Forbidden Love

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Chapter 7

Me: What are you doing Sasuke?

Sasuke: Hee Hee, writing the new version of the story, this time all of it happens in the story...

Me(bends down): How far are you?

Sasuke: I'm about finished, can I read it?

Me: No! At the end of this story, then I guess you could.....

Sasuke: this is the--

Me:(cupped his mouth...again) Okay, they'll find out themselves!


All of sudden, Sakura barged in.

"Save yourself, Sasuke's mine!"said Sakura.

"Sakura-san! I thought it was 'garden' time,"stuttered Sasuke.

"And I thought you were my soulmate! I guess we're both wrong!"said Sakura.

"Soulmate..."whispered Sabrina, then glanced at Sasuke,"What truly is a soulmate?"


Sasuke: God! How dumb is she? Everyone knows that a soulmate is a....what is a soulmate?

Me: You should know!

Sasuke: Oh! So even the one and only author doesn't know!

Me: And the one and only Uchiha is a big dumbass!

Sasuke:...that's not nice!


"If I can't have you,"said Sakura, pulling out something that was behind her.

'A knife!' thought Sasuke, ' Is she, no, she wouldn't dare...'

"...Nobody can!"she screamed as she tried to stab Sasuke, but instead, Sabrina rushed up and was the one stabbed...killed."Good-bye, Uchiha-san,"were Sabrina's last words before she was taken by death's hands, and her dead body fell into Sasuke's shaking arms. Sakura jumped back, after all that blood splattered onto Sasuke's and her faces.


"Heh heh heh heh...HAHAHAHA!!!Finally, heh your mine,"she squeked, sounding like Sasuke, um, you know, it was, uh, okay I don't know which episode, but it's when Sasuke explodes outta the sound 5 coffin, and starts laughing, that part...yeah...that was cool.(Sasuke: Getting of topic!)

Quickly, without thinking, he ripped the knife out of Sabrina, and threw it at Sakura. It hit her hit. She fell onto the cold floor of this horrible day, with a big "thump."

"49 kills..."he said and looked at Sabrina, and saw her soft but scared eyes,"I'm sorry you were brought into this big mess..."

He sighed and grabbed the knife that killed Sabrina, Sakura and will kill him. "My life long goal was to kill 50 people, but it feels unfullfilling(sp?) it or is the day my goal becomes reality,"were his last words and cut his wrists(no, he's not emo...much)...and he had a happy death.

Sasuke: Ahhh! I died!

Me:, that just happened in the story!

Sasuke: Ohhh...

Me: Anyways, Sakura would be dead by now...wait...that's a good thing(as you can see, I'm a Sakura hater)..damn, I wish I had a death note!


Me: Sasuke, are you crying?

Sasuke: No! (me: give him evil glare) Okay yes! It was just so sad!

Me: Okay...wait, you wanted to read your version...

Sasuke: No, it's bad!

Me: Give it!!!! Sasuke: NOOOO!!! (take book away from Sasuke) (then reads it) Me: OMG!! Sasuke! None of that happens! Sasuke: So.... aren't you forgetting something? Me:...right! The comic for this is almost out! If you want to read it I guess you can ask me for the link....

Sasuke: By asking on the review section or a private message!

Me:...sure! What he said...

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