Aki- If you want to skip these author notes, please do. If you decided to read on, I want to tell you all a little it about myself. I have a pretty good track record with completely stories when I am writing them solo (meaning not with Tenshi). However the last chaptered TT fic I wrote was many years ago when I was new to fanfiction and it was a cross-over with Harry Potter. So it's been a while. My obsesion with Teen Titans has een recently been reanimated and has stayed that way for a while. I got this whole story planned out and outlined and i try to update once a weak even though that is not always possible.

I'll admit right here and now I did a terrible thing. I created the dreaded...oc's. Okay, okay, don't click back to the mainpage quite yet. Give the story a shot first. All the original characters are children of the orignal teen titans and the regular teen titans get plenty of screen time, or story time, I guess is the techinical term in this case. Cyborg will take a while to show up, but it's all in purpose. My oc's might seem a little bratty at first, but they are supposed to be.

Just in case you aren't savvy with the DC world beyond the animated Teen Titans, here is the low-down on names: Robin is Dick Grayson. Starfire's alien name is Koriand'r (sp?), but will be going by Kori, Raven is still Raven, Beast Boy is Garfield Logan, but is called Gar, and Cyborg is Victor Stone. And for the oc's, you'll just have to read to find out.

Without any further ado...I present the first chapter of Every Other Life.

"Being a superhero is dangerous.
Your risk everything to have that fame;
if that is even what you want out of heroism,
it doesn't matter.
You put your life at stake
to make sure every other life is longer than yours. "

Every Other Life

Chapter 1: Pranks and Fights

Kori lay awake that night, unknowing why insomnia had chosen to plague her. The temperature was fine, her husband beside her had been in death-like sleep for hours, and her children were safe in their own bedrooms. However, something was disturbing her and keeping her from her rest. Some small dread weighed upon her heart and her mind. She kept running through a mental check list: Stove is off, doors are locked, she'd brushed her teeth…

Something was off, and she didn't know quite what. She turned on her side and closed her eyes, hoping it would help ease her mind. It didn't.

She knew, although she didn't know how she knew, that something, somewhere, was going to happen, something was going to change…

What worried her most is that she didn't know what.

Alexander Grayson, or Alex for short, walked through the hall of his private school the next morning, people brushing roughly by him. He was small for his age of almost sixteen, especially compared to the steroid-pumped up jocks who found no greater fun than antagonizing him. His hair was black and untamed, his skin pale from too many hours sat in front of the computer in his darkened bedroom rather than outside in the sun. A scowl or look of indifference usually plastered his face, contrasting greatly with the warm green eyes he had inherited from his mother.

"Outta the way," slurred a six foot three tanned football players with a shaved head, easily pushing Alex into the lockers with his forearm despite the fact that the Grayson boy was not even close to 'being in his way.'

On a normal day an incident like this one would have ended with a string of curse words, but today wasn't a normal day. Today was a day of revenge. A small smirk touched Alex's lips. It was payback time.

"Mrs. Darbus," he said to the middle aged homeroom teacher to get her attention to where he stood halfway in the classroom. "Mr. Skooner needs my help this morning with…." He left it hanging. The woman nodded for him to go. It was common knowledge around Stone Hill Prep that Alex was the resident tech nerd. Mr. Skooner, the elderly man who served mainly as the school's tech support, had long ago given up on actually understanding computers, but recruited students who were much more knowledgeable to do his job for him. Alex knew well that this labeled him a dork and even a teacher's pet, but they didn't know the quirks of having access to all of the teacher's computers and having an intimate knowledge with the inner workings of the school network.

However, this morning Alex wasn't skipping homeroom to fix the copier, again, which had come one of his less exciting jobs, nor was he headed to Mr. Skooner's office at all. He realized with this little stunt he might lose his cushy little job that allowed him to skip class unquestioned at a moment's notice, but it would be worth it. Heck, they'd probably need him back in a week anyway…

Covertly typing in the code for the supply closet door that he had gotten off the vice principle's computer two weeks ago, he slipped into the room. His laptop was already hooked up to the wires that ran the height of the far wall. It only took a few pushed buttons and he was in control.

This was gonna be sweet.

Halle flipped a long strand of her unnatural shade of red hair over her shoulder in such a nonchalant way that it made most of the boys in her homeroom class stop and stare with their mouths agape. She pretended she didn't notice, but in all honesty, she loved having that power of people, even if it did earn her a few vindictive stares from her female schoolmates.

The only feature that broke her more pleasant qualities, the tanned skin, slim figure, her graceful ease of going through life, was her eyes. A pleasant shade a blue, some would know she had inherited from her father, but icy. There was something cool and collected behind them. They were calculated, knowing, sharp. She was something more then the giggly high school girl she sometimes pretended to be.

Halle was chatting politely, albeit with an air of fakeness about her, to a petite blonde girl she had befriended in order for the blonde to be her chemistry partner so that Halle wouldn't, well, flunk chemistry, as the buzzing intercom came to life.

However, instead of the dull monotone of vice principle Connors reading the morning announcements, a young, excited tone that Halle recognized way too easily was coming through the speakers.

"Today I'm interrupting your usual announcements to bring you some of my own. I would like to report that our star linebacker, Ted Meekins has not been missing last period three times a week for physical therapy. He is in fact just having therapy. You know, for his head…"

Gasps and barely suppressed chuckles filled the chemistry classroom in which Halle sat. Miss Donalds, the nervous first-year teacher, was stunned silent and had a look of horror upon her face that this was happening.

The voice on the intercom continued. "Andy Callahan, defensive tackle, was out with lice last week….," Laughter went uninhibited now, even by those slightly embarrassed by the lowdown on their friends. "Backup quarterback Jason Ryes grades are suffering and he might be kicked off the team, apparently this is a product of the guilt he feels for cheating on his girlfriend…"

Halle's eyes, along with everyone else's in the classroom, glanced over to a raven-haired girl in the front row, Ryes' girlfriend. Previously laughing, she had slapped a hand over her mouth, tears now forming in her eyes. Halle glared at the intercom system. That had just been cruel.

By this time several members of the faculty were simultaneously trying to shut down the intercoms and find the hiding place of the deviant interrupting there school system.

Alex knew he was running out of time as he heard yelling and running footsteps echoing in the hallway near his door. He quickly rambled off his last fact. "The school nurse has spoken with Aaron Jacobs three times about his body odor issue. Anyone who sits behind him in class knows what I am talking about."

Laughter resounded heavily from all the classrooms, all sense of order long lost. Four football players, who had long been Alex's tormentors, were red and fuming. Knowing his end was swiftly coming as the door handle to his closet haven was jiggling, Alex quickly stored his laptop in its case and said his last words as the door flew open.

"This is Alex Grayson, out."

Dragged down the hallway by the sleeve of his oxford shirt, he could barely suppress a small smirk of victory. He had caught sight of two of his bullies, as half the school was watching his procession to the office, rather red-faced. The laughter and cheering of some of the others was just a plus. He tried to ignore the glares and the dark mutterings of some of the other students. And Amy Andrews, the Jason jerk's girlfriend, crying…That grated at his nerves. However no one was glaring more so than a red-headed girl with narrowed blue eyes, arms crossed.

"I can't believe you're my brother," Halle whispered venomously to him as he passed by.

Alex only had the chance to shrug his shoulder before he was forced around the corner by vice principle Connors.

Kori Grayson sighed as she walked into the mansion in which her family lived, her teenage son in tow.

"What were you thinking?" she asked, the first words she spoke in him, having not said word during the car ride home from Alex's private school. She wasn't yelling. She never yelled at her kids. She wasn't quite sure of her reasoning. It may have been the fact that she had faced so much worse things in her life the required yelling that childish misdemeanors seemed nothing in comparison. Although, she had to admit, this was on an entirely different level.

Alex just shrugged as an answer, though he was deliberately not meeting her eyes as he took an enormously long time to take off his coat and hang it on the coat rack.

"You're lucky you weren't expelled…" she added.

"Mom," he said, turning to her. "I really don't need you to give me a guilt trip right now."

Kori's eyes flashed. "Maybe you do…What—what…" She struggled for words. That happened often when she got angry or emotional. Sometimes he wondered if she was trying not to curse, but quickly dismissed the notion. He had never heard an overly negative word come out of his mother's mouth, let alone a swear word.

Every time she spoke it was slowly and sometimes with few second pause after she had been addressed. It was if she was carefully measuring each phrase, each word before she said it, afraid of some mistake. She also had the slightest of accents he couldn't quite place. He had asked Uncle Bruce about it when he was younger, but finally old enough to realize there was something…different about his mother. Bruce quickly answered that English wasn't her first language, but refused to elaborate on the topic any further.

Taking a deep breath, his mother continued. "What possessed you to do such a thing?"

"It was just a joke."

Kori placed a hand on her hip. "Not a very funny one."

"Those guys were jerks, Mom! You and Dad always told us to stand up for ourselves."

Realization dawned on Kori's face. Bullies. Her little boy was being targeted by bullies. She had to refrain herself from flying off at that second and starbolting their butts into oblivion rather than deal with the matter at hand.

"There's a difference between standing up for yourself and revenge, Alex."

"What do you want me to do?!" Alex exclaimed, throwing his arms up in a questioning expression. "Fight them. It's four on one and I'm— I'm tiny!"

Kori couldn't honestly refute that statement. He was gangly and nonathletic. He was easily half a head shorter than his sister even though they were twins. It didn't help that both had skipped a grade in their youth. Kori had a vague memory of how Dick used to be shorter than her when they were teens. He shot up when he had turned nineteen though. Kori was sure it would happen for her son eventually too.

"Well, maybe your father could—"

"No," Alex instantly cut her off, his voice edging on dangerous if his mother should chose to push the subject he was all too familiar with. Ever since Alex had been ten or so and he and his father no longer got along, his mother had been trying to push them together. Particularly trying to convince both parties that Dick should teach Alex self-defense. This was the solution to father-son bonding time, dealing with bullies, physical fitness, and birthday outings. (Frankly, Alex rather get a new computer). However, neither ever complied with these suggestions.

"Okay," said Kori, resignedly. "Just—Just go do your homework."

She was halfway out of the room before Alex called after her. "Mom?"

She turned, "Yes?"

"I'm sorry," he said with a timid smile

Kori returned it in full. "It's okay."

Somehow, these two couldn't stay mad at each other.

Several hours later, as Kori was lounging on the living room couch with a novel in her hands, Halle came in through the side door.

"You're late," the mother said not in an accusatory tone, but rather one of stating that facts.

However, Halle did not take it that way. "Jeesh, I was at Monique's!" Halle retorted in angry and unnecessary defense.

Kori stared at her, wide-eyed and wordless over the top of her book, not knowing what she had done wrong. Before she could even speak, Halle had huffed and stormed up the large curving staircase.

Kori signed and laid her book down on her lap before rubbing her brow with a weary hand. Kori couldn't understand Halle. Although the teenage girl looked remarkably like her mother in almost every aspect, she had none of Kori's lighthearted temperament. Ever since Halle had entered middle school, the mother and daughter had slowly slipped apart until they couldn't have a civil conversation.

She often wondered what had happened to change her sweet little girl into…well, dare she think it, a bratty teenager. She always drew a blank. She attributed to the fact that she had a far from normal earth adolescents.

"Hey, I'm walking here," said Alex indignantly as his sister roughly brushed by him in the hallway. He had long since changed from his stiff uniform into a comfortable t-shirt and jeans. Halle, on the other hand, was still in her uniform, albeit her shirt had long ago been untucked and unbuttoned fairly low to show off her cleavage and her skirt was rolled up a few inches higher than allowed in school.

Halle gave him a sharp glare that would make all but her brother flinch. "You were a real ass today."

"So what," replied Alex in an I-don't-care-what-you-think attitude. "If anyone of your popular friends had the brains to pull something like that, you would have thought it was hilarious. Your only concern is that I'm going to ruin your social status."

"Did you see Amy Andrews?" retorted Halle because she cared not to respond to her brother's previous comments. "Did you even think about what you said about Jason Ryes would do to her?"

"You don't even like Amy. You're just concerned because you are one of the girls Jason Ryes cheated with."

Halle gasped. She hadn't known her brother knew that little tidbit. He hadn't been invited to that party (or any parties for that matter). "Hey, he kissed me."

"Does it make a difference?" he inquired smartly, a look of victory upon Alex's face for finding the perfect counter argument.

"That was a one time thing and I feel horrible about it. I'm not so low that I just go around kissing other girls' boyfriends. He made out with Alicia Grey three days later anyway."

"Whatever, Halle."

Halle glared at Alex's receding back for the second time that day, but this time it was because she wished he wasn't right.

"Where's Alex?" asked Kori, finally commenting on her son's obvious absence at the dinner table that night.

"Said he wasn't hungry," Halle mumbled in reply.

Kori had to keep herself from sighing exasperatedly. The boy was just avoiding his father, as usual.

"So, Halle, how was school?" Dick asked his daughter.

A dark look crossed her face.

"Mom didn't tell you?" the girl asked.

"Mom didn't tell me what?" questioned Dick, interest peaked, looking at Kori.

"Oh, it slipped my mind!" She said putting a hand to her forehead.

"Of course," Halle whispered to herself, simultaneously referring to her mother's absent-mindedness and her ability to always forgive Alex for his wrong-doings.

Kori recounted the events of the day, as best to her knowledge, that resulted in Alex being sent home from school early. All the while, Halle was glowering at the fresh memory.

Dick's chair scratched against the floor as he pushed back from the table. "I'll go talk to him."

"Are you sure—?" asked Kori with apprehension in her tone.

"I'm sure," he cut her off, but not meanly.

In a house their size, it took several minutes for Richard "Dick" Grayson to make the trek from the dining room to his son's bedroom. He used this time to think about what he was going to say. However, by the time he reach Alex's door, his mind was as blank as a chalkboard on Monday morning.

Nevertheless he knocked lightly on his son's bedroom door before opening it slowly.


The boy in question had his back to the door, furiously typing at his computer.

"One hour, thirteen minutes. Hardly a record, but still…" said Alex.

"What?" Dick was as confused as the cat if the cat had been confused rather than curious.

Alex swiveled in his chair to face his father. "It's how long it has been since you got home to when you talked to me for the first time today." He said it so casually Dick could hardly stand it.

"Well, if you had come to dinner," he bit back.

Alex just rolled his eyes and turned back to his desk.

"About school today," Dick started, but his son cut him off.

"What about it?"

"…You shouldn't have done that…"

"What a great insight."

"Alexander," Dick said with warning on his tone.

"Father," Alex retorted in mock seriousness, complete with a British accent.

"Why are you making this so difficult?" accused Dick.

"Why are you even trying?"

Dick had no reply.

"Look, I'm not expelled. I'm not even being punished that bad because this my first offense and they know that the whole school's computer system would crash without me there. I'll make sure to work extra hard to make up for my grades for the days I am suspended. And it won't happen again. Okay? That make you happy?" Alex spieled off without really caring. It was all a big excuse to make his father get out of his room faster.

It didn't make Dick happy at all, but he decided not to press the subject and returned to dinner.

Kori laid awake that night, not knowing was insomnia had chosen to plague her.

Something was off, and she didn't know quite what. She turned on her side and closed her eyes, hoping it would help ease her mind. It didn't.

She knew, although she didn't know how she knew, that something, somewhere, was going to happen, something was going to change…

What worried her most is that she didn't know what.

What worried her more is that she knew she wouldn't be able to do anything about it…

Like, yes? Maybe? Just a little bit?

This chapter is dedicated to Tenshi, by best friend and writing counterpart who encouraged to write this fic because she really wants to read it.