Full Summery: Sequel to Phantom Mythology. In the future, the earth is literally broken. The ancient Greek gods with the help of Vlad has taken over with the help of the Infi-map and a reluctant Theo. Each god or goddess has their own section of broken earth. Technology is limited and humans are starting to become rare. To survive, they need someone to step up and be the hero. But with no one strong enough to do so, Theo turns to his last option...Danny Phantom from the past. But not even the good old duo will be enough to stop what Vlad has begun.

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Future Mythology

By: Pixiegirl13

Chapter 1 Future Superhero

The room was dark and quiet. Easily hoisting himself up and through the open window, a figure silently entered the bedroom. He landed in a crouch, using his heightened eyesight to see the room as if it wasn't pitch-black. His eyes scanned the poster covered walls, furniture, and other odds and ends that made the place personal to its owner.

The figure quickly checked his watch. He looked up with a distant, faraway look on his face when he realized he had plenty of time to spare and didn't know what to do with it. Standing up straight, for a moment the young man let his guard down a little. He was safe…for the moment.

Curiosity kicking in, the intruder started to walk around the dark bedroom to observe the tiny details. He stood by the wooden dresser by the door, looking at the pictures in their little frames and the NASA and other space figurines placed there.

A sad but hopeful smile crossed the hooded face of the stranger as he touched one of the NASA models that had been made by hand by the person who owned the room.

Suddenly the intruder heard a distant noise. Reacting on impulse, the intruder rushed into action. He crossed over to the door and flattened himself against the wall just before the door opened. Someone walked in with a tired sigh and used a foot to slam the door back shut. Before the boy had a chance to switch on the lights, the intruder had his weapon pressed against the back of his head.

"Don't move," the stranger said softly but with a dark undertone. He held his laser gun steady, ready to shoot if anything happened not to his liking. "Tell me where Danny Fenton is and I'll leave you alone. I'm not here to hurt anyone."

"What is this, Punked?" the teen asked as he snapped on the lights.

The intruder took no chances. He launched himself at his victim, forcing him to the ground face first. "I told you not to move, kid!" he hissed harshly into the boy's ear as he pinned him chest down on the carpeted floor of the room. Pressing the laser gun harder into the teen's head, the intruder demanded, "Now tell me where Danny Fenton is!"

"Dude, I'm Danny Fenton!" the teen snapped back. "Get off, freak! I'm in no mood to have some lame bounty hunter try to capture me at in the middle of the night!"

"Danny!" the stranger said in a whisper. He let up on his hold and put the gun back into the space between his belt and baggy jeans. "Is it really you?"

"Do I know you, dude?" Danny asked in a grumble, clearly ticked to have such a confusing adversary. He used an elbow to turn himself around to look up at the intruder. At first he didn't recognize the young man because of the hoodie hiding most of his face in deep shadows. Then he saw it in the guy's wide, brown eyes.

"Theo?" Danny asked in barely a whisper.

Theo laughed with relief as he threw his arms around Danny's shoulders for a hug. "It is you, stupid and confused as ever!" he said, half teasing.

"Whoa! Wait!" Danny yelled back, shoving Theo off him and standing up. He backed away from the half sphinx while giving him a suspicious look. "What is going on? You promise to visit and be great friends and then three years go by and I don't hear a dang word from you. Now you show up, threaten with some gun, and then hug me like everything is all peachy between us. Newsflash, cat boy, things aren't all okay. Explain yourself."

Theo pulled his hood off to reveal his pointy cat ears. He gave Danny a thoughtful frown for a moment before saying, "Dude, you've grown up. I guess I should take back that stupid comment from before."

Danny said nothing, but he did take in the difference in his old friend. Theo wasn't a teen anymore, even though he was shorter than Danny now. His long hair was gone and there was a scar running down the side of his jaw, but it was well hidden under his short, tan fur. He had a small goatee that surprisingly suited him well.

It looked like years had gone by for him. Danny could see it on his face and in his eyes. There was a hurt, a struggle going on in those eyes. A bitterness had returned. He wasn't the same Theo who had said goodbye to him three years ago.

But then again, three years had completely changed Danny as well. A year after his adventures in Ancient Greece he saved the world from a meteor by turning Earth intangible. His parents and the world found out his ghostly secret. He was full time superhero now, and he still had to juggle the stress of school. He and Sam had been dating for two years now and still going strong. He was a new person, and so was Theo.

Theo sighed before becoming more serious. "I'm sorry I didn't visit, Danny," he said, "But I have my reasons. Actually, the reason why I'm here is because of that. I…I need your help."

"My help?" Danny asked, surprised. He smirked while crossing his arms. "Wow, I didn't think you'd ever say that to me. Are you sure no ghost is overshadowing you at the moment and making you say this?"

"No, Danny, this is serious," Theo pleaded, "I've tried everything to save it. We've tried every option we had and they have all failed." Now Theo was on a little rant, conjuring up old and painful memories that Danny had no possible way to understand. "Vlad and the others are just too strong," he continued. "No one else knows what to do. Everyone has lost hope. But I didn't. I have a plan and it's so perfect. I've been risking it for months now. And finally it's worked out. I've found you. You'll help us."

"Hey! Slow down!" Danny demanded, jerking Theo out of his trance. "What are you talking about? You're speaking in riddles here. It's creeping me out."

Theo rolled his eyes in impatience and sighed. This was going to take a long time to explain to the ghost boy. "Do you have any coffee, kid?" he asked Danny with a grim smile. "This is gonna take more than just an hour."

"Sure," Danny answered, happy to hear that an explanation was coming, "Have you ever heard of Starbucks?"

"I knew I liked you," Theo said, his smile widening.

-Few Hours Later-

The two were sitting in the kitchen of the house. Danny's parents were out of town because of a ghost crisis. They had taken over for Danny because he had a term paper due the next week and he hadn't even begun to work on it. He needed the grade, so they had demanded him to stay home while they handled the situation. He wasn't happy with the decision, but maybe it was a good one because he wouldn't have bumped into Theo if he had gone.

Jazz had gone to Harvard as soon as she graduated, so she wasn't there at home. Danny had the place to himself that weekend, which was fine with him. But the ghost alarm hadn't gone off the whole time and he was itching for some action. Unfortunately, Theo's problem wasn't his ideal kind of action.

"Okay, let me get this straight," Danny said as he paced the tiled floor of the brightly lit kitchen. "Vlad from two years ago, after his fiasco with that meteor, managed to find a portal into your time period. He forced you to predict portals into the future with your Infi-map. He then went way, way into the future and got most of the gods and goddesses to back him up, and he took you with him. He and the other gods then tore up the Earth somehow so now it's all broken up into their own sections. Somehow they are more powerful than ever before, so they are easily killing off the human race or simply enslaving them. You and this group of yours have formed a rebellion and you came up with a plan to bring me to your time period to save it." He fell into a chair with a defeated sigh. "I'm still confused."

Theo stared into his steaming coffee cup as he leaned back his chair onto its two back legs. Once comfortable, he glanced up at the distressed Danny. "No, ghost boy, you got it right," he said calmly. "I know it doesn't make much sense, but it would if you saw it. And you're only part of the plan. The Rebellion is taking care of the other half. My only part in it is getting to you and convincing you to help us."

"It's so much to take in all at once," Danny said while holding onto his perplexed head. He could feel a headache coming on. "I mean, you're situation seems too far gone. How am I supposed to defeat a couple of high powered ghosts and Vlad? It seems…impossible."

Theo took a sip from his cup. His expression was just like Danny remembered him, moody and reclusive. "You have no clue how many times I've thought that," he said. "And I won't blame you if you say no to this." He set his mug down on the table while closing his eyes. He let out a bitter laugh as he said, "Actually, I almost want to tell you to just stay here."

Silence filled the small room for a few minutes as the two were left to their own thoughts.

Finally Danny looked up at Theo and asked quietly, "You're serious, aren't you?"

Theo looked over his mug at him as he took another small sip. "Yeah," he said after a pause. "We need you're help, but I won't demand it like the Rebellion told me to. Danny, you're my best friend, I won't make you throw your whole life away and maybe get killed for a cause you don't have to believe in."

"I'm your best friend?" Danny asked with a little grin.

Theo rolled his eyes with a laugh. "Well, besides Bob, you are," Theo said sarcastically.

"Who's Bob?" Danny asked.

"He…he's a blob ghost," Theo tried to explain. "For some reason he took a liking to me when I found him in the trash tank and has followed me around the Tower ever since. I had to lock him in my room before I snuck out."

"So he's your pet?" Danny asked. His grin widened when he saw Theo's peeved expression after he said this. He missed seeing those ears flatten.

"He's not my pet!" he stated clearly.

"Sure," Danny lied with a nod, "I totally believe you."

"Shut up!" Theo snapped. He was trying hard to keep a smile from creeping onto his lips.

"I'm not saying anything," Danny said while putting his hands up for defense.

"I know that look of yours, ghost boy," Theo said, "Say one word about Bob being my pet, and I'm gonna have to remind you how hard I hit." They both laughed at the memory of their childish fights from years before, before they were actual friends.

"Hey, where is Rhodes?" Danny asked randomly as they settled back down. "You haven't mentioned her even once in your hour long monologue of your past 50 years. I thought you two were destined for each other."

Theo looked back into his cup, his smiling face sobering with the mention of the fox spirit's name. "It's hard to get into contact with her because she is in hiding on another Terra. For a few years Vlad used her as blackmail, but she escaped with mine and the Rebellion's help a long time ago. That didn't go over too well with Vlad and me." He indicated the scar on his jaw with an index finger.

Danny listened to this story with dismal interest. He knew how Theo felt towards Rhodes. He and Sam shared that same love and connection. To know that they were parted from each other just crushed his heart.

Theo looked up with a smile then. He gave a short, quiet laugh as he added, "We got married two years ago."

Danny's jaw hit the floor with this news. After the first initial shock, he said, "Married! Wow! Scary!"

"I know," Theo said while shifting in his seat. Danny knew that the half sphinx had to be blushing under that fur of his. "I've never been so nervous in my life. Now that was an adventure! You probably see me as some old man now, don't you?"

Danny laughed at this. "No way, dude," he said, "It's just weird getting the concept in my mind that you age differently than me. How old are you in my years?"

"I'd guess 22 to 25," Theo said with a shrug, "But I still feel 18 and reckless. Speaking of age, how old are you now?"

"17," Danny answered.

Theo sighed in conflicted frustration as he leaned forward and rested his forehead on the table with a dull thump. "Only freaking 17," he muttered. Danny didn't catch it because the words were all muffled coming from Theo's face on the table. But he got the gist of it. Theo thought he was too young to do this.

Danny opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped himself when he noticed Theo's body stiffen and a cat ear swerve to catch a certain suspicious sound. Muscles tensing like his friend's, Danny glanced around the room as if to magically predict where the danger was coming from. In a flash of bright light, Danny went ghost so to be prepared for an attack.

Even with the clear warning, Danny didn't expect the whiz of a dart as it flew by his ear. Theo reacted in the blink of an eye. One second he was sitting there with his head still resting against the table, the next he was up out of his chair with a dart stuck to the wall right behind him.

Theo was still in swift mode as he brought out his laser gun from behind him and aimed it in the direction that the dart had come from. A quick flash of red blasted from the weapon as it shot a short discharge of concentrated heated light at the target. Unfortunately, Theo had always preferred the old style of arsenal and wasn't the greatest at using the future's artillery.

Missing by a few inches, Theo cursed at his invisible target as he aimed again. He shot again and missed. Another dart whizzed by the half sphinx's head, producing another swing of colorful words. He rushed a few steps to the side to keep himself a moving target for this invisible adversary.

Taking a chance, Danny raised a pointed finger from where he was floating above the table and let a small ectoplasm ray out at the attacker. It made contact a second later. The air buzzed around the dart shooter as it became visible for the two friends.

"What the heck is that thing?" Danny asked as it came into view. It was a little hovering machine with big green bug-like eyes and a small opening for it to shoot its deadly darts. As soon as it had been hit by Danny, it swerved around from Theo to the ghost boy, looking mad…if machines could look that way. Apparently ghost rays didn't work well with the thing.

A second later, Theo had pulled the trigger to his gun a third time. This time he was successful. The machine sputtered as a ball of red laser ripped through its metallic covering. It seemed to hiccup on death for a second before dropping to the kitchen floor with a crash.

"That," Theo answered while putting his gun away, "That was my hint to get out of here and back to the time period Vlad thinks I'm in. Hopefully I'll see you later, ghost boy." With that said and done, the cat boy took off down the hallway to the front door where he would leave Danny's world behind.

For poor Danny this was all happening so fast. The random appearance of his friend, the tale of a horrible future, strange dart shooting bug machine's in his house, and the fleeing Theo was making his head spin. What was he supposed to do?

Theo was half way to the door, his hand outstretched and ready to grab the doorknob, when something grabbed his ankle from below. A scream of alarm lodged itself in the young man's throat as he turned intangible only an inch away from his exit. He was so close!

Phasing through the floor, Theo came out on the other side in the basement. For a moment of freefall Theo felt a flash of panic. He twisted body so that he was facing the tiled floor a second before landing steadily on his feet. Looking up with dread, he saw Danny there instead of the ghost he had expected.

"You didn't think you could save the world without me, did ya, kitty?" Danny asked with an addictive grin.

"Don't ever do that to me again!" Theo exploded. He fumed for a second before realizing something and shouted, "And don't ever call me kitty!" Danny expected his old friend to explode into a raging ball of fire, but the cat un-expectantly didn't put his fire powers to use.

"Are you going to lecture me on nicknames all day, or do you want to help so we can get on our ways?" Danny asked with the grin never leaving his face. He was shoving random ghost fighting gadgets into a backpack. Last time they had fought ghosts without much preparation and without the adequate equipment. Danny didn't want to make that same mistake this time around.

"Wait, you're coming with me?" Theo asked without helping Danny with his packing. "When was this decided between us?"

"I can make my own decisions, Theo," Danny said seriously. "Just because you're married, that doesn't mean you should treat me like a kid. Dude, I get enough of that crap from my teachers at school." He walked up to Theo with a Fenton thermos in his hands and a backpack slung over a shoulder. "Besides," he said, "You're my friend. I can't just sit here and do nothing while you go get killed or something. You and the future need help. I want to do just that."

Theo looked at the thermos in thought before smiling slightly. "You sure, kid?" he asked. "'Cause if I was you I'd turn around and run away. I mean, this isn't all fun and games Star Wars future. This is serious."

"So I won't meet Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker?" Danny asked with pretend disappointment. The two laughed at this. "But I mean it, Theo, I'm in no matter what," Danny said. "No way can you talk me out of it now. I'm committed."

Theo sighed before a nod. "Good," he said while reaching into his hoodie for something. He brought out a little clog from a clock with a purple ribbon looped around his neck. It had the two letters CW printed elegantly on it, the signature of Clockwork.

"Clockwork!" Danny said with recognition. "Did he send you on this mission?"

"Kind of," Theo explained. "He wants things to be set right in the future. I was the one who came up with the plan to get you, but I'm sure he saw it coming and just waited for me to say it. He hasn't told me if bringing you to the future will work out or not, but he never tells me anything."

"He doesn't tell anybody anything," Danny pointed out. Clockwork liked leaving the rest of the world in the dark. And truthfully, it was better that way.

"True," Theo admitted with a grin. He held up the necklace to Danny and explained, "Clockwork designed this just for you. It will keep you in my time period once you put it on. But the second it comes off, you have a five second delay before returning to this time period, so make sure you keep it secure. The last thing we need is for you to brush it off while sleeping and have to start our search for you all over again. Go it?"

"Yeah, keep it on at all times," Danny said with a hyperactive nod. Even though he was serious at the moment, he still felt tense and jittery. Having the mission to save the world can do that to a person. "Got it!"

"Now, understand that if you want to back out or anything, all you have to do take it off," Theo said. "I'm not forcing you to help me. And if you get into a tight spot…"

"Okay, dude, I get it," Danny said with an overdramatic sigh. "Jeez! You sound like an over protective parent, Theo. Just calm down and hand it over. I've worn one before and know how it works."

"Punk," Theo muttered as he handed Danny the onyx colored necklace with some reluctance. "Die, for all I care."

"Thanks," Danny returned with equal sarcasm. He put the violet necklace around his neck and was instantly transported before Theo's eyes. One second there, and the other gone.

Blue eyes widening, Danny found himself on the roof a giant skyscraper-like tower. A harsh wind battered him from all around, trying to blast him off the roof and out of its lofty domain. Bewildered and highly excited for this new adventure, Danny stumbled over to the edge of the Tower to see what was below.

"Holy…freaking…crap," were Danny's only words as he took in the sight.

Below him was a massive city that seemed to pulsate as if breathing in the night time lights and air. It was filled with noises and lights that shined brightly and competed for dominance. It was like New York or another busy city, but ten times bigger. Every direction Danny faced was a city for miles in all directions. It was like a sea of tall and luminous buildings and infrastructure. It was a dazzling thing to see.

"We need to get moving!" Theo said from behind a second later as he jumped out of a ghost portal. Unlike Danny with his unique Clockwork gadget, Theo had to time travel the hard and old fashioned way by jumping through multiple vortexes and portals to get back.

Danny didn't react to Theo's sudden reappearance. He just stared out at the massive metropolis with a numb expression. It was incredible, almost unbelievable. It was the future.

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