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"Jazzy!" I called after returning home from hunting alone, I needed some time away from everyone simply because we all got a little cabin fever after it being sunny for THREE days! I was surprised I didn't kill all the guys for being seriously lazy after my attempts to get them to play dress up with me.

"Yes?" Jasper said when he looked at me as I proceeded in to our bedroom where he was sitting in the arm chair in the corner reading some overrated American literature that he received as a gift from Carlisle and Esme for Christmas some time ago when I came up with the brilliant idea to do secret Santa.

Every time I come into the same room as jazz he looks at me the same way, like someone who has never seen the sun is now seeing the dawn break, this never bothers me it only sets my heart on fire and makes me feel whole again after being away from him.

I cleared my head and focused on speaking to my amazing husband.

"Jasper how do you feel about going to the mall with me? It seems like forever since it's been just us, ya know?" I knew he would say yes but still it doesn't hurt to ask. Jazz stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist as I gazed into his golden topaz eyes and he was gazing right back at with just as much passion. Then answered "anything to get you all to my self aly…" an impish smile involuntarily plastered its self across his beautiful face.

And before I knew it my lips were meeting his seeming like the first time in days, then I felt it, I felt the burning desire -to wrap my lips around other things- flair up in both of us.

And then before I could lose my self in the throws of lust I pulled away and looked up at jazz and his confused expression, I couldn't hold back my laughter at his curiosity of my sudden mood shift .I put my finger against his deserted lips still giggling and said "later jazzy! I have something I would like to try on for you and then you can take it off for me!"

"Hmm….sounds tempting!" he quipped

"Well then let's get going!" I said racing down the steps toward the front door by passing Rose and Emmet in the living room on the floor making out wildly probably due to the wave of lust and playfulness that jazz and I just sent out. Then I saw rose reaching for Emmet's shirt and then I gasped in play horror putting my hand dramatically over my 'o' shaped mouth and said "Rose! Em! You both know better than to deface esmes white carpet with this level of umm…oh yeah! Near nudity!" Emmet and Rosalie's heads both snapped up at me and both of them started rolling on the floor in amusement. Just then jazz stepped onto the landing at the bottom of the steps with a smile playing on the edges of his mouth and then burst into a fit of laughter.

I said "just take it to your room! Jazz and I are going to the mall and… oh yeah! Where is Edward?"

"Walking with Bella …but for some reason I don't think walking is all they are doing considering the heat I felt down here almost immediately when you came back from hunting!" Emmet said with strong humor in his booming voice.

Oh great! Jasper and I had everyone in the house feeling frisky! I can only imagine -or not imagine- what Carlisle and esme were doing right now.

With that jasper and I took our exit and made our way to the garage. In my head I was going through the preparations for what I like to call OPERATION DRESSING ROOM!

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