Only You

~The End~

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Lee got up onto his knees and smiled sweetly at him, "I won't fail you Natsume…"

"You better not or I'll put you through more training." Natsume called out to the broken boy.

Lee laughed painfully and slowly stood up, "I won't let Mikan get hurt. I promise."

Natsume nodded and waved goodbye as he walked away from the blonde boy. Just as he wanted to do, he got someone else to take his place.


Raindrops fondled the earth lightly knocking up dust with every hit. Lightening flashed through the sky giving warning to all below. The earth had dimmed down to a gentle gray, almost like a moonless night.

Down on the muddy ground sat three black cars with stunning headlights piercing the darkness. The academy stood still as the great wind pounced up to attack its sides while the rain acted like bombs. Today…was the final day Mikan would battle before getting left off the hook. Every one of her friends peered out through their windows to witness her goodbyes.

Alongside the battle was proven to be Lee at whom he knew more about his brother than any of the attackers. The whole plan was to end the business of illegal alice weapons and destroy the shop for good. But everyone knew the circumstances to this. A thought that pained to even say mentally about a friend.

Mikan had explained to everyone to this act directly. Clearly she pointed out the most common thing would happen. The common act would even make Hotaru cry in rage and sadness. All the pain and hope washed away and turned to unhappiness when they all witnessed the casual brunette race out into the rain and pushed herself in the middle car's back seat. Lee followed after struggling to keep his balance on the slick ground, but managed to reach the same car Mikan had jumped into. All the doors snapped shut and as quickly as it happened the front car began to lead the way.

Inside, Mikan rubbed her windows glass from the foggy substance that covered it. She stared out to the open windows of the academy; everyone waving and lip saying their prayers. Mikan sadly smiled up at the rooms trying to hold away her own tears. As one solemn tear dropped and uttered 'goodbye' was made as the car disappeared into the damp forest at which she would never return from.


10 years later……

"Mama!" Hikaru wailed out against the dense trees of his backyard. His raven black hair twiddled and twisted as the breeze swept through. Chocolate orbs peered out in the abyss searching for his one and only treasure. "Mama! Come out where ever you are!"

As Hikaru started to turn around a huge object swung in on him and scooped him up. Admittedly his rosy cheeks glowed with delight as he placed both arms around his capturer, "Mama!"

Another breeze swept in pushing her long dangling brown hair back as her own orbs twinkled with delight, "Got You!"

Hikaru laughed and kept his grip on the woman who slowly made her way towards a simple, large blue house surrounded by flowers and shrubs.

"Mm…Mama, did you find daddy?" Hikaru asked looking at his beautiful mother.

She simply nodded and raised a finger to point at the distant object leaning up against the house. Hikaru lightened up greatly and jumped out of her arms and blasted towards the figure. Without hesitation the figure stood out in the sun, kneeling down with arms wide open. Hikaru leaped through the air and safely landed his fathers arms. Both heads mussed together almost flushing their raven hair. Crimson eyes smiled at his as his father rose up and placed Hikaru on top his broad shoulders.

"Natsume." Hikaru mumbled down shyly keeping his grip on the raven-haired man.

"Didn't I tell you just to call me 'daddy'?" The man lightly answered back.

Hikaru stiffened and peered over his shoulder, "Hurry up mama!"

Gently the beautiful woman slid up to the tall man and clasped onto his shirt like a lost girl. Natsume turned to her with a great smile, "You shouldn't act like a little girl…Mikan."


The End……….


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