Summary: The story of Blair Walldorf, returning to the Upper side after 3 years living abroad. (set after episode 13, Au- If she did leave.) And getting her revenge on people who ruined her. However when it comes to Chuck, can she go through with it? Or will the both of them come to a realization that the damn butterflies haven't been murdered yet. C/B.

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This is my take of Blair's revenge if she DID leave for France, and came back. My form of TV I guess, till the writers strike is over. Hehe! The pairing is cannon though, so YAY!

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"I don't want you anymore and I can't see why anyone else would."

"Here we are Miss W; Manhattan city," the driver announced, waking the passenger from her short nauseating sleep. She composed herself as the sleek white limo came to a stop in front of a familiar Victorian looking building.

"Thank you James." White trim ended sequenced shoes stepped out first, exposing a beautiful long leg, then the other, then the whole body. The lady was wearing a bubble white dress, and a cropped sequenced over sleeve. To top it off, she had a big flared hat that covered her hair, and she wore vintage sunglasses, that covered her beautiful hazel eyes.

"Mmmm... Home sweet home." Her sinfully scarlet lips upturned in a smile. She walked with a confident stride into the doors, which the doorman opened.

Katy and Hazel who were walking down that street saw her from the back and took pictures, they couldn't get much except the lady's backpose and hat. It might have been 3 years since they graduated from high school and went to their respective Universities, but GossipGirl never dies. As long as you're in the Manhattan upper east side... GG will always know what's up.

And especially now it's the summer, and everyone is home from University, more fire starters could be added to the already burning, but stagnant fire.

It's the only thing that's fun, now that high school is over. They say diamonds last forever, but GG lasts as long as you're from the upper east side.

"Welcome back, Miss W. Home for the summer, must be looking good. Looking fabulous," Robert, the Walldorf's doorman of 8 years greeted.

"As always Robert." She took a step past the door when she realized she was being watched. The lady half turned and saw her former comrades (or let's just say bitches) taking pictures of her.

Again, she had on a roguish smile. "Take all you want, darlings. There'll be plenty more," she said quietly as she turned and walked into her Manhattan house.

Outside, Katy and Hazel were flipping through the pictures they just took. Taking the best one to send, "Wow! Is that Blair?! I can't see!!! GG is going to like this!" Katy exclaimed, as she sent GG the picture.


A mysterious, or not so mysterious limo just parked outside of the Walldorfs, exposing a lady in white. Her face hidden, is this Miss W. really Blair Walldorf? Back from the dead they say? My, my if so, some people are in for a treat…




Jenny, was checking her laptop before she decided to go make breakfast for her dad and Lily. Her RSS feed popped up. It was from Gossip Girl. Wonder what was up now? Now that everyone was back for the summer, more old school gossip was arising, Jenny had got to see this.

She looked at the time, maybe she'll call Nate later. They had been going out for two years now, she was happy with him, even if there are ups and downs. In 5 minutes, she told herself, she has to call her dad, as he had to get to work, but she didn't hear any of them come out of their rooms. The two were still in their honeymoon period after their whole eloping charade 2 years ago. She swore they'd be the death of her.

She gasped when she saw the latest hottest GG news.

On second thought, maybe Blair would be.


From GG.


"Huh?!" Serena blinked when she saw her phone message from GG. "What?" GG usually didn't send messages or her new news to anyone unless it was important to the receiver.

'Mysterious Miss W. at the Walldorfs.' She clicked it and read what GG said, then scrolled down to look at the picture.

She gasped, and screamed "Oh my god!"

"What?! WHAT?!" Dan ran into her room, wearing on his boxers and robes. He was busy making them breakfast when his girlfriend suddenly shouted like that. "Serena! What?!!" he thought something happened to her.

"Dan!" she turned to look at her boyfriend of 3 years. "Tha…That's Blair!"


At the Archibald's, a certain captain's son was walking down the stairs to have his early morning breakfast when his phone beeped. What was it now? It couldn't be Chuck could it? It was too early for him to get out of bed… judging by the fact he had girls in his bed during this hour. He finally reconciled with chuck a few months after their fight. He realized he couldn't stay mad at Chuck forever. He was still angry but best friend are supposed to be there for each other.

Besides, the cause of the problem gave them way to reconcile.

From GG,

Guess who?

Nate nearly dropped his phone when he saw the picture. It couldn't be…. Could it? He put a hand over his mouth, and rubbed his face.



Beep beep.

"Unh." Chuck extended out his hand to take his phone, while his other hand roamed that of a girls naked body. The girl was straddling him, and kissing him. It was the early morning hardwood, and Chuck Bass needed release, could he not? "Hey, hey, not so sloppy will you?" he shook his head, as he checked his phone.

It was from GG… Chuck rolled his eyes, what bother does she have now? GG only messaged those who were IN on the gossip. He was kind of sick of the gossip girl thing. It never died, people still tune into it, even when they're out of high school. As long as anyone is in proximity of the Upper East Side, and someone is watching, GG will post it up.

From GG,

"Surprise, Bass."

Below it was a picture attached.

A picture of a lady in white, only her back was taken.

Chuck just took one glance at it, and his eyes widened. He pushed the girl who was kissing him off, and she fell with a thud onto the floor.

"What the hel-,:

"I'm not in the mood now." He snapped, as he enlarged the picture on his phone.

"Asshole." She got up, picked her stuff and went to the bath. She wasn't fazed, Chuck Bass was always like this, all he wanted was sex, and after she was done she walked out the door and slammed it.

" What the…" Chuck looked at GG's input for the picture. "Bl… Blair…" he whispered as his hand touched the screen of his phone, where the picture of the woman was displayed. He'd recognize Blair's silhouette anytime, even after 3 years, he'd still know.

Shit, she was back. His heart thumped.

Argh, stupid Bass, what the heck! It's just her back! And you're over her! It's been 3 years, YOU ARE OVER HER. However, Chuck couldn't stop that thump in his heart. That usual thump whenever he was around her.

Still, why did she come back after so long? He couldn't go through that hell of drinking, and smashing himself to sleep when he found out she left right after he said those horrible gut wrenching things to her. He didn't mean it, he wasn't sober, and he was devastated loosing his best friend and the girl he loves.

It's obvious he would've said some things that crushed a persons soul…

But having her leave right after… It nearly killed Chuck when he went to school and GG gave everyone a wake up call saying Blair left for JFK airport the night before. All he did was drink himself to stupor and drowned in sex with numerous women. Back to the old Chuck Bass… now that the girl he loves hates him to the core, and left.

"Shit." Chuck couldn't take it, as he threw his covers over and decided to take an ice cold shower.


Looks like everyone is surprised about B's comeback. The Upper East Side is going to be fun once more. Till then….



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