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Betting Hearts

A/N: Okay this story has been inspired by my friend Rory's Pride and Prejudice fanfic. I'm starting to love this pairing so much that they're becoming one of my favorites now lol. In my view, they just look good together! Lol. Anyway, I got this idea for a story and just thought of trying it out. Please review and let me know what you think. I can't think of a good title so Betting Hearts is all I can come up with lol. Anyways, enjoy and happy reading.

Synopsis: He makes a bet to date a girl he has no interest in. But when his feelings come into play when he doesn't want them to, will his heart pay the price? EdgexAshley.


She could tell that something good had happened. By just hearing that voice filled with excitement the minute she heard the door closed, there was no doubt that her friend had returned to the hotel room in a very good mood.

"What's up with you?" Michelle asked out of curiosity. She put down her fashion magazine and as she sat up on her bed, she turned her attention to her friend, who was grinning as if she had won the grand lottery or something.

"I'm going out!" Ashley yelled at the top of her voice.

"Geez calm down Ash. What are you going on about?"

"I'm going out on a date tonight!"

"What? You are? With who?"







Ashley scoffed and placed her hands on her hips as she gave her the 'is that a joke?' look. "You're joking right?"

"You're the one who told me to guess," said Michelle with a roll of the eyes.

"But seriously you should get the answer by now!" said Ashley in disbelief. She couldn't believe how Michelle could be so clueless especially when the answer should be an obvious one.

"Why don't you just…" Suddenly her eyes widen with amazement. "No way…it's not who I think it is…is it?"

"Well if you don't tell me then how would I know?" Ashley asked as she rolled her eyes.

"If you're this excited…then it has to be someone you really like so that would mean…"

"Uh huh," said Ashley with a nod. "So have you figured it out?"

After taking the hint from that big grin on the dirty blonde's face, Michelle realized that whoever she was thinking of at that moment, her guess could be right and her jaw suddenly fell to the floor at the thought of the one person who could have put Ashley in the state she was now. Ecstatic.

"Oh…my…gosh." Michelle said those three words slowly and each word was pronounced per second to emphasize her astonishment by the news. She stood up from her bed quickly as she held her gaze upon her. "Adam asked you out? He asked you out? Seriously?"


Michelle gasped. "No way! No way!"

"Yes way! Yes way!"

"When did this happen?!"

"I don't know. A minute ago? Ashley laughed. "I was at the parking lot on my way up here. I was just about to get to the lobby when I bumped into him. Well by accident but that's not the issue now. So we started talking…"

"You actually talked to him? Wait, he talked to you?"

"Uh huh he did! Anyway, we started talking and I was SO nervous, I could just feel my legs shaking!"

"So then what happened?"

"So then he was like how I looked uneasy...which I was. And then...that's when he asked me this question..."

"The D-A-T-E?" Michelle asked, suddenly becoming just as exicited as the punk diva was.

Ashley smiled and nodded. "Precisely! He asked me out on a date!

"Oh my gosh!"

Then a high pitched girly squeal was made by the two blonde women and they began to bounce up and down the carpeted floor.

"Oh I'm so happy for you!" said Michelle. She threw he arms out and enclosed them tightly around Ashley's shoulders as she hugged her.

"I'm happy too!" said Ashley with a smile. Things were just starting to look up for her. She had gotten the chance to date the guy she was crushing on since day one. She couldn't wait. "Uh 'Chelle?"

"Yes honey?"

"You're squishing me."

"Oh sorry."

Michelle pulled away from the hug and tried to maintain her composure. "So when are you going?"


"Tonight? No freakin' way! You're joking."

"'Chelle I won't be if I tell you this now," said Ashley with a scoff.

Michelle made a gasp and squealed. "This is so awesome!"

"I know right?!" Ashley said and made a squeal of her own. "I'm so ecstatic about this! I still can't believe it!"

"Well don't just stand here. Let's talk about what you should wear tonight!"

Ashley beamed. "I'm so lucky to have a great friend like you. You know what right?"

Michelle giggled. "You can thank me after we find the perfect outfit for you."

So the two women began to chatter and rummaged in Ashley's suitcase at the start of finding an outfit for the date tonight. While thinking about the night ahead of her, she couldn't help but to smile at this. She was going out with the guy she liked on the Smackdown roster.

That would be the night that she was definitely looking forward to.


So you asked her out huh?

"Yep I did. So far things have been going smooth like whipped cream topped on a hot fudge sundae. Like I told you before, the Edgemaster always wins so be prepare to lose that Benjamin to me."

Not so fast Champ. Don't think you've won just yet. This is just the beginning. You've got three weeks with this girl and if you mess this up, you ain't gonna get my money. In fact if you didn't get through this at all, I'm gonna be taking your money, got that?

Adam chuckled. "Not if I win."

He looked down on his lap where the guidebook was laid opened in front of him. There was an advertisement that had caught his eye for some time now.

"Anyway, I gotta go and call this grill and bar I've found in this guidebook here."

Listen man you don't even like this girl so how will you know if you won't screw this up?

He rolled his eyes as he listened to MVP joking about what he was about to do. Adam was going to take Ashley out on a date. It wasn't because he was interested in her. This was to prove to MVP that he could woo any girl who was that gullible enough to be fallen under his charm. So far Adam had used his own special power over the pathetic diva…and it worked according to plan.

"Look dude I have my ways that shall not be revealed by the master himself okay? Trust me. When I say I'll get something done, I will get it done and you can count on it. Adios amigo. I'll tell you all the details about the 'date' tomorrow."

Sounds sweet. Have fun!

Adam ended the call and chuckled to himself before looking down onto the same page he was at. He traced his finger over the small advertisement for the number of the place he was going to call. He dialed the number on his cell phone and placed it on his ear once more. As he listened to the rings on the other line, it wasn't long before the person answered. After making the reservations, he closed the flip of his phone and taking up the guidebook, he tossed both items to the passenger seat and turned to start the engine.

"Three weeks huh?" Adam asked himself with a slight laugh as if it meant nothing at all. He maneuvered the rental car out of the parking lot on his way to the mall. "This is gonna be like taking candy from a baby. Those hundred bucks will be mine by the time I got this over with."

And he may be right about that. Little did Ashley know the true intention behind the so called 'date' that she got herself into. After three weeks of the dating game, if Adam—or rather when Adam succeeded, MVP would lose his money to him and then Adam would simply 'break things off' with the punk diva.

That shouldn't be too complicated for him right? Why would be it appear to be hard? There was absolutely nothing that Adam himself couldn't handle.

Soon enough it would all be over and done with and then things would get back to normal in the life of the Rated-R Superstar.