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Ash scowled. A play. A stupid, annoying, sappy, play. And they wanted him to be in it. Him!

He shouldn't have been so cross. He liked doing things like that for fun. It was just the way he was. Here's the catch. Misty was the main girl and that annoying boy he had come to know and hate was doing the main guy. Who is this guy you may ask?

"Hey, Ash! I need your help with this!"

"Rudy." Ash muttered grinding his teeth. He pushed himself off of the floor and trudged lazily over to where Rudy was standing.

"Sheesh. Would you hurry up? This is heavy."

Ash left his hands in his pockets and looked over the large prop that Rudy was holding up. "What do you want me to do?"

Rudy groaned. The pressure of the prop was getting to him. "Just take that side and help me get it to the stage."

Ash walked slowly to the opposite side that Rudy was at. He smirked lightly but only for a moment and just stared at it.


"Well what?"

"Pick it up! Gosh, I'm getting tired."

Ash decided that he had picked on Rudy enough and reached down to picked it up on the side, walking backwards. Pikachu ran over curiously and looked at the prop. Ash gasped as Pikachu ran behind his ankles and nearly dropped the prop.

"Whoa! Careful!"

"Yeah, yeah." He muttered angrily under his breath and waited until Pikachu was a safe distance away before going on.

They sat the prop on the back wall and Daisy motioned to him. "Ash, could you grab the dresser next to the pool?"

He shrugged and headed down to the pool wondering the whole time why they needed a dresser on the stage and why it was down by the pool in the first place. He trudged to the dresser and didn't even notice her sitting on the edge of the pool as he tried to pick it up.


"Ah!" He caught himself as the dresser began to slip. It had to be karma. Karma against props….

She stifled a giggle as he looked over in her direction. "Oh… hi Misty."

She gave a face of mock hurt. "Oh? Hi? That's all I get? Fine way to treat your best friend." She placed her arms over her chest and turned away to the pool.

He smiled, feeling large amount of the heavy feelings he had been carrying around turn into bubbles and float away. He set the dresser down and snuck up behind him placing his hands on her bare shoulders. "Misty…" he started.

She shivered but tried to keep an annoyed face. "What?"

"Hold still."


"The floor's slippery."

She turned around with an eyebrow raised. Before she could get a question Ash gripped her shoulders just barely harder and gave her a gentle push.

She slipped from there… somehow… and landed in the water with a small splash.

She popped back a moment later to see Ash picking up the dresser and trying to keep a strait face.

"You pushed me!"

He shrugged with a smile. "So what? You've pushed me in more than once."

She gaped at him as he nodded at her and started walking off. "Oh no you don't." she mumbled. She quickly pulled her self out of the pool and got behind him wrapping her arms around his neck forcefully.

Ash dropped the dresser in surprise. Luckily it didn't break but it had to be scratched up and maybe a little chipped. Unfortunately Ash didn't have time to check as Misty had her arms firmly glued to his neck and chest. He grabbed at her hands but was taken by surprise as they both tumbled into the water. They fell under and fought each other briefly before swimming to the surface.

Misty gave him a superior grin as they emerged and he scowled climbing out of the water completely soaked in all his clothes, unlike Misty (who had her swimsuit top and shorts on). Misty grabbed the pool edge and blushed allowing herself to float down just so her cheeks were below the water.

Ash turned around and saw his hat still in the water. Misty swam to the other side where it had somehow floated to. Ash watched her as carefully as he could and then grabbed it from her hand as she came back.

"Don't I get a thank you?" she asked with cute puppy face.

Ash forced himself to look away. "You pulled me in." He didn't hear her answer so he looked at her again to find the same face. He scowled. "Thanks, Misty."

She giggled, pure music to his ears, "You're welcome Ash." And then she used a simple backstroke to get to the opposite side of the pool.

"Ash! I need that dresser! Did you drown or something?"

"Oh!" He shook himself out of it quickly. "Sorry Daisy!"

He picked up the dresser turning the back to his chest so that Daisy wouldn't see the wonderful designs permanently etched onto the wood.

Ash helped them set up a bit more and then headed to his guest bedroom with the excuse that he was a bit tired. Once there he looked over the script almost gagging. This had to be the twelfth time that he had read it. It annoyed the heck out of him but for the first time in his life he found himself reading something like it was a fortune and he was going to have to just sit back and let it happen. That kiss. That stupid, annoying, sappy, stupid kiss. Main girl… main guy…. He should have expected it. That was what they usually did, wasn't it? But he still couldn't bring himself to relax about it. Rudy was probably looking forward to it. Ash thought with a grimace. Last time they had seen him, Ash had almost lost Misty to him. And now he was back and Ash was going to have to watch Rudy kiss Misty, the most important girl in his life. Of course Misty didn't seem too bothered by it either…. He rolled over and stared at the wall. Tomorrow was the play. Tomorrow he would watch them act liked they loved each other on stage in front of the world… and he wouldn't be able to stop it.

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