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Chapter 5 – Excusez-Moi?

While the Friday night show Smackdown went on full swing, there was the usual heavy air of anticipation hanging over the superstars. Some were currently warming up before their respective matches; some left to perform in front of the fans and came back with either smiles of victory or disappointments (or frustration) of losses; and there were many others who weren't booked for a match that night so they were stuck with basically nothing to do.

The catering room would always be deserted most of the time but it was still considered to be a hang out place nevertheless. There were five superstars occupying a table at the far end. And the one who apparently taking the lead in the conversation seemed to be in a very good mood.

Adam wore a smirk on his face the entire time. This had to mean something.

"Well fellas…" Adam began, pinching at his shirt collar, jerking it upwards before resuming his sentence: "This goes to show you that I actually put my money where my mouth is. Get it? MVP?"

He looked across the table in time to see an irritated glare shooting back in his direction. Adam was enjoying this.

"Like me to repeat it so you can understand?" Adam asked. MVP made no reply.

The Rated R superstar rose from the bench and leaned his body inward, resting his elbows on the table for support. "I just said money. You know, that hundred bucks that we bet on but will eventually be mine in the end?" He titled his head sideways as if to study his face. "Does that ring a bell for ya? Huh?"

MVP's stare was still intense. "If you don't get off my face right now, I will slap you silly."

Raucous laughter burst among the group. Adam sat back into his seat, keeping his composure. He had gotten him angry. To him, his mission had accomplished.

After the noise finally cooled down, the world heavyweight champion received a pat on the shoulder from someone sitting at his left. It was Ken Kennedy. "Well I gotta say this. I won't be surprised if this guy right here…wins in the end."

"What are you saying?" MVP was gaping at this point.

Even though Randy Orton was the only guy sitting next to him, he wouldn't be getting his support. "Listen man," he started off with a chuckle. "I've known him long enough to know that he can pull this off. What Adam wants, Adam gets. Trust me on that."

"Thank you very much," said Adam. "At least I know there are people who actually are confident in me. Unlike some people…"

"Hey, I have faith in you too!"

Everyone turned to someone who just made that statement.

"Err.…" Kenny Dysktra was feeling rather awkward after receiving the attention from the eight eyes staring at him. Now he was wishing that he kept his mouth shut. "Err…carry on!"

They turned to each other again, with Adam clearing his throat. "Right then. As I was saying…at least there are people who are actually confident that I can pull through this. Unlike some people who think that I would never pull this off. Well, guess what? I've got this girl wrapped around my finger. She won't be out of my sight anytime soon."

MVP frowned. "Okay, fine. So you've been with Ashley for the past two days now. Big deal. You still have a long way to go my friend. And with that I mean within the next two weeks, there's a possibility that the tables will eventually turn!"

Adam shrugged non-chalantly. "Okay. I suppose we'll see to that. But until then…you can just watch me enjoy the smooth ride to victory, Mr. Most Valuable Player. Or should I say, Mr. Soon-to-be Most Valuable Loser."

Laughter crackled once more. MVP was on his own as he folded his arms in silence.

"Ha! Yeah that's a good one!" Kenny said. "Most Valuable Loser!" He laughed and slammed a hand a couple of times on the table. "That was brilliant! What was cleverly thought of! That was…"

And he promptly paused once the dead silence came again. The four superstars were looking at him. And neither of them had on smiles on their faces.

"Err…err…" Kenny tried to come up with something to break the uneasiness. "Does anyone want a fruit smoothie from the counter?"


It had been just two days since she went out on her date but yet she it seemed like it happened only yesterday….

The fluttery feeling burst inside her stomach. She couldn't help but to smile at this.

"You look happy," the hairstylist noted.

"Oh I am," Ashley assured her with a giggle. "Just thinking about someone."

"A guy perhaps?" She asked.

"Yeah." Ashley giggled. "Just had my first date with him recently."

"Oh that's nice."

"Yeah, nice." It was more that nice. To her, it was amazing.

"I'm almost done so you'll get out of here soon," said the hair stylist.

"Okay." Ashley wouldn't mind if she had to stay on the black chair a little longer. She could consume the time day dreaming.

Day dreaming about him. She could never get bored with this idea in mind.

The dirty blonde closed her eyes and let her thoughts took over. It was like a movie playing for the hundredth time in her head. She couldn't stop thinking about it; neither did she want to.

And neither did she want to stop thinking about her first kiss with Adam either. She could reminisce about it over and over again and not complain.

Well, that was what she had been doing for the past two days. As of now, she was on cloud nine.

"Did someone just had her Happy Meal?"

Her thoughts of him vanished instantly by a voice, forcing Ashley to return to reality.

"Sorry?" Ashley opened her eyes and a frown quickly appeared. "Oh, it's you."

The diva standing in front of her made a chuckle. "Oui."

"Alright Ashley, you are free to do now," said the hairstylist.

"Okay cool. Thanks Rachel." She stood up from the black chair as her attention was now focused on the one diva she could not stand let alone see. "Now, what did you just say to me?"

"I was saying," Maryse sneered. "Did someone just had her Happy Meal?"

Ashley scoffed. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well I couldn't help but notice that smile on your ugly face."

"Oh really?" Ashley asked, raising a brow.

"Oui," was her prompt response. "Care to share some of the goodies?"

"Oh I'm sorry. I have eaten it already. But don't worry, next time I'll save you a Chicken Mcnugget so you can choke it down your pretty little throat." She flashed a fake smile. "Sounds good to you?"

Ashley could tell that Maryse didn't take the joke lightly but then hid her annoyance with a laugh. Couldn't she be more faker than this?

"You're a very funny girl. Nice hairdo by the way." Maryse flipped her platinum blonde hair, her way of showing that she was the Smackdown princess. "But it can never match with my lovely hair."

"You're right. It can't. But I like it just the way it is."

She chuckled. "Well…you are the dirty diva after all…"

Ashley looked at her warily. "Excuse me? And what are you implying, exactly?"

The French Canadian wrapped a strand of her blonde hair around her finger. "You're proclaimed to be the dirty diva right? That means that you'll settle for anything to go with your status, even if it means becoming like a prostitute at the end of the day."

She was taken aback by that filthy remark. But that didn't mean she wouldn't make a comeback. "Why you…"

A catfight was about to start…or it would have if someone hadn't caught Ashley's arm in time before her fist could collide into Maryse's face.

"Ash, don't." Michelle whispered in her ear while her glare was still focusing on the French blonde.

"Oh hello Michelle," Maryse began with a grin. "I hope that you're ready for our match tonight."

"I most definitely am," Michelle told with confidence. "Just so you know, that I've been training hard these past few weeks. So you better watch out. I may have something in store for you."

Maryse could not only snort. "Whatever. I'll see you in the ring. Au revoir, dirty diva."

And with that, she strutted away. The two friends rolled their eyes simultaneously.

"I swear 'Chelle, I was just about to punch her so hard in the mouth that she wouldn't be able to show off that smirk again."

"I love the idea though," Michelle giggled. "But don't worry, I'll take care of her for you. Who knows…I might show off my new move in your favor."

"Please do, that will make my day. I'll see you after the match."

"Oh and before you go," Michelle piped up. "Someone was looking for you.

"Yeah? Who?" Ashley asked.

But she didn't need to ask once a smirk appeared on her friend's face. "I think you might have some idea on who it is."

That was when Ashley flushed. "He asked for me? Really? No wait, was it someone else? If it is, then I don't know to…"

"Will you quit your rambles already? Of course it's him! Now go and find him! He's in his locker room. He said to meet him there when you have the chance."

"Oh…well I suppose I could see him now…" Ashley looked at the tall blonde with uncertainty. "Right?"

"I can't believe you're even asking me this."

"I'm sorry. I was just…you know it seems so surreal to me, you know? I mean I like a guy and he actually feels the same way about me. I mean it's not like everyday when you can find a guy who returns the same feelings for you. I mean look at Ethan and Theresa. I mean she was fallen for him for ages! And…"

"Ash!" Michelle exclaimed, shaking her by the shoulders. "I think you've watched too many of the old recordings from Passions these days."

"Well can you blame me? I love that show! I simply love despising Gwen. She's kinda like Maryse in a way…now that I think about it. She's evil, she's conniving, she's…"

"GO AND FIND ADAM NOW!" Michelle screeched.

"Oh, right! Thanks for the message sweetie," Ashley told quickly and hugged her before dashing away. "Bye bye!"

Watching her rush down the corridor, Michelle shook her head and laughed. "Sometimes I wonder how I ever met up with a girl like that."


"Okay, don't be nervous. You have no reason to be. Just go and see him."

Ashley exhaled a breath. "Okay. I think he'll know if I'm out here if I actually knocked."

She raised a fist to the door in preparation to knock. Nothing happened.

"Come on Ashley, get a hold of yourself." Ashley muttered. "Just knock!"

And she did, only too soft for her liking.

"Oh great. How pathetic am I?" She rolled his eyes. Releasing a breath again, she attempted to the door once more.

But just as her knuckles were itches away from the door, it had moved further away from her seconds later. A man appeared at the door frame with a smile on his face.

"I knew that I heard something."

"Oh yeah…that was me!" She giggled nervously. "Um, I got your message."

He smiled. "You can come inside you know?" He said with a chuckle.


Ashley stepped inside while Adam closed the door behind her. "So…" she began, trying to think of a sentence to break the silence.

"You have a match tonight?" She already knew she had but she was desperate to get something out of her mouth.

"Yeah, against Batista." He said.

She nodded. "Are you ready?" Ashley asked.

Adam chuckled. "Well a champion has to be right?"

"Of course," Ashley smiled. "So…now that we have some time to spare, what do you want to do?"

Adam advanced toward her slowly, taking her hand to pull her closer. "Just to be here with you." He told softly.

A smile widened on her face upon hearing those soft and sweet words. He smiled back and leaned forward to kiss her. After a moment or two, they hugged. Ashley closed her eyes as she savored the closeness. This was heaven.

But little did she know that he had on a smirk the whole time during the embrace.

And it wasn't exactly made out of enjoyment. Well, not the same kind of enjoyment as the dirty blonde anyway.

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