Alice stared at me with sad eyes.

"Alice, please, can you tell her?" said Bella pleaded, looking at Alice with big eyes. Alice sighed. Emmett just stood there fidgeting. I started to tapping my left foot.

"Someone. Tell. Me. Now." I said, my eyes narrowed. They all flinched back, then Bella and Emmett looked at Alice. She rolled her eyes and muttered something, then looked at me.

"Ok, Anna. Here we go." She mumbled. "When Bella was still human, we had a met up with some other vampires. These vampires were different from us. They drink humans." My eyes widened. "There were three of them. The leader took a liking to Bella. So, in other terms, he began to hunt her. For…her blood. But only two of them did. James and Victoria." Victoria…. Wasn't that the woman that came here?! " Long story short, James attacked Bella and Edward killed him, then Victoria got away. She wanted revenge, because James was her mate, or husband or boyfriend, whatever you want to call it. So, she is back. She thinks Bella is human, and is coming after her." I sighed. "But...thats not all Anna. Victoria killed your parents, and is after you, she wants to kill you in front of Bella and then kill Bella in front of Edward."

I sat in shock. She was after me? She was the one that killed my mother? And there was nothing I could do to stop her? She killed my father and Bella's father, but I still couldn't do anything to her? And now she was after me? But why? I didn't do anything. but... killing me would hurt bella and all of the Cullens, and then killing Bella would kill them to.

" What do we do now?" I asked in a small voice. I searched the faces of my sisters and brother, and seeing the grim looks, I knew.

" We fight." said Emmett. Bella and Alice nodded.

" We have no other choice. In every other choice I can think of, Anna gets killed." I winced as Alice spoke.

" Alice, when will she be here again?" asked Bella

" Well, she left for now. I would say, in about thirty two hours, she will be back. And she will have three members of back-up. Thats all thats in her new coven." said Alice. Bella grabbed my hand.

" We need to go to the store and get you some food." she said as she set me in the car. " Alice and Emmett will protect the house while we are gone." She jumped into the driver seat, and we drove off.

We drove to the near by store. We walked through the isles, Bella looking human, and picked out some food. We got two loaves of white bread, grape jelly, peanut butter, apple juice, cheetos, and some apples. We paid ( well, Bella did) and were climbing back in the car when Alice called.

Bella talked to her vampire speed for about two seconds, then snapped her phone shut, easing the car to go faster.

" Change of plans Anna. She is attacking in an hour." I panicked in my mind. It was at least a twenty minute drive to the house!

"Don't worry, we will make it in time. We will have fifty minutes to spare. Vampires drive fast." said Bella, throwing me a stunning grin.

We were home before I knew it. Then, as soon as we stopped, there was two blurs racing towards us. I was picked up, then in a blur of wind, I was in my room. The store bags were around me, and Alice was sitting on my bed, Emmett and Bella on my floor.

" Ok, here is the plan. Emmett and I will be downstair watching TV, pretending to think that she is not coming back, Bella will be up here with you 'sleeping', and then me and Emmett will fight them, we will win, but Victoria finds a way past us and if either of us sop her we die, so hen she comes in, Bella and her chat, then we hope she kicked her ass." said Alice.

" Alice! Watch your word choice!" said Bella. Alice shrugged.

" Me and Emmett have to go down stairs now!" she said. Then they were gone. I turned to Bella.

" Well, now what?" I said.

" Now?" I nodded. " Now, we wait."

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