Anna POV

My name is Anna. Who cares what my last name is? Everyone I ever cared about is dead...gone. My

parents were found, without a drop of blood in their bodies. I then moved in with my sister's dad, and a

week later, he was found they same way. My sister disappeared before I was born, right after she got

married. Now I am being forced to live with my 'aunt' as she makes me call her. She is a witch, and

she thinks that I killed my family. Now she is forcing me to go to Alaska for my first year of highschool!

Oh, right, you might want some names, right? I mean, how vague can I be? Like you would know

who I mean by mom, dad, my sister, and her. My parents were Renee and Phil. Then there was

Charlie. And Isabella. Renee is so creative! Isabella dies, she named me Annabelle. And neither of us

liked our names! She went by Bella, and I go by Anna. Bella died right after she married Edward. At

least she died happy. Me on the other hand? I will die cold and alone, mos likely by whatever killed my


Bella POV

Highschool. Again. Well, at least I have my family.Though I cant help but wonder sometimes, what

happened to Renee, Charlie, and Phil. Are they dead? Are they alive? If they are, are they happy? Do I

have an unknown sister? I will never know, mostly because I wont let Alice check on them..

"Bella!" a loud voice boomed up the stairs.

" What do you need Emmett?" I called down.

" Lets go hunting! School starts tommrow!" he said, his voice lowered. " And don't do that thing were

you come down as Rose and act like your going to kill me! I want some time with my little sis!" Darn it!

He is getting smarter... It you haven't already guessed, I am a vampire. Don't even do the whole, they

aren't real thing, it is annoying. I can change my apperance! It is the best power for pranks, or if I want

to get someone cough Emmett cough in trouble.

" Coming!" I met Emmett at the bottom of the stairs. He grinned and threw me over his shoulder. I

laughed as he carried me out to the woods vampire speed, making me as uncomferterble as possible.

" Put me down!"

" Fine! Race ya!" He threw me on the ground and took off running.

" No fair!" I chased after him laughing. This was the best life a girl could live.

AN: it any good? I sure hope so, because I like it and am going to continue it. Because I am that nice. And there is nothing else to do in this boring world! So ya, in case you were wondering, Anna is NOT depressed...she just hates the person that made her move away from her friends and misses her family, and is mad that some people are blaming her for killing them.