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The thing to know about Dean Winchester is that he's more then just himself.

He's his brother, his father, his mother. He's those who've lost and been abandoned and those who've been saved. He's a hunter and a demon. He's the innocent who've been killed and he's the one who's kill innocents.

For those who know of him know he's so much more then any of that.

He's Dean-protector-lover-brother-of-Sam Winchester.

He can be defined by his brother's actions. He is defined by his brother.

Those who knew him while his brother was away may never have meet his little brother, may never have ever heard of him but they knew he was there.

Like a wedding ring that symbolizes a man's heart and home is taken, the necklace around Dean's neck shows the world that his mind body and soul were the property of someone else. They never needed to know who to know that while he may play, flirt with the pretty waitress, he knew where his heart belonged.

For those who knew him as a child, as a young teenager, as a man without a father, knew that Dean was above all else, above his sins and his virtues, a brother who put his brother above everything.