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Chapter 15: Home


The loud crash of waves broke the silence of the warm summer evening. Sora felt the warmth of the ocean, for the first time in months, and for a moment contemplated staying underneath the waves permanently. Eventually the need for air forced Sora to the surface. With a gasp he broke through the waves, and once the water left his eyes, he was greeted by a familiar sight. He was just off the coast of his old island stomping ground, and off in the distance he could see his home city. He smiled, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, a sense of peace washed over him. Roxas had finally floated down to where Sora was and took in the same sights. The sight of his home, brought him some happiness, but the fact that he was no longer whole definitely disheartened him.

Sora looked up at Roxas with a grin, and then began swimming as hard as he could towards the shore. Roxas, floated aimlessly, but eventually followed his friend. Sora raced up the sandy beach and fell to the ground. Exuberance took hold of him and he rolled on his back, and started making snow angels in the sand. He tried to stand up, but lost his balance and went back to the turf. It didn't matter to Sora however, and he laughed at his clumsiness. He grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in the air, getting his hair dirty, but he could have cared less; he was just so thrilled that he was home. The smell of the salty sea, the squawking of seagulls, the warm feel of the slowly setting sun on his exposed skin; all of these sensations he had experienced countless times before, were now suddenly brand new to him. Grinning, he stood up and shook the sand off of him. He turned around to see Roxas, and was surprised to see his friend not sharing his enthusiasm to be back.

"Roxas…what's wrong?" Sora asked his friend. "Aren't you happy that we are home?"

Roxas looked over with sad eyes to Sora, who was taken aback by this.

"I'm happy to be back...but..." Roxas trailed off as he looked down at his body, which Sora for the first time fully realized was back to its familiar apparition state.

"Aw man…I'm sorry buddy..." Sora said, understanding where his friend was coming from. "But hey...look on the bright side!" Sora suddenly said, his eyes lighting up.

"You were whole once right?" He asked.

Roxas nodded slowly.

"Well...maybe you can be whole again!" Sora exclaimed. "I mean…something had to give you that ability, so whose to say that we can't find out what it is, and make it happen?" He finished.

Roxas looked at Sora, somewhat surprised.

"We?" He asked.

Sora laughed and rolled his eyes.

"Well yeah!" He said. "Who else is going to help you?" He asked.

Roxas smiled at this.

"Thanks, Sora." He grinned at his friend.

"No problem!" Sora said cheerfully. "Now…why don't we go home?" He said, gesturing off in the distance.

Roxas nodded, and the two made their way across the beach. As they walked they talked and laughed amongst each other. It felt so good to finally laugh. The past few months had been horrible. Being separated from the their loved ones was the most difficult thing that they had ever done. The duo continued to make their way towards the bridge that connected the island to the mainland, but a glimpse of a stone monolith caught their attention. As they approached the stone statue, they were stunned to see that it was a memorial to Sora. The two gazed at the monument, not really sure what to say to it. They looked down and saw some flowers, that were still fresh. He bent down and looked at the bouquet, and saw a card next to it. Sora picked up the card and read it.

Sora Hakiri…Gone but not Forgotten…

Sora looked at the words on the card. He recognized them, but was still puzzled by what they spelled out.

"Roxas….how long were we gone again?" He asked his friend, setting the card back down.

Roxas rubbed his chin.

"Well…we were in there for about 2 and a half months…" He began, counting on his fingers. "However, since time moves faster out here than it does in the dark realm…who knows?" Roxas shrugged his shoulders.

Sora and Roxas pulled themselves away from the monument and continued their trek into town, albeit still shaken from the realization that they've been gone for a while. As they approached the town, they were slightly reluctant to see it, fearing it would have changed. To their surprise, the town looked to be in the same shape that they had left it in, which was a relief to both of them. As they entered the center of town, they were surprised to see that there was no activity going on, which was very unusual. There were no signs of any people, all the businesses seemed to be closed, and all the houses were dark.

"That's odd…" Sora said to himself.

The two continued to walk down the narrow dusty streets, towards Sora's home, a sense of uneasiness growing as every house they passed had no lights on. Eventually they approached their house, but as was the case with every other house, they found the door locked, and the lights out.

"Did…did something happen while we were away?" Roxas asked, growing increasingly worried.

Sora shared the concern.

"I think we need to go check on Kairi…" He said, as he quickly turned around and headed for her house.

The pair raced through the streets towards Kairi's house. They grew more and more worried with every passing house. Finally they could see Kairi's house in this distance. They were relieved to finally to see some lights on in the Uchida household. As they approached the house, the lights suddenly went out. The two stopped as they heard a pair of voices talking frantically from inside the house. Sora pulled out his Keyblade, half expecting enemies to pop out. To their surprise, the door to the house swung open and they could make out two figures emerging from the house. One was an older woman with dirty blonde hair, that was done up in a lovely do. Her dress was a full length purple gown, and she matched with silver earrings and a silver bracelet. Sora and Roxas immediately recognized her as Anne Uchida, Kairi's mom. The other younger woman, with blonde hair floated alongside her. She wore a white, one shouldered, sequined cocktail dress; and paired with white gold and sapphire earrings. Roxas smiled when he saw her; as it had been a while since he had seen his girlfriend.

"I can't believe that you are going to make us late Naminé!" Anne said, seemingly anxious.

"Come on, now…we won't be that late." The apparition responded, as Anne closed the door behind them.

"Do we have a ride to the ball?" Anne asked.

"Yes…the king was nice enough to leave several gummy ships for the town, and some private ones for us…" Naminé responded.

"And we are already running late!" Anne cried impatiently. "Kairi, Riku, and the others have already left…and by the time we get there it will be over…" Anne said.

Naminé sighed. The two started to make their way over to where the gummy ships were being kept. The two had only gotten a few feet from the front door when Anne noticed a figure standing there, half covered by shadow. She gasped, and held back. Naminé turned and looked where Anne was looking, and saw the figure for herself.

"Who's there?!" Anne called out, demanding to know.

The figure stepped a little bit closer, and came into her view. Anne saw the outline of the figure and noticed a Keyblade and shaggy hair. Anne and Namine's mouths stood agape, and they both turned almost white as if they had seen a ghost.

"S..Sora…? Is that you?" Anne asked, still not sure if she could believe his eyes.

"You know it!" Sora said with a goofy grin.

The girls stood there, stunned.

"I can't believe you are home!" Naminé said, finally breaking the silence.

"I'm home too by the way!" A voice called out.

Naminé was briefly surprised, but upon recognizing the voice, a great joy leaped from the bowels of her heart. It rose even higher as the other figure came into view.

"ROXAS!" Naminé screamed as she rushed up to her long lost boyfriend.

She hugged Roxas amidst tears, as Sora looked on smiling.

"Oh god…I missed you so much…." Naminé said in between sobs.

Roxas hugged her tight, and smiled.

"I missed you too." He said softly, as he lifted her chin giving her a soft kiss.

Anne was still stunned by the events transpiring before her. But seeing Roxas and Naminé together brought a warm smile to her face.

"I'm so happy that the two of you are back!" Anne exclaimed, clasping her hands together. "The others will be so happy as well!"

Sora nodded, but looked around confused.

"Speaking of that…where is everyone?" Sora asked.

"And what was this ball you were talking about?" Roxas added.

Naminé pulled herself off Roxas for a second, remembering something.

"Oh! The ball!" She exclaimed.

Sora looked at Naminé with a puzzled expression.

"The King and Queen are throwing a Silver Celestial Ball, to promote the worlds unity." Anne informed them. "The whole town was invited, and as you can see…everyone decided to attend." She continued, motioning to the empty houses around them.

"Kairi, Riku, and the others already went earlier." Naminé explained.

Anne shook her head. "We would have to, had someone not taking forever deciding on what to wear…" Anne said, somewhat glaring at Naminé.

"You guys have to come!" Naminé chimed in, ignoring Anne.

"Absolutely!" Sora grinned.

The one thing that pushed him, throughout the whole ordeal, was the drive to see his friends again; to see Kairi again.

"Well, there is one problem…" Anne said, breaking everyone's concentration. "It's formal attire…and all the suit shops are closed by now…"

Sora looked down…before perking up.

"I know where I can get a suit!" He exclaimed. "We can go see Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather." Sora explained. "They live in Twilight Town at Master Yen Sid's place…and if we are lucky we can still catch them!" He finished.

The girls nodded, agreeing to the plan. Sora smiled. "Alright! Let's get going!" He said as the four walked off towards the gummi ship, Naminé not letting go of Roxas.

Sora laughed, but something still puzzled him.

"Say Naminé…" He began. "Kairi….uh…she isn't…uh…you know…um" Sora struggled to finish his thought.

"Seeing somebody?" Roxas asked, attempting to finish his friend's thought.

Naminé and Anne looked at each other and laughed.

"No." They both said in unison.

Sora nodded, content with his answer. The other three rolled their eyes and stifled laughter as best they could. They made their way to the ship, and quickly boarded. Sora took the pilot's chair and set the navigation course to Twilight Town, and they were off. Along the way they recounted to Anne and Naminé the tales of their journey. Several times the girls simply had to pinch themselves, still unsure that they weren't dreaming. Sora looked over at Naminé, and another puzzling thing came to his mind.

"Hey Naminé…" Sora started. "I have to ask…how did you get that dress?" He finished.

"Oh!" Naminé said, looking down at her outfit. "Roxas got it for me a while ago, it's just the first time that I was able to wear it!" She explained.

Sora just looked at her with a blank expression. He shook his head and turned back around towards the window, to make sure they were flying smoothly. Roxas and Naminé shared a look and snickered to each other. Within an hour they arrived at Master Yen Sid's, and the foursome got out of the ship.

"Wait here!" Sora said, as he raced into the house and up the stairs.

He climbed the massive winding stair case, and opened the door to Master Yen Sid's chambers. The room was dark, and Yen Sid was nowhere to be found. Sora's heart sank, as he thought about his diminishing chances to get that suit. He glanced over at the door that lead to the fairies chamber, and was relieved to see a faint glow of light emanating from the room. He approached the door, and gave a knock. He heard some hushed voices and the light faded in the room. He knocked again, but no one bothered to answer the door. Sora cracked open the door, and peered in.

"Hello?" He called out.

The room was dark, and he couldn't make out much.

"Flora?, Fauna?, Merryweather?" Sora called out in the dark.

He heard some stirring from the left corner of the room, but no answer was given.

Sora sighed, and took out his Keyblade, and held it upwards. Sora felt a rush of power come through him, as he unleashed a fire spell on the chandelier that hung from the ceiling. The fire exploded upon impact and in the process lit all the candles, illuminating the room. Off to the corner, he noticed the three fairies, huddled in a corner, with their wands drawn and pointed at Sora. They were shaking, and they stared at Sora as if he was an apparition.

"S…Stay back ghost!" Flora, the red fairy, stammered out.

"Ghost? I'm not a ghost…" Sora said, slowly approaching the trio. "It's me…Sora!"

The three fairies remained unconvinced, and refused to lower their wands.

"Sora died!" Merryweather, the blue fairy, blurted out.

Sora looked at them curiously. "Is that what everyone thinks…that I'm dead?" He asked, as he called back his Keyblade.

"No…Sora is dead…" Fauna, the green fairy, corrected him.

"But I am Sora! And I really need a suit for the ball tonight!" Sora exclaimed. "What do I have to do to prove that I'm Sora?" Sora asked.

The three fairies conversed amongst each other. They would periodically look back at Sora, but still continued to discuss their plan amongst themselves. Finally, after a little bit, the fairies parted and pointed their wands at Sora.

"We have a way to prove who you are." Flora stated. "Please call forth your Keyblade."

Sora shrugged his shoulders, and called forth his Oathkeeper Keyblade.

"Please hold it out for us." Fauna asked.

Sora obliged, and the fairies shot a combined blast of their magic at the Keyblade. The Keyblade absorbed the magic, and seemed to pulse with energy. Suddenly a blast of white light emerged from the Keyblade and enveloped Sora. Sora held his hand up to his face, to block the blinding flash from his eyes. He felt a warmth all over his body as the light bathed over him. When the light finally subsided and Sora opened his eyes, he found the three fairies smiling at him.

"Welcome back Sora!" Merryweather said, with glee.

'Thanks…" Sora said, as he called back his blade.

He felt a little strange, and when he looked down he found out why. No longer was his worn, torn, battle garb on his body; but in it's place was a sharp, light grey suit. Sora was stunned, and quickly scampered to the nearby mirror to check out his new ensemble. The jacket and matching pants were a nice light grey, in a very mute glen check pattern. The shirt was a solid white button up. The tie was an interesting choice. It was a violet tie, solid, and it gave off a distinct summer feel. A black belt and black shoes completed the outfit, and Sora was very happy with it. He noticed too that he smelled nicer, like he had finally taken a shower for the first time in a while. He noticed a hint of citrus and wood as well.

"Am…am I wearing cologne?" He asked, stunned.

"Yes dear…" Flora began, before her sister cut us off.

"We could smell you from across the room!" Merryweather blurted out again, drawing a glare from her elder sister.

"We hope that we didn't cross our bounds…" Fauna said, a little hesitantly.

"No! It's great!" Sora grinned. "I love it!" He said as he turned to the three fairies. "How did you do it?" He asked.

"Well dear…we decided to use a spell of ours that can dispel darkness." Flora started. "While it's not powerful enough to deal with someone like Maleficent, it can handle most minor heartless." She continued. "However, this time we added a twist to it!"

"We changed it so that if you were who you said you were, it would not only produce a suit for you, but clean you as well!" Merryweather chimed in, in effect finishing her sister's explanation.

"Well…thanks!" Sora said, still admiring himself in the mirror, while secretly thinking about what Kairi would say when she saw him.

"We are glad you like it dear, but don't you think you should hurry to the castle?" Fauna stated, breaking his concentration.

"Oh jeez! That's right!" Sora exclaimed.

Sora thanked them and quickly made his way back from whence he came. The fairies chuckled amongst themselves as they watched him race off.

"I knew it was him the whole time!" Merryweather declared.

"We all did." Flora said slyly. "The only reason it took so long was because we couldn't decided on the color of his clothes."

"I still think it should have been blue…" Merryweather mumbled.

"Now, now…" Fauna started. "We chose that outfit for a reason." She said smiling up at Flora.

Flora smiled and nodded. "Well…we had to make him match his dance partner didn't we?" She laughed lightly to herself.

The fairies continued to laugh as they closed up shop, and then vanished in a puff of smoke.

Sora made his way down the spiral staircase, and out the front door of the castle. He walked over to where the ship was. He noticed Naminé and Anne were outside the ship chatting, but Roxas was nowhere to be seen. The girls noticed Sora and his new suit and smiled.

"Wow! Looking sharp Sora!" Naminé said.

"I would say he's definitely dressed to impress someone…" Anne said with a wink.

Sora blushed, and turned away, waiting for the color in his cheeks to go down.

"Thanks…" Sora replied sheepishly. "Where's Roxas?" He asked, trying to change the subject.

"Right here bud!" Roxas said, as he floated down, from the gummi ship.

Sora looked at him dumbfounded. Roxas was now dressed in a double breasted, solid tan suit. It was complimented by a white button up shirt, with a vertical, thin, charcoal pinstripe. He complimented this with a charcoal tie, a thin, silver tie clip, and a black pair of dress shoes. Roxas grinned at Sora's expression.

"Ok…I know what you're thinking…" Roxas said, raising his hands up, as if Sora caught him in the act. "I make this suit look good!" He smiled again.

Sora just stared at him. "Where did you…how did you…" Sora finally stammered out.

Roxas looked at him quizzically. Suddenly a light bulb went off in his brain. "Ohhhh…you want to know where I got it!" Roxas exclaimed.

Sora merely nodded.

"Ah…well Naminé got it for me a while back!" Roxas said.

Sora's expression didn't change. He just stared at his nobody in astonishment. Roxas merely shrugged and looked at the rest of their party.

"Shall we get a move on?" He asked.

The women nodded, and boarded the ship. Roxas followed, but Sora was still planted where he was, with a bewildered look on his face. Roxas turned to Sora.

"You coming bud?" Roxas asked, as he turned and floated into the ship.

Sora continued to stand there, astounded. He suddenly snapped back to reality.

"HOW THE HELL DO THEY GET THESE CLOTHES!?" Sora roared, piercing the quiet of the night air.

He grumbled his way up the steps, and took his spot at the helm of the ship. Roxas was seated next to Naminé, and saw the expression on Sora's face.

"Something wrong buddy?" He asked with a grin, knowing full well what was wrong, as everyone heard Sora's tantrum outside.

"Nothing…let's go to the ball." Sora mumbled back to his friend.

Roxas looked at Naminé and gave a wink. Naminé tried hard to mouth her giggle. Sora glanced at the two nobodies, who were both trying to maintain their composure. Sora shook his head and sighed. The two burst out laughing, and Sora couldn't help but grin. He fired the ship's engines up, and they were on the way. He turned back to the rest of the party and smiled.

"Next stop: Disney Castle!" He shouted out, as the ship sped off into the night sky.

End of Chapter 15

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