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Vibrations: Chapter 1


The sky was clouded over, and the lightning struck the buildings. One by one they caught fire, one by one they turned to ashes. The once lit sky now sent a downpour of tears, but the tears never once did stop the flames. It was only until one shinobi came, that the odds started to favor them. The Sandaime Hokage, leading the ninjas, fought with them to save the buildings, and they were winning.

A little boy stood off to the side, watching as his only home was burned on his birthday, October tenth. The boys hair and eyes made some believe that the sunny sky that started the day was absorbed by his face; the sun stayed hidden within the blond hair, and the sky stayed captured within his blue eyes. Although the sky blue eyes now turned to rain as the boys sadness was evident on his face. As hell was being fought back by the shinobi, one piece of it managed to not be seen by their eyes, and the few that did see it, let it drift past them, allowing what was going to take place happen.

The boy slowly walked away from the building that he had once called home. Shadows followed him, their eyes glowed red in the fire light. They slowly smirked as they realized that the boy was left unprotected. They drew their weapons, and those that were drunk among them wielded their beer-bottles as clubs. One man finally gave the battle cry, a drunken yell followed with a curse, and they all rushed forward.

The boy, hearing the noise, turned his head back, before seeing the sight that had become familiar to him. He took only one look before taking of in a sprint, but that would have never been enough, and the boy knew it- he could only delay it for a little while. The beatings. He took turn after turn, yelling for any villagers to help him, and yet they only gave looks of approval to the mob that was forming behind the boy, and some even joined in. The boy made one last turn, before coming to a dead halt. He was in an ally, and the only way out was the way that he had came in.

The villagers, and even some chuunin, had all gathered around the boy, not caring if the Hokage caught them. It was worth it if they could beat up the demon. The boy closed his eyes, and barley felt as the first hit was made. When one hit was made many more followed. He felt things enter his body in multiple places, and didn't even mind when his hearing shut off. After all, who would want to hear threats and people call you a demon? Red soon swallowed the boy's vision, as he was swept away in blissful unconsciousness.

He woke up to his head pounding, and whiteness. He was floating, floating on nothingness. White was all around.

He saw somthing yellow flash past him. He was pulled into an embrace from behind, and then he saw blackness.

"You are trouble, gaki." Was all he heard, before the blackness was brought down, and he felt as if he had just taken a breath after staying under water.

The first thing the boy noticed as his eyes cracked open, was the blinding whiteness. The second, was the pulsation of his heart, for though he could not hear it, he could certainly feel its strength as his heart spread his life liquid around his body. The strength of his heart pounded throughout his head, causing pain to rack through his brain. As the boy cracked his eyes open, he allowed his senses to widen, taking in all that he could see.

He was in a room that was decorated with the color white, explaining why the room had been so bright upon his first look. The smell of antiseptics washed through his lungs, filling him with the longing of the outdoors, and fresh air. The boy was laying on a white bed, metal fulfilling the purpose as the bed frame. Sitting on a chair next to the bed was the Hokage, who seemed to be talking to himself.

"Oji... Oji-san?" Naruto shut his mouth. He had heard no sound coming from himself, but he could feel a tingling as the vibrations traveled throughout his chest and up his throat.

The old man had been silently fuming to himself 'How could I let that happen? I'm supposed to look after him for Minato, and yet I let this get by me! The doctor said that the mob did some damage to his eardrum, and that they could not heal the injury unless they had someone as skilled as Tsunade working on the injury. But with all their research, they do not know if he will be deaf or not. Now they assume that the Kyuubi may indeed be trying to heal the scar, but with such an amass of demonic chakra located in both eardrums, the medical scanning jutsus are useless. Though I can't help but think something is holding the demon back from healing... though what, I cannot guess. I can only hope that he wont be…' He was brought out of his thoughts by Narutos' voice, "Naru-" He was stopped by a coughing fit.

"Oji-sama, oji-sama! Are you okay?" Naruto asked, in a rougher voice then usual.

"Yes, Naruto, *cough* I just haven't got all the *cough* smoke *cough* out of my lungs yet." By this time, the coughing had come to a stop.

Meanwhile, Naruto was staring at the Hokage in awe, he understood what the man had been saying, and yet he had not heard a word. When had he gained this new ability? Naruto stared at the Hokage as he continued to speak.

"Naruto, I am sorry to say that the orphanage that you were living at has been burned down, so I am going to give you a *cough* apartment to live in. Also, I have told your teacher that you will be gone for several days, so you have time to rest."

Naruto shook his head, "No, oji-san! Can't I go tomorrow?"

"No, Naruto, this is one thing I will not bend on. You need the rest. That's an order from your Hokage!"

Naruto lifted his right arm in a mocking salute, and smiled cockily, "Ay ay! Captain oji-sama!"

Naruto had gotten used to being deaf, after all, it happened 3 months ago. Never once had he told anyone that he was deaf, or that he couldn't read. Who would nominate, and respect, a ninja that was deaf? From that day onward, Naruto's voice came out more raspy and loud than before, his grades declined, due to his inability to listen when the teacher was turned around, and, most surprisingly, his sight increased. Due to his grades, and the boys sound of voice, many were quick to label him an idiot. What Naruto did not know, was that it was the older generation that had started to call him that, and from there it had spread. Of course, no one knew that his hearing had all but disappeared, and as such, Naruto acted unfazed at the insult.

After 3 months of being deaf, his sense of touch had increased greatly, and he could sense almost anyone who walked up to him. As for the classrooms the boy only got bits and pieces of what the teacher said. Even with all these setbacks, Naruto could not hold a frown on his face, he would become powerful on his own, and gain the respect of every villager in the town. Those hateful glares would stop, and so would the name-calling.

There was more unpleasant news than just his lack of reading and hearing, though. Naruto would have nightmares about what would happen that night. Everyone's faces were engraved in his memory. In his dreams, great hatred came upon him as he wished for revenge. For death. He was always fearful of what might happen if his rage would ever stay with him the following day. He didn't want to hurt those people, it was as if that in his dream he would become a different person. He was scared of that person.

And then, always when that dream would appear, he would see the same yellow flash, and feel the same embrace- as before in that whiteness. He would always hear a voice, saying, " It'll be fine. It'll be okay. No one's going to hurt you. I'll protect you." Then, he would always wake up, crying. He longed for that person to be there, even if he wasn't a real person at all.

He had but one friend, a man that Naruto would call Oji-sama, but in more respected terms, the Sanidame Hokage, who was always there to lift him up.

He started at the academy almost right before the attack, to occupy his time and also to lower his chances of being attacked. He finished the rest of the school year, and would return the following year to redo that year, to make sure that he learns everything, because he had missed half of the year.

This year, he has a new goal. This year, he would make new friends, and pass with flying colors. This year, he would not be dead last.

It's a shame that his chances of succeeding that dream were a million to one. But who was going to tell him? He always kept his dreams to himself. So, as he stared at the academy doors, a new hope had filled his heart, and a bright smile lit up his face as he walked through the door.

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