Author's Note:

She came in a 10-second car, listening to Jennifer Lopez, but nobody knew her. What would you do, if your father yelled at you to get the hell out of his house or he would kill you? Run of course. But what happens when the people you are running to live in Everwood, Colorado? The race thugs have always been outlawed by the people. But what happens when an extremely HOT girl comes into there lives and starts racing, just like they do? The kids of the town wanna hang with every one of the thugs that was outlawed, including the new girl.

This is the story of Cara Diesel, niece of Vin Diesel, who just happens to be an actor. Her father doesn't want anything to do with her after she takes after her uncle with street racing, even though he only did it in a movie. "This is real life, dad." She yelled at him.

"It's not a movie like you uncle played in. you could really get hurt." He had yelled back. Now the town of Everwood was about to get a lesson in some of her punk/thug ways because she was never going to go back to living with her father.