. I'm really digging being with her.

T-Bone (doing kitten eyes in apology): Yeah, forgive us please? I'll put up with Feral as male just don't take away Feral as female. I so want to have kittens with Raven.

Writer: Well, okay. I guess you have a right to be a little miffed. I'll try to put you in a little more Razor and I can't promise I'll be able to stop writing you in slash stories with Feral, T-Bone. Sorry!

T-Bone (sighing): Okay, I'll just have to get used to it I guess.

Razor (Hinting) Unlike T-Bone, I really don't mind doing slash with the Commander.

Writer: I'll think about it Razor and let you know.