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Stay Beautiful by Cara Mascara

Chapter 5: I'll Be Your Angel Givin' Up Her Wings

I betchya lie awake at night
Tryin' to make up your sweet mind
Wonderin' if you'll ever find
Just what you want
A home-town number one
Or a California loaded gun
But you know you only get one
Or that's what you thought
But here's what you've got

I was taken aback by Reid's raised voice. He looked so stressed, running his gloved hands roughly through his blonde hair. "It isn't... easy okay? You aren't just some girl Tor. You're one of my best friends."

I slumped against my headboard. This was going to end up as one of those 'I love you, but not like that' speeches, wasn't it? "I've always had a thing for you, I'm not gonna pretend I haven't." Or not. "But damn. Ever since high school I have been fucking everything up. I don't know what I want. I can't make a decision like that. That's why I date so much. I can't just date you and dump you though. You mean way too much to me."

My heart actually ached at Reid's words. He honestly felt that way. "I would love to date you, but I am so fucking scared that I'll get distracted by some other girl or something and ruin everything we have."

Reid sighed and sat down on the bed next to me. I continued to stare straight ahead. I don't get it. He dates a bunch of skanks but I don't even get a chance? That's retarded!

"Tor, you're one of the only people I need in my life. I don't depend on too many people, but you are one of the few." I turned to look at him as he pulled at the fringe at the hem of his hoodie. "I don't even really know what I'm looking for in a girl. My brain tells me one thing, my dick tells me another and my heart scares the shit out of me." What the fuck does that mean? "I don't want to end up getting bored and you getting hurt."

I could be your baby blue jeans
With the holes in the knees
In the bottom of the top drawer
I could be your little beauty queen
Just a little outta reach
Or the girl livin' next door
I'll be your angel givin' up her wings
If that's whatchya need
I'd give everything to be your anything

"You won't though." Wow, way to sound desperate Torrance. "You're a great catch Reid. You just need to date someone who's more than a piece of ass. You need to have a deeper connection."

"And we do have a deeper connection! But maybe it's too deep. I don't want you to end up hating me Tor."

"I would never hate you Reid. I've loved you since we were kids. I can't just sit here and watch you go through all these girls anymore though. It sucks." I sighed and ran my fingers though my long burgundy hair. Tears started to well up in my eyes. "I mean, I sit there and watch these girls hang all over you and wonder what the fuck they have that I don't. I mean, they're nothing special. Just some gold digger sluts that want you to buy stuff for them or just want bragging rights. 'I dated a Son of Ipswich. I'm so fucking cool'. I hate that. I don't even understand why you would want that."

"I don't want that. I want you. I've wanted to ask you out since you were thirteen and you started getting boobs." I blushed at Reid's confession and wiped my eyes, laughing a little bit. "I remember it exactly too. You slept over during the summer and you and Cam were coming in from the pool. It was like the first time I saw CJ Parker on Baywatch." Oh my god! Why is he telling me this?! Reid's always been very blunt but Christ! "That image did not leave my fifteen year old fantasies for like six months."

"Reid!" He's embarrassing the shit out of me right now.

"Well it's true. You're so hot Tor..." I met his soft lips eagerly when he leaned forward. There was no freezing from shock or surprise, I saw it coming and I was more than thrilled to meet him half way. I've been waiting for this forever.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I inhaled him. He tugged at my hair a little and I moaned into his mouth. Is this really happening? He started to push me onto my back, but then stopped, pulling away from me way before I was ready to stop.

"I can't do this. I'm sorry. I'm being a fucking dick." He moved away a little and pulled his fingers roughly through his hair. "The biggest thing is that I don't know if you're... ready to do... stuff... that I, like... need. And I don't wanna get into it because I'm not good at resisting temptation."

If you want hard to get
If you want... haha
All you have to do is let me know
If you want a bumpy ride
Or someone with a softer side
Either one'll be alright
Just let me know
Cause this is where it goes

"So this is about sex..." Now I get it.

"It's just... you're a virgin." I rolled my eyes. So what. Just because I haven't had sex before doesn't mean I'm some fucking nun or something. I've done other things...

"So what?"

"So... I have needs. And when it comes to those particular needs, I'm a weak man. I wouldn't want you to feel pressured into doing stuff you're not ready to do and I wouldn't want to end up giving in to some slut."

I scoffed and rolled my eyes at him. He's so dense. "Just because I haven't had sex doesn't mean I'm saving it for marriage or something. I'm not your sister."

"I don't know how Tyler does it." I shook my head. Typical Reid. Trying to change the subject when he doesn't want to talk about something. It's usually reserved for Caleb though.

"Look Reid, I've done other stuff. I'm not saving it for anything in particular. Just someone I care a lot about."

"Who've you done stuff with?!" I flushed a little but rolled my eyes once again.

"That's really no one's business but mine."

"Pogue, right?! I fucking knew he wanted you before he went out with Kate!"

"Reid! Don't be an ass. The most I ever did with Pogue was a peck on the lips when I was like ten. And if I recall, you were the one who dared him to do it."

"Please don't tell me you've done shit with Abbot." I opened my mouth to protest, but then closed it, looking away from Reid's accusing eyes guiltily. "I fucking hate that prick," he growled, figuring out my answer.

"I was a dumb and impressionable freshman. But I can't take it back. It's not as if you haven't done stuff with girls I hate anyway. The most recent, for instance."

He sighed and pushed his hair out of his face. "Fine, fine. But still..."

"Reid, please. Just give me a chance. I'll do whatever you want."

I could be your baby blue jeans
With the holes in the knees
In the bottom of the top drawer
I could be your little beauty queen
Just a little outta reach
Or the girl livin' next door
I'll be your angel givin' up her wings
If that's whatchya need
I'd give everything to be your anything

He shook his head no and looked at me like I was insane. "Don't say that."

"It's true Reid. I can be everything you want. Whatever it is in those other girls that you see, I can be." I was getting desperate. Everything would be so much easier if he were still oblivious. But I don't think I can coexist with him knowing and totally ignoring the fact that I care about him like that.

"I don't want you to be like them. They're sluts."

"Then what do you want?! What is it going to take for you to give me a fucking chance! I think you can at least do that for me!"

He sighed and bit hi lower lip. "Why me? I don't get it Tor." I didn't know what to say to that.


"Why me? What do you see in me? I'm a slacker. I live off my parents. I'm a fucking asshole to everyone. I treated you like shit over some skank. I mean, I don't even want to go to college at this point. I'm going nowhere. I can't even resist the Power. I'm gonna end up like Caleb's fucking dad. What the hell do you see in me?" He slumped down and watched me, waiting for an answer.

"You're not, Reid. You're not going nowhere. I don't care if you don't go to college. Hell, I don't fucking know if I want to go to college either. You're so good at outsmarting people, I don't even think you realize if you applied all that to school you'd have straight A's. You're so talented too. I can't understand for the life of me why you keep your music so private. You're gorgeous, funny and sure, sometimes you make dumb choices, but everyone does."

I made him look back at me by turning his face when he looked away. "And you will not end up like Caleb's dad because you care way too much about us to do that to yourself and the people who love you. God, you don't give yourself any fucking credit you know that?"

A rarely seen soft smile was on his face as I gazed at him. He looked like he was in deep thought. A hiss of air flew past his lips and he scratched the back of his neck. "You seriously wanna go out with me?"

I huffed and rolled my eyes. "No Reid, I was kidding."

He chuckled softly and licked his lips. "Okay. Just promise me you aren't going to act like that bitch Candice because you think that's the kind of girl I want."

Sealed with a kiss.

It's not like I'm givin' up
Who I am for you
But for someone like you
It's just so easy to do

Two weeks. It's only been two weeks.

The words Reid said in my bedroom were ringing in my head.

'Just promise me you aren't going to act like that bitch Candice because you think that's the kind of girl I want.'

And now as we sit here in his dorm and I'm lying on my back and his hands are undoing my bra I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

Technically we've only been an item for two weeks, but does that mean I can't have sex with him even though I'm ready to just because that would be such a Candice thing to do? I'm not her. I'm nothing like her. I know she's the kind of girl who doesn't make a guy work for it, but it's not like Reid and I don't already have a nearly life long history. I've only known him forever.

So the question is to wait, or not to wait?

I've already been waiting for sixteen years for him. I know I love him.

He didn't ask if he could keep stripping me, he just did it. He knew if I had a problem with it I would say something about it. Especially after the talk we had in my room the day we decided we were a couple. We'd been messing around for these past weeks, after all, new relationships can be like that. You're so eager to explore the other person...

He pulled his thin t-shirt over his head, carelessly tossing it aside; somewhere on Tyler's side of the room. He pressed his bare chest to mine, looking down at how our naked torsos molded together before his eyes flashed back to my face.

He braced himself on his forearms, letting a bit of his weight fall on me. His hands toyed with my long hair, which was splayed out over his pillow. I thought about when I slept in his bed last week for the first time and what he'd said.

'Burgundy definitely looks nice on my pillowcase.'

I could be your baby blue jeans
With the holes in the knees
In the bottom of the top drawer
I could be your little beauty queen
Just a little outta reach
Or the girl livin' next door
I'll be your angel givin' up her wings
If that's whatchya need

I gasped when he bucked his hips into mine slightly, pressing his erection against the sensitive area covered by my jeans and panties. He repeated this motion while he brought his lips back down to me, sending tremors or excitement through my body.

He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut as he continued his movements, the friction increasing both our arousals. I was nervous. My body was shaking. I couldn't stop my hands from vibrating as I trailed them down his chest to the button of his jeans.

The way my hands fumbled as I tried to unclasp his jeans made him laugh lowly. "Why are you shaking?" he breathed, inches away from my face, trying to catch my eyes, which I purposely averted. Without an answer, he reached down and grabbed one of my hands, expertly balancing himself on one arm as he brought my quivering fingers to his lips. "Relax."

He pushed himself up on his knees and undid the button himself, sliding off the bed and letting them pool onto the floor, dropping his boxers with them. Reid's always been a little on the shameless side. Not that he had anything to be ashamed of. He was simply glowing when I let him know Aaron wasn't as well equipped as him.

He tugged at my jeans without even undoing them, leaning over to nip my hipbone as he pulled them down my legs, hooking his fingers into the waistband of my panties while he was at it. He lay down next to me, stroking himself as I propped myself on my elbows to meet his eager mouth.

He pressed against my abdomen when he maneuvered himself back on top of me. He pulled away and stared at me for a second before reaching over into his nightstand and grabbing a small, square package. I watched him as he easily tore the package open and slid the condom on expertly.

I know Reid has a lot more experience than I do and I won't lie and say it doesn't bother me at all, because it does. But there's nothing I can do about it. And I care about him enough to look past it.

Reid wedged himself between my legs comfortably, leaning down and wrapping one arm under my neck to hold me closer to his balancing body. His other hand probed at my hot entrance, preparing me for something I'm sure is not going to feel good right away.

"Do you want me to do it quick or try to do it slow? I don't know how effective slow is going to be. I've never been with a virgin before." His eyes were teasing as he smirked down at me, his fingertips massaging my scalp.

"Don't be mean... quick I guess..." And he did just that. Without giving me a chance to brace myself, he slid right into me, breaking through my virginity in a millisecond. I cried out pretty loudly. It fucking hurt! By back arched in pain and I braced my hands on Reid's shoulders.

"I'm sorry Tor," he muttered into my ear, sitting still inside me, kissing along my jaw while I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to cry. I felt him pull out slightly and lift off me a little. "You're bleeding," he said as if it were nothing. I was embarrassed to know that, not sure if it grossed him out or not.

Apparently it didn't bother him enough to call it quits for tonight because he started moving in and out at an agonizingly slow pace. Once I stopped whimpering like a wounded animal, he went a little faster, coming back down to lock our lips together.

The stinging didn't go away, but it became much less noticeable as the heat between us increased. He pulled one of my legs up, resting it on his bicep as he continued his pace, thrusting a little more upward than before. I let out a silent cry when he began hitting that spot that made my toes curl.

I could feel the sweat that had gathered on his chest and stomach as his body slid against mine, his speed increasing as he adjusted my leg to rest on his shoulder and gripped my hip tightly.

My insides started convulsing, making my toes curl even more and my back arch. Pleasure washed over me, causing the sting to throb a little, but not enough to make my orgasm feel bad.

"God, you're fucking tight Tor," Reid groaned through his increasing thrusts, squeezing his eyes shut when his body jolted, a growl suppressed by his swollen lips.

A hiss of air escaped from between my teeth as he immediately pulled out of me, discarding the soiled condom right away in the trash. He disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the water running briefly before he came back with a wet washcloth.

He lay back beside me, bringing the cloth between my legs to clean me up. He left a few kisses on the side of my neck before tossing the washcloth into the trash too and pulling me into his arms. "How was it?" he asked, a stupid grin on his face.

I'll be your angel givin' up her wings
If that's whatchya need
I'd give everything to be your anything