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"Ash… Ash! C'mon Ash wake up!"

Ash groaned and rolled over in the bed, pulling the pillow over his head. (Rimes… kinda)

Misty pulled back and pursed her lips before cracking a wicked smile. "Oh, Pikachu!"

"I'm up!" Ash flung a hand in the air. He had been expecting the rest of his body to follow, but instead he ended up in the floor tangled up in the sheets.

Misty laughed. "Daisy wants you down to help her with the last of the set."

Ash had finally gotten up and had been putting the sheets back on the bed when reality set in. The play was today. His hands loosened on the bed spread.


"Tell her that I'll be there in a second."

Misty nodded sadly behind his back and left shutting the door behind her. She let out a deep breath and leaned against the door. He knew what was happening in the play… and he didn't care at all. She didn't want her first kiss to be meaningless, even if she was acting. She wanted it to be with Ash. It was a play and he knew it. That might be why he didn't care… or he could have no interest in her at all. She was sure it was the latter and she felt her heart dropping into her stomach. No. It didn't matter. She wiped her eyes and pushed off the door frame.

"That's it. Move it to the left a little."

Ash grunted and pushed the dresser over (the same one he had dropped). It wasn't really heavy, he was just feeling annoyed. He sighed and leaned on it, doing his best to make it look like he was tired so Daisy would overlook the chips in the wood. Luckily she didn't seem to notice.

Daisy beamed. They were doing a play… out of the water. She had been pushed into it by somebody who had insisted that the Waterflowers really had no acting skills and the only reason that their ballets were so good was because they were water gym leaders. Now here was Daisy proving them wrong. "All right! Let's run through the play one more time!" She looked at the stage and then behind her where the audience would be sitting. "Where's Rudy?"

Ash almost smiled.

"Well… you do his lines until he shows up Ash."

Ash promptly jumped off of the dresser in shock, knocking his foot into the wood in the process. His cheeks went slightly pink as he rubbed his toe. "Wh-what?"

Daisy raised an eyebrow. "Do Rudy's lines while we wait for him."

Ash stared at her. The irony just didn't go away.

"C'mon Ash! It's not that difficult! You just read his lines. You don't have to actually act them out. Rudy will take care of the when he comes back."

Ash looked at Misty unsurely then suddenly realized that he was chickening out in a room full of only girls and tried to shrug off his cowardly act. He walked forward and took the script out of Daisy's hand, looking it over. "The final scene." He muttered.

"Yeah. Misty needs to work on it."


"Well it's true! You're like really good in the play on every scene except that one. You need to get it right. The play is today."

"I know that! I'm not stupid!"

"Then get it right! Unless you like want to make a total fool of yourself on stage. Action!"

Misty sighed and turned to Ash, staring at him for a moment before it clicked. "Oh! U-Um." He pulled the script up to his face. "I want…" he trailed off, his cheeks getting warm as he stared at the sheet in front of him.

Daisy sighed and sat down. "Ash, try some more emotion."

"You said that I didn't have to act." Ash mumbled.

"Well, it would help if you actually said the lines. Just belt them out. It's acting. It's not like you actually mean it."

"Okay, okay." He sighed and looked at Misty, blushing again. The line was completely sappy and he couldn't get it to come out of his mouth. Suddenly he realized that Misty was the one who needed to know her lines, not him, so he just cut to the chase, not saying the whole line because Misty would know what it was suppose to be. "Y-You're beautiful."

Misty looked away with slightly pink cheeks. "But... I am hardly worthy." Obvioously Ash had left something out of his line, but they went on anyway.

Ash looked at his script and then stepped closer leaning over slightly while he tried to look at her face. "I… I think you deserve someone better than me."

She looked up and her throat ran dry as he came closer. "No. You are all…" she trailed off, feeling her heart speed up, and gulped. "…all I'll ever want."

Ash bit his lip. He knew this part. He had watched them practice for it, though they hadn't exactly gone through with it yet. Slowly he reached up and brushed her hair behind her ear, then placed his hand on her cheek. He started calming down. Everyone saw it as just acting, he could have poured his heart out to her and no one would have thought anything of it.

Misty leaned into his touch, and searched his eyes. She wanted him to kiss her, she almost had to refrain herself from filling up the space. Rudy was kissing her tonight. She had managed to keep him from kissing throughout recitals, but that would be impossible during the actual play. If Ash kissed her now, he would be her first kiss.

He paused and then leaned forward with his eyes lingering on her lips. He knew what he wanted to do.

Misty's heart was pounding and she was surprised that it didn't scare him away. Finally her eyes fluttered closed and she could feel his warm breath tickling the skin around her mouth. By now Ash had closed his eyes too.

"And cut!"

Both of their eyes shot open and they stared at each other from just a couple inches, before jumping away from each other.

"Perfect Misty! You do it like that in the play and it's sure to be a success!" Daisy exclaimed.

Misty nodded, secretly hating her sister for cutting them off. Wait… that had been a male voice.

Rudy handed the miniature microphone to Daisy and jumped onto the stage between Ash and Misty. "Sorry I'm late. Where are we?"

"Scene six."

Ash clenched his fists and quickly left through the curtain to the hall. Once out he angrily punched the wall and then let his hand fall. He had been so close.

"Ash, come back! This is your scene!"

Ash reentered the stage pulling a grubby looking garb over his head, an outfit obviously fit for a peasant.

"Take it from the top!" Daisy cried out triumphantly. Then she sat down in the front row to watch.


She groaned and threw her face into her hands, then looked over them. "Ash, please tell me you didn't forget your lines again."

He blushed slightly. "I didn't forget them!"

Her hands went down and she leaned back into her seat. "All right then. Carry on."

Ash shook his head to get rid of any unwanted thoughts and started reciting his lines about the princess and the extremely antagonizing prince. He ground his teeth, putting extra emphasis on how stubborn and annoying the prince was.

"Wow… great job Ash! That was perfect!"

Ash left the stage as Rudy and Misty came on, then he stood behind the curtains and watched.

They were both great actors, but Ash found his gaze drawn to Misty. The way she moved smoothly across the stage to play her part, the way her lips shaped each word, the way the stage light fell perfectly on her. He shook his head. I shouldn't be thinking like this. Of course if didn't help that Misty had er… changed over the time that they had known each other. He blushed at his thoughts and pulled himself behind the curtain.

Finally Rudy and Misty finished their lines and came behind the curtain with him.

Misty was laughing. While Ash had been caught up in his thoughts, apparently Rudy had said something very funny.

He frowned and watched the two walk out of the room then growled quietly under his breath and followed them into the hallway. Rudy finally left and Misty sat down on one of the chairs set up for her sisters in the hallway. "Hey Ash."

"Hey." He grumbled pulling the garb off.

"You know, the play's not to far away. You should just leave it on."

He shrugged. "I don't really like it. It's kind of ironic really… you playing a princess and me playing a peasant."

She blinked and turned her head to the side. "Why?"

"I dunno. It just seems like that's the way it would be if we really were living back then."

"No. I don't think so. I would hate to be a princess. To be stuck inside all day handing out decrees and being shoved into stuffy preppy dresses is definitely not how I want to live."

"And of course Rudy would be a prince…." He muttered, ignoring her comment.

"Ash Ketchum, are you… are you jealous?"

"What?" He looked up in surprise with a light blush on cheeks before he realized that it was a joke. "No! Why would I be jealous of him?"

She smiled noticing the wonderful reaction she was getting out of him. "Oh. I dunno. He is a great trainer, a gym leader at that. He has a lot of talents actually. He's not that bad looking either."

Ash scowled to himself, but not for the reason she thought. Hearing her hand out all of those compliments and knowing that they were compliments that would never be sent his way, was just pushing him closer to the edge he was already nearing.

He shrugged and plopped down on the seat next to her, throwing the garb on the floor at his feet.

"It's going to get all dirty and then Daisy's gonna be all over you about it."

Again, he shrugged. "It's a peasant's outfit isn't it? No one going to think anything about it if it's a little dirty."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say Ash. You can be so irresponsible…. On that note… when were you planning on paying me back for my bike?"

Ash groaned. "When are you going to let go of that stupid bike?"

She turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "When you pay me back for it, of course."

He ground his teeth. "Well I can't wait till I do. Once you get you're stupid bike back, you won't have a reason to follow me around anymore. Maybe then I can get a break from you!"

He stood and walked off angrily leaving Misty with her mouth open in shock. She watched him turn a corner and then looked down at her lap letting her eyes fill up with tears.

"Stupid, stupid girls!" He grumbled angrily. Ash paced back and forth in front of "his" bed. The reality of his words had just sunk in for him. She thought that he didn't care about her, that he didn't want her around, when in fact it was just the opposite. He had gotten frustrated because even after all this time she had brought up the bike. It seemed like the only reason she had any connection to him was because she was waiting for him to pay her back for the bike. But even still… how had his words left her feeling? If he did want to get her to change her mind, it had definitely not helped.

So now here he stood, pacing his room and trying to convince himself that everything would be fine and he didn't have to apologize. "She's such a stupid girl!" he threw himself onto the bed and rolled over. "A pretty, stupid girl." He admitted to himself with a blush. (A/N Pretty as in beautiful.)

He rolled back over and groaned. "I have to apologize… don't I?" He stood up stuffing his hands into his pockets and looked at the clock. "Shoot!" As quickly as he could he ran out and down to the stage pushing through crowds of people to get backstage.

"Ash! Finally!" Daisy handed him his costume. "Misty said you dropped it."

"Oh… yeah… thanks." He grabbed it from her and went into a nearby room to change. He had only been wearing the top half during recital.

When he finally came out he felt extremely uncomfortable. He looked around backstage. The play was about to start. Misty and Rudy were all the way dressed up for the play and Ash froze and looked at Misty. Even in the dim light she was beautiful. Her hair was down (he secretly loved her hair down), and she wore a dress nearly to the floor with a green undertone and short sleeves. Daisy forced her into some make-up, but just enough to show off what beauty was already there.

Ash gulped and scooted back a little to wait for his scene. He wasn't sure he wanted to be seen in his outfit. It didn't necessarily look bad… but it was obviously a peasant's outfit and probably a young one.

Misty and Rudy went on first. Misty was shaking but Ash saw her pull it in right before she went out on stage.

Ash watched them and despite his feeling toward the two of them at the moment, he could feel a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Misty was obviously enjoying herself even though she was trying not to be afraid and her smile… was enough to make him smile.

"Ash that's your cue!" Daisy whispered from next to him.

"Oh yeah! Sorry." He quickly walked onto the stage and interrupted what would have been a very romantic moment to the audience.

Basically, the plot was very cliché. The prince fell in love with the princess and the prince is very egoistic, having trouble being a prince. Misty acted out the princess, and helped him to see what kind of a prince he would be and what he could do with his power. Ash was the friend of Misty and subject of the prince who gave her advice while holding a pretty strong grudge against the prince. Maybe that was why Rudy didn't suspect anything from Ash.

Ash glared at Rudy and walked off of the stage behind them.

Rudy turned to the two once he was off. "I have to go get something for the next scene."

"But Rudy our scene's in just a couple of minutes." Misty whispered with panic in her voice.

"I'll be right back I promise." Misty and Ash watched him leave and Misty spoke up.

"What if he doesn't get back quick enough?"

"Then Daisy will kill him." Ash replied lightly.

Misty glared at him.


She just shook her head and turned around.

A few minutes passed and Ash was on stage when Daisy came to Misty. "All right Misty, it's your scene."

"Rudy's not back."

"What do you mean?"

"Rudy went to get something and he's not back yet."

"Oh-Oh no! What are we going to do?"

"Just announce that there's going to be a delay… or a short intermission."

"But this is the last scene! What if I lose my bet? Oh I got it! Get on stage and pretend that you're writing about the prince in your journal. You won't be alone long. Hurry."

"Wh-what? But-" Daisy was out of site before Misty could argue and she let out a deep breath and slipped onto the stage, prepared to add-lib.



"Rudy's missing."


"We need you to replace him."


"Please Ash!"

"B-But everyone already saw me on stage as the peasant. What am I suppose to do? Announce that he doesn't love her anymore? That'll be a great ending for the audience." H suddenly blushed realizing how his statement had sounded. He was panicking. "Sorry."

"It's alright. Just… Just help me Ash! Please!"

"What am I suppose to do?"

Daisy pulled up her bag and rummaged through it. "It just so happens that this play has been redone a lot. There are tons of different endings. I only have four." She pulled out a script and handed it to him. "Say this. Misty will just have to play along. But she's smart. I'm sure she'll be fine."

Ash gulped and looked it over. "I-I have to say this?"

Daisy rolled her eyes. "Ash, it's a play. It's just acting."

He wasn't sure if the statement should make him feel relieved or disappointed. "Ok. I'll do it."

"Thank you so much Ash. I don't know how to repay you. Now please hurry. Misty's stuck on the stage "reading" right now."

He nodded and quickly looked over the script, hoping that he would remember everything and then hurried out onto stage.

He moved forward with as much confidence as he could and Misty looked at him with pure shock before masking it.

He gulped. "I-I regret to inform you that… the prince is engaged."

Misty stared at him in complete confusion.

"To someone else."

She looked down in shock.

A second later someone else entered the stage and Ash looked up in horror. There stood Rudy. What were they going to do now?

Rudy looked between them for a moment before Daisy's arm reached onto the stage and pulled him clumsily off. Then Rudy came back on with Daisy on his arm. She was wearing the dress that she had put on to collect tickets. It didn't exactly fit the time that the play took place but it would pass now that it was needed. She smiled at Misty and gave her a small look that said to play along.

Misty looked back and forth before finally snapping out of it. "You've been engaged to someone else the whole time?"

Rudy opened his mouth but he wasn't sure what to say. Daisy nodded at Ash and Ash took over.

"It's true."

"I'm sorry." Rudy said hurriedly.

"I don't want to hear it." Misty cut in. "You've been knowingly lying to me and… I-I think I realize now why your subjects hate you so."

Ash snorted when she said "subjects", as he was considered to be one in the play.

Misty turned to him and instantly his posture straitened.

Rudy suddenly smirked to himself and walked over to them. "Yes. You know why my subjects hate me. But what about this one?" he said gesturing to Ash.

Ash and Misty stood there, unsure what they were supposed to say, and Rudy went on. "Could it be that this subject felt jealous?"

Ash felt his cheeks heat up. What was Rudy trying to do to him? What was he suppose to say? Sure his character had been very sour towards him, and it could be easily taken that way. But what was he suppose to say? Should he go along with it?

He glanced at Daisy and she gave a short nod. Thanks Daisy.

"I-I…" Shoot. Now Misty was staring at him too… along with everyone in the audience. They were all waiting for the smash ending, and it all seemed to balance in his hands.

"I-Is it true?"

Ash looked down at her. She sounded almost hopeful. It's just acting. He reminded himself. But he couldn't take his gaze from hers. He realized that he was cornered. He did not want to do this… but he was stuck. "Yes." He whispered. Then he realized that the crowd couldn't hear him so he raised his voice. "Yes. It's true."

Misty smiled a little and Rudy walked back to Daisy with a smile.

Misty walked closer and even though it was just acting Ash felt his heart speed up. "So… do you love me?"

Ash looked around and suddenly remembered the scene they had acted out earlier. Those were the only lines he could seem to think of. "Yes. B-But I'm a peasant… hardly worthy of a princess."

She smiled realizing what he was doing. "I think you are."

He blushed and she wrapped her arms around his neck before reaching up and kissing him.

Ash froze, his eyes going wide. The shock of being kissed by his best friend after being in love with her for five years was… almost overbearing. But pure bliss.

She smiled and pulled back as some whistles went around the room.

He blushed still stuck in the same position, before he smiled and pulled her back towards him.

Misty pulled away and covered up the microphone so she could scold him quietly. "Ash, there are children in here."

"Who cares?" he whispered back before covering her mouth with his.

After the play, the few people who were in it stood in the hall as people left.

Two young men walked up to them and who should they be other than…

"Brock?!" Ash and Misty cried in unison. Then they turned to the man beside him. "Tracey?!"

Brock tapped a DVD recorder around his neck and winked at them before walking off without a word. Tracy tagged behind with a triumphant smile on his face.

"Great." Ash whispered sarcastically.

Rudy turned to them and Ash gave him a half-hearted glare.

Rudy laughed. "Well, you can't tell me that you're mad at me for that."

Ash shrugged and Rudy looked at Misty who was a little ways away by now talking to a little girl. The girl said something while pointing at Ash that seemed to make her blush, but she went on talking to her anyway.

"No…. I guess not." Ash whispered quietly.

Rudy smiled. "I knew she wanted to kiss you Ash. Every time we were suppose to in the recital, she would freak out and make up an excuse. She's obsessed with you."

Ash blushed but kept his gaze on Misty.

"Ash." Then tone was obviously meant to get his attention, so Ash looked up.

Rudy paused and then said quietly. "You're a very lucky guy."

Ash blinked and looked between his eyes like he was trying to remember something. Suddenly he smiled. "I know."

Rudy gave a short nod and turned to leave.

Misty walked up beside Ash and slipped her hand into his with a shy smile. Ash stared strait ahead but tightened his hand on hers.

"Is Rudy leaving?" Misty whispered.

Ash nodded.

"One sec." She ran ahead.

Ash shifted uncomfortably as he watched them hug and then saw Rudy hand her a flower. Rudy looked his way and winked. Ash tilted his head in recognition, but all of sudden he didn't seem to be so friendly towards him.

Rudy turned around with a smile and shook his head. All that time and the kid was freaking out over a flower.

He suddenly smiled and turned around. "Ash!"

Misty had made it back to him so they both looked up. "Remember, she's a princess. Better treat her as such or I'll come back and you won't even have time to regret it."

Ash smirked. "You don't have to worry about that. After all, you have to take a ship and then a bus… and then a cab…. I'm sure I'll have time to hide from both of you by then."

Misty elbowed him in the side.


Rudy shook his head. "Oh, I'll find a way."

Ash rubbed his stomach. "Yeah, I bet you will." He mumbled. "You don't have to worry about it."

"I won't. Oh and by the way. If you want a copy of "Ash and Misty's scene", you can pay Mr. Sketchit and Mr. Slate 19.95."

As Rudy walked away, Ash and Misty looked at each other before Ash yelled, "Brock! Tracey!"


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