yet another ficlet collection, by That'sMyFiasco

"To see that flash of intuition as you see through my pretenses..." -Edward Cullen

Disclaimer: I own not Twilight, nor the insane goodness that lies within. "Claim" is only a term used to make the obsessed feel good.

These were written for the fanfiction prompt community 30(underscore)lies, where you can claim a character or pairing to write 30 stories with, using the given themes, or prompts. Each will contain a lie in some way. I claimed Edward Cullen, and I'm going to be writing drabbles; in other words, stories that are 500 words, or less. Each chapter is unrelated, and not in chronological order, unless otherwise stated. Thanks for reading!

Theme #1- Liar Paradox

Spoilers: New Moon

Chapter One: For Your Own Good

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me." I spoke slowly, my voice careful and steady. I had spent a century learning how to lie- and it seemed that now, when it was the last thing I truly wanted to do, was when it mattered the most.

It was necessary- I knew that. It was the only way, the one way I could be certain that she would be safe. Because that was all that mattered. And as long as I knew that, then, well, I could survive.

A confused look was on her face, and she said, slowly, "You... don't... want... me?"

I was watching her face closely, noting every minute change of expression. "No."

Inside, I was screaming. I wanted to cry out, I wanted to hold her, I wanted to kiss her until she knew just how much I truly did want her. Didn't she know? Couldn't she tell? I thought she would know- I thought it was obvious- couldn't she see just how good she was, how she was too good for someone like me? Wasn't it obvious?

Wasn't she listening??