Pitter Patter Potter's by cherishmoirababydoll.

Summary: Harry's upset. He decides to take his angers out on his boyfriend.

Pairing: Harry/Draco, of course.

Rating: Oh godddd… -moans- This is pathetic - I'm actually diong something that's K+… just kill me now… I feel like a freakin loser…

Warning: Slash. Think that's it, really…

Timing: Seventh year at Hogwarts, but disregards HBP and DH.

A/N: Oh wow. I just wrote this in about ten minutes. My first Mpreg story, although I'm sure I will be doing more of it in the future. Let me know what you think. :D

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"You! This is all your fault!" Harry Potter was shouting angrily at the blond in the room he was stomping into.

Draco Malfoy was startled as he looked up from the magazine he was perusing, only to stare into the angry green eyes of his boyfriend. "My fault? How is this my fault?! I wasn't the one who was bottoming the ONE time we decided to try something different - so don't you go blaming this on me, you got yourself into this mess."

"MESS?! You call this a MESS? This isn't a mess, you dolt, and you're the one who got me pregnant. Now I can't even play Quidditch, I'm moody like a girl that's on her time of the month, my back hurts, my feet ache, this kid won't stop kicking the life out of me, and I've got this huge bulge sticking out of my stomach! The abs I've worked so hard to perfect over the years are GONE, Draco, and it's all your fault!" Out of nowhere, Harry started to cry, sniffling, and startling Draco even more - hell, he didn't know how to deal with a pregnant, crying boy…

Getting up from his place on the Slytherin common room couch, Draco walked over to embrace Harry, letting the Gryffindor sob onto his shoulder - despite the fact that these were the most expensive robes he had and would rather they not be ruined, but helping Harry to calm down was far more important at the moment. "Shh, shh, love, it'll be alright, you'll see."

Harry looked at him with tear-filled eyes. "I'm fat, Draco," he pouted.

"You're not fat, love, you're beautiful, no matter if your abs are gone or not…"

A hopeful look came over Harry's face. "You really mean that?"

Draco nodded, staring deep into the brunet's eyes. "Yes, I do. And besides, it'll all be worth it when it's over. We're going to have a child, Harry, a real, live childOurs… Don't you realize how wonderful that's going to be?"

Harry's expression became wistful. "Ours…"

Draco led them over to his rooms, gently supporting Harry's back. "Now, come on, it's late, and you should be resting - you're already in your third trimester, you need to stop running around all over the place." He paused. "Okay, so it's more like waddling, but still…" He smiled, as Harry whacked him on the shoulder, but Harry smiled in response anyway.

They laid on the Draco's bed, embracing, with Draco's arm wrapped protectively around Harry's swollen middle.

Harry yawned tiredly, already half-asleep. "Mmm… Marry me, Draco..."

Draco's eyes shot open. "Really?"

Harry merely nodded, a small smile on his face.

The blond smiled contentedly. "Of course."

"Love you, Draco…" he mumbled, before drifting off to sleep. He didn't even have enough energy to listen to Draco's response.

"I love you, too, Harry."



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