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Summary: The students of Mr. Lancer's class must enter someone's mind. But now with no way to get out, they realize just how important Danny Fenton's mind is, including his sanity.

The Reality of Virtuality

Mr. Lancer had a plan. A very good plan.


At the end of class that day, Mr. Lancer called up Mr. Fenton to his desk. As everyone got their books and left, chattering, Mr. Fenton sighed, and nodded to his friends, who left as well.

"You wanted me Mr. Lancer?" Danny said.

"Yes." Mr. Lancer said, grading his last paper, then putting them into his desk, locking it. He was never one for taking chances.

"Mr. Fenton, I will be frank with you. Your grades have plummeted and anymore and I'll have to have a word with your parents." Mr. Lancer said, causing a sigh from his student.

"But," Mr. Lancer said, and Danny looked up, his eyes shining with hope, "I shall give you one chance at redemption. If you will-" "I'll do it!" Danny yelled, pumping his fist into the air. Mr. Lancer rubbed his temples.

"Yes well, tomorrow our class was donated these things called the virtuality helmet. It allows the wearer to transport to the master wearer's mind. Then they are directed to the brainset, where they will experience some memories of the wearer. I would appreciate it if you would be the master wearer." "I don't know…" Danny said, slowly.

"If you did this, I promise we will not infiltrate your mind's secrets, just look around a bit. And also, this will bring your grade up by 40 ..." "I'll do it! But…wait a second, did you say 'we'?" Danny asked inquisitively.

"Yes we, Mr. Fenton. It shall be the whole class. The demonstration will only last an hour since the teenage mind is rarely complex, so we will be finished in time for the end of class."

"Well, ok." Danny said, smiling, and shook Mr. Lancer's outstretched hand. Danny then left the room, and went to his locker to pack up.

The next day Danny was having second thoughts. What if someone found out his secret? His friends had the same doubts as well, and it showed on their faces.

"Dude, are you sure about this?" Tucker asked, looking at his PDA.

"Actually I'm starting to think I'm not." Danny said, concern heavy in his voice. Then Sam and Danny heard a beeping sound from Tucker's PDA, and Tucker paled.

"According to this, there is a 75 chance that your secret will get revealed. Seriously dude, I don't think you should do this." Tucker said, his PDA making more beeping sounds.

Danny sighed, but then brightened "Well, that still leaves a 35 chance that they won't right?...Right?" Sam and Tucker stared at him

"You know I'm bad at Math!" Danny yelled, and they started laughing.

"Look Danny," Sam said, smiling slightly after regaining her composition. "If Lancer said they wouldn't pry into your secrets then maybe they won't. I mean, this is a good opportunity for your grades to climb up again."

Danny smiled, and said, "Yeah I guess you're right, I can do this!" He said, and confidently walked into class. His friends looked at each other, and whispered "You really think so?" "Not a chance.".

Danny watched as his friends came in, and sighed as a blue mist came pouring out of his mouth. Not today! He couldn't miss this!

So Danny decided to ignore it. He ignored his friend's concerned look and tried to pay attention,

Mr. Lancer soon explained what was going to be happening for the day. When he specified whose mind they were entering, Danny felt like shrinking in his seat. There were groans, chatter, and Dash managed a "Come on! We'd have more fun in a nerd's!".

Mr. Lancer pulled out the virtuality helmet. It looked a lot like the virtual ghost destroying helmet (check micro management episode, where Jazz is exercising), but Danny wasn't about to mention that. He was enough of a freak already. But he shouldn't have been thinking like that! He knew he wasn't a freak. Yet he couldn't help but wonder whether that's what he would be thought of as if his secret was revealed.

He was slammed out of these thoughts when Mr. Lancer placed the helmet on top of his head. It looked slightly different from the helmets the other people were wearing. His had more buttons. Mr. Lancer walked to his desk, and said, "Everyone ready?". Most people nodded their heads, so Mr. Lancer sat down, and placed a button.

Suddenly Danny felt very sleepy, he started swaying, and curled up on his desk as his world went black. He was asleep. Some people gasped at this, but they were soon asleep too, as was Mr. Lancer. They had been transported. Nothing would ever be the same.

If Danny had been awake, he would have seen another bluish mist come out of his mouth. He would've seen Technus phase through the ceiling and proceeded to kick his butt. But he was asleep. And as soon as Technus saw that, he stopped his long-winded introduction and smiled.

This was going to be fun. He could see that the child had some sort of control modulater on his head, as the other children. The teacher seemed to have the remote control to it. So Technus, thinking himself very evil indeed, went over and fried it with his electrical powers.

The children, wherever they were, were trapped. Now, all Technus had to do was get back to the ghost zone and tell the others. They had havoc to wreak.