He Taught Me To Walk (Now I Run)

A young Naruto once again feels this… comforting presence.

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Death's Door

Fourteen-year-old Naruto was lying completely unconscious in a deserted forest. Well, apart from all the dead enemy-nin all around.

He'd been ambushed by roughly forty nin and in the fight, he'd cleared a crater in the trees. He'd been careless and as usual, gone overboard, completely exhausting himself.

He was caught unawares and been shot with poison senbon needles. No wonder the last nin he killed had a smirk on his face.

Naruto slowly became mentally aware, half expecting to see Kyuubi's cage. Instead, he saw darkness all around filled with eerie swirling red stars resembling the night sky. He felt like he was floating and turning his head, he saw a huge spirit looming over. The sight of which stunned Naruto into a mental shut-down.

"Who- who are you?" Naruto choked out.

"Take a guess. Think back to what just happened"

"You're the spirit of death, aren't you?"

"Correct young one. It's time to come with me." Naruto felt himself being pulled towards it as the spirit stretched out his hand towards him.

Fear gripped the blonde teen as he thought back to all he was going to miss and leave behind.

"Hold on!" a scratchy, growling voice demanded.

Everything stopped still as an orange-red glow built up to their side. The glow turned to swirling fiery charka that took the form of an unmistakable nine-tailed fox multiple stories high. The fox drew the stunned gaze of the blonde and the spirit not quite it's gargantuan size.

"I'm not letting go you yet," the fox snarled and roughly snatched Naruto into his paws. Growling and snapping, Kyuubi charged the spirit as the surroundings faded away.

Naruto was roughly and painfully thrown to the floor in front of Kyuubi's cage. Naruto sat up with a groan, and looking to Kyuubi's cage, saw nothing but the tails that meant the Kyuubi had his back turned.

Next thing, Naruto was being propelled backwards through the hallway away from the cage. He was being driven out.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes to face the twilight sky. The colour returned to his cheeks as the life within him was being restored and brought back from death. Naruto tried to sit up, but the pain dragged a hoarse groan from his deathly blue lips.

Slowly, Naruto started to feel the cold on his arms where his now destroyed jacket should have been. He raised his arms and marveled at his bloody hands already healing, and his porcupine-like needle covered arms start to loose the purple colour from the poison. "What just happened?" Naruto painfully pondered hoarsely.

Kyuubi stared at the place where Naruto had been mere seconds ago. /…'What I would do for you kit. Try to be less careless in the future. I can't always fight off that Demon.'…/

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