Chapter 23: It's the End, But of What

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Chapter 24: It's the End, But of What?

Danny shook himself. Then he pinched his arm and gave a faint yelp. Then he wiped the drool off his desk.

Yep, they were back.

Danny quietly took off his helmet. He shook and woke up Sam, Tucker, and Valerie, all three doing the same. (The helmet part, not the drool part)

Everybody else gradually got up, but before they could fully awaken, Skulker floated in.

"I just came to check up on the brat-what? You children are awake?" He yelled at the cowering kids and teacher.

"Leave them alone Skulker." Came Danny's voice, and they turned to him as he collided with Skulker pushing them both into a wall.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) Skulker turned both of them intangible, and they went through the wall, disappearing.

"Danny! They know!" Sam ran up to the wall, shouting at it,

"What??" Came Danny's exclamation as Skulker and him flew through the ceiling into the floor, intangibly.

"We tried but they found out anyway!" Tucker yelled to the floor, and Danny came from a side wall, this time with Skulker on top of him as they went through the opposite wall. Danny's look was one of pure shock as he wrestled with Skulker.

"Look on the bright side! You can actually fight now!" said Sam, yelling in no direction.

"Well…" Danny said as Skulker came up through the floor, this time Danny on the top. Instead of riding through the building again, he did a flip off Skulker, allowing the ghost to get control of his mechanical wings.

"We'll talk later."' He said to the rest of the group, and instead changed. Everyone watched in awe, still not believing their eyes.

"What is all the hullabaloo about-he's awake?!" Technus shrieked, looking at Skulker then Danny then Skulker.

"No that's a hologram-yes he's awake!" Shouted Skulker right back, leaving him right open for Danny's ecto-blast right into Technus.

"This cannot be, for I, Technus used the remote thingy myself to-" "Really don't care right now, details later." Danny said, tackling Technus.

Technus raised a hand, and the cords of the helmets still attached to the students rose into the air. But since the helmets were still on the students and Mr. Lancer's head, they gave too much of a pull, sending electric waves coursing through the children and adult. They fainted.

"Leave them alone!" Danny said, punching Skullker and blasting Technus. Luckily, Sam had found her backpack, and threw Danny a thermos. He sucked both in.

"Looks like you're going to have a lot of work to do." Tucker said as Danny landed and transformed.

"Well he won't be alone." Valerie said, walking up to him. Danny jumped, but Valerie smiled, and he relaxed.

"Let's get everyone up." Danny said, and they started to take the helmets off the kids. Tucker was in the middle of taking off Paulina's when she woke up. The others looked up when they heard a shrill shriek and a slap.

"Ow! That's what I get for trying to help!" Tucker said, rubbing his cheek. The others laughed.

"What happened Fentdork?" Said Dash, pushing Danny off him.

"You don't remember? A ghost attacked and-" "Ooh! Did Inviso-Bill come save us?" Paulina squealed, and Danny cocked his head at her.

"Is that a joke?" Team Phantom and Valerie chorused, staring at Paulina. Paulina blinked and shook her head.

"Well did he?"

"Well yeah, but-"

"Where did he go?" Said Paulina, and now she was chorused by the rest of the students, having awakened.

"What?" Danny said, and Sam, seemingly realizing something, pulled Danny and Tucker and Valerie aside.

"They don't remember!" She said, and Valerie shook her head.

"Then how come we do?"

"Maybe when Technus attacked, that electricity shocked them, erasing all of their memories. It's amnesia!" Sam said excitedly.

"So they don't know my secret!" Danny said just as happily.

"By the Great Works of Frank Herbert, what happened? We should be in Daniel's mind by now! And why are our helmets off?" Mr. Lancer exclaimed, and the little group gulped.

"Umm… we did try! But I think the helmet's defective Mr. Lancer, because all I saw was black! And then I woke up and the ghost attacked and other people were knocked out. Sam and Valerie and Danny woke up too, and then Phantom saved us. Then we started to take off your helmets when you guys woke up." Tucker said, and they gaped at his perfect lying skills.

"Maybe you saw black because that's all there is in Fenturd's mind." They heard Dash whisper among the A-listers, and the group of popular kids snickered.

--Next Day--

"Well class, since we wasted a whole class period, along with 4 hours worth of other classes, you will be getting double the homework. The helmets were sent back, and were found defective. A certain current somehow went through the helmets while we were using them. Our principal does not want anymore children trying them out." Mr. Lancer lectured, and all the kids grumbled about the homework.

"Hey, did you see how badly Inviso-Bill kicked those ghosts butt?" Paulina whispered to Dash, and he nodded excitedly.

"Yeah, he went and cleaned out the whole town for 5 hours straight I heard! And get this! The Red Huntress helped for a whole hour!" Kwan whispered and the group got very excited, each whispering their stories.

"5 hours?" Tucker said sympathetically.

"Actually 7. Thanks for helping out Val." Danny mumbled out, his head on the desk.

"Sorry I couldn't stay longer, I had to go work at the Nasty Burger and explain to my father why I was suddenly helping the guy I had been holding a grudge on for such a long time." And Danny nodded, his forehead rubbing against the desk.

"So, on with our discussion on the story of Dune by Frank Herbert, I personally consider it…" Mr. Lancer continued the discussion, as in him talking to himself, discussing with himself, while the students played the game of ignorance.

Suddenly Mr. Lancer stopped and blinked twice.

"Phantom!" He shouted out, and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him curiously.

"The doors!" Another student called out also. Then came all the calls.

"The protectors!"






"Danny!" Came the last call, and everyone turned to him. Danny was too busy to notice, considering he was banging his head on a desk.

"Guess the amnesia was only temporary." Sam said, whispering to Danny. Danny turned and gave her a look that clearly said 'ya think?'. Sam laughed nervously and backed off.

Tucker and Valerie gave him pats on the back sympathetically, which only led to more head banging.

"So…what do we do now?" Said Tucker to the class, and the question hung in the air.

"What do we do now?" Danny said, finally looking up. His face was utterly serious.

"…the rest of this class I'm going to talk." Danny said finally. But before the others could speak, he raised his hand, silencing them.

"And." He said warningly.

"You're going to listen."


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