Bethany's Story a Talent fic

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Most belongs to Anne McCaffrey, and what doesn't is just imagined. Fiel free to make use of any of my characters you like.


Samantha Gwen took a long puff from the black inhaler in her hand. It didn't help. Nothing did. She wanted to be rid of it; the so called talent they'd told her she had. She wanted rd of it and this baby she was having, but she didn't have the energy to get an abortion. That was what she told herself anyway. She looked around the tiny room. The others, Gina, Dalia, Rose, Susan, and Gail were all here. She took another puff. She had noted there were other small rooms in this building with other girls.

She'd been excited when Evan sparks had told them about the jobs they could have here. They all had. When they had arrived in this place a year ago, they had learned. They had learned that, unlike the nicer pleasure houses where a woman's consent was asked for, here rape was the fashion of the day. If it wasn't the customer who was doing it to you, it was the male staff. And now she was pregnant. She could give birth at any time. She really should've terminated the pregnancy a long time ago.

The door slammed open, and Evan Sparks stood framed in the doorway.

He scowled. What a pathetic bunch all of these so called whores were. There was little Sammy, sitting in her corner, high as a kite.

"Get up. Customers waiting."

They all rose quickly, even Sam. They'd learned not to linger.

Hours later, Sam moved restlessly on her pallet. For some reason, she couldn't get comfortable.

"Are you going to sleep anytime soon? The rest of us would like to you know," said Gail.

She was always sarcastic after her time with the customers and staff.

Sam opened her mouth to say something, but she gasped in pain as her water broke.

"The baby!" Dalia, Gina, and rose all cried at the same time.

The birth of her daughter was hard for Samantha. She would never have another child. The small clinic was overcrowded with other delivering mothers. There was no strong impath, and as a consequence, the child's incredible birth cry was somehow missed. Dalia, Rose, and Gina brought Samantha and her tiny, silver haired, daughter home, and named her Bethany. Other talents might have heart the child's birth cry, but they were busy transferring the hivers.