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Paradise in the new moon.

Prologue thingy...

Toboe lived in a world were wolves were thought to be extinct, humans where at war, and the world was dieing. Toboe was a wolf searching for paradise, a new world made for wolves, with his friends: Kiba-the leader of the misfit group of wolves, Hige-the packs nose and a little bit of a perv, Tsume-the packs hot tempered rebel, and last but not least Cheza the flower maiden who would lead the wolves to paradise. They and other wolves like them have a special ability to mentally cloak their wolfish appearance, with a human one. This ability allowed them to survive the massacre of all of the other wolves. Unlike other wolves Toboe was kind and gentile, and love humans, seeing as they raised him.

Toboe and his pack formed friendships and rivalries along their travels, one of the enemies was a noble named Darcia.his ancestors created the flower maiden, and now Darcia wanted Cheza back to find paradise and save his loves life. Darcia had tracked the wolves for a long time and was closing in on them. Quent, a hunter, had encounter Darcia. When Toboe found out he ran to protect Quent. When Toboe got there darcia had Quent at gunpoint. So Toboe did the first thing he could think of, and jumped in front of Quent, and was shot in the chest. Darcia then shot Quent and left the two to die. but he didn't know that dieing was the way to paradise, and unfortunately for Toboe, that's not where he went to when he died...

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter one--------------------------------------------

The last thing Toboe remembered was darcia shooting him and Quent holding him, then darkness. He opened his golden brown eyes and looked around. He was lying on the ground; soft green grass lay below him. He sat up and looked around at the surrounding forest.' I've never seen a forest this big or lively!' He though as he listened to some blue birds sing. He stretched and sighed in content. Then he took another deep breath. 'The air here smells so...so...clean! It's amazing'. He stood up and began to run. Toboe just couldn't help the strong impulse to move. After running two miles straight, he stopped, not because he was tired but because he had caught a familiar scent...humans.

He could hear voices, they where near by. The scent he caught was human but still smelled dangerous for some reason. Toboe being the curious pup that he was continued forward towards the smell. 'They're just humans after all...I'm a wolf, i can handle a couple humans.' he thought as he continued in the direction of the humans.

Toboe entered a clearing; the whole clearing stunk of humans. He winkled his nose; the smell of humans was mixed with the scent of sweat, blood, and another strange scent he couldn't identify. CRACK his sensitive hearing picked up the crack of a twig. a large gust of wind blinded Toboe for a minute. When he opened hi eyes, he saw he was surrounded buy seven humans. They wore an assortment of clothing, but they all had faded black hooded cloaks.

"What've we got here?" said one of the men. He was tallest of the humans and gave off a dangerous aura.' he must be the alpha of the group' Toboe stared straight at him.

"He's not wearing a headband, he must not be a ninja"

While Toboe wondered what a ninja was another man piped up "let's just take all he'as and kill the brat" Toboe froze, they wanted to kill him? The men in the circle all gave noises of approval. "Sounds good to me" said the leader. Toboe gulped, 'what now?!' He wondered as the men closed in around him.


One of the men fell to the ground, a strange looking knife protruding from his back.

Toboe gasped. The man was dead, he could smell it. He looked up in time to see a blue and green figure rush past him, slicing the throat of another man. Toboe came to his senses. He jumped at a man and crushed his windpipe. A boy with black hair had joined in the fight, along with a blond boy. They used the strange knives and several four pointed throwing stars. Toboe took out another man. All of the men except two where now dead.

Toboe looked at the small group of people behind him. The oldest was a 20-year-old looking man with most of his face covered. The other three where around the same age, the only girl had pink hair and green eyes, the blonde boy was cocky looking and had whisker marks on his face, and last was the black haired boy, he had a bored expression on his face and was glaring at the blonde.

Toboe walked towards the group with caution. "Thank you" Toboe said with a small smile.

The older man gave Toboe a dismissive wave, "don't thank us, we where only doing our job."

"Job?" Toboe asked

"We where hired to find these men and bring their leader back with us. They've been wreaking havoc in this area."

"Oh" the young wolf responded.

"What's your name?" the jonin asked. "Toboe." Answered the wolf.

"Well Toboe can I ask you another question?" "Sure"

The jonin stared at him for a second before asking: "how is it you where able to rip out those men's throats with out a weapon?"

To Be Continued…

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