Perhaps it wasn't so much the suspicious whispers being mumbled down below as it was the thunder roaring outside that awoke our young wizard with the brilliant green eyes

Situational Ethics

By Mizzfreesyle

Edited by: Laurie-an



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WARNING: This story contains mature content. If you feel uncomfortable reading explicit subject matter, do not proceed. This chapter will be a little jump. Read carefully to avoid confusion.

This is part one in the three part prolog.

Chapter One:

"Letting Oneself Loose"

"Truth, dare, and double-dare," Hermione explained to her friends as she stacked the Janga blocks. "That's how I've sorted the lot. If you knock over the tower and it was a yellow block you pulled, it's a truth. Blue is a dare, and red is a double-dare."

Ron cracked his knuckles and said, "Here goes nothing." He tested the block on the bottom left, and when it moved easily and smoothly, he slid it out and placed the block on the top of the tower. "Your turn."

Fred massaged his chin as he contemplated, "Hmm… lemme see…," he poked a block several blocks from the bottom on the right side. It was not a lose block. In fact, it was so tightly packed that when moved, it moved several other blocks around it. "FUCK!" Fred stared at like, hoping that it would magically go back to the way it was.

"Damn these muggle games," said George, as he leaned over, a serious look on his face showing that he was sharing his twin's anxiety.

"It won't go back." Said Hermione as she leaned in to watch, smiling. "You have to continue. There's no going back."

"Back away, Hermione, or your breath will knock it over." George was serious; there was no telling how precarious this Janga tower was.

"Oh hell no…." Fred poked at it again and, little by little, it moved… along with five other blocks.

"Like a sticking plaster, Fred!" Harry laughed. "Like a sticking plaster!"

"Sticking plaster? What the bloody hell is that?" asked the Weasley's.

Hermione and Harry giggled. They forgot that wizard and witches don't use such things. Luckily for them, Harry had one in his pocket. He pulled it out and took it out of its package. "This is a sticking plaster, a bandage." Harry held it up high and showed it off to his friends like it was one of the most astonishing devices ever to be created. In some cases, though, it was rather useful.

The twins stared at if, waiting for something incredible to happen, and when nothing did, they asked, "So… what does it do?"

"And what does this have to do with the game?"

Harry waved the small piece of adhesive cotton around. "You use this non-magical device to cover your wounds," he said. "You slap it on your arm, like this." He moved in close to Fred and placed the plaster onto his arm, running his finger over it to ensure it stuck fast. "Smooth it out, and when you don't need it anymore… you rip it off… like this!" He yanked and Fred screamed.

"AHHHH!!" He gripped his arm and jerked back in pain. The surprisingly high notes of the squeal made Harry and Hermione laugh. They both had sympathetic memories of similar discomfort. George laughed too, amused at seeing his twin moaning and groaning about a piece of cotton. Ron just gaped and said, "Bloody hell… why do muggles torture themselves?"

"Now you know what we mean when we say 'like a sticking plaster.'"

"Harry, it's your turn!"

The game continued long into the night. Occasionally, Sirius and Remus, who were downstairs with the other adults, would look up the stairs. They were wondering why the youngsters were screaming like crazy. "Sounds like a mass orgy," Sirius commented.

At last, the Janga tower was supported only by three blocks on the bottom, two on the second level, and the rest above. Harry had barely touched it and the whole thing wobbled. "Oh God…" Harry withdrew his hand, as every block moved. He didn't know which one to go for. Fred said snidely, "Like a sticking plaster."

Harry tugged sharply and, for a moment, everything seemed fine, but then the entire thing tumbled down.

Harry held in his hand a, Merlin behold, yellow piece. "Truth," said Hermione. "Hmmm… darn. It wasn't a red…"

"You're no fun, Harry." Ron sat back on his heels with his arms folded across his chest.

"But I have a truth for you," said Fred, leaning in closely.

"Reveal all, dear bother." George wiggled his eyebrows, a smile of anticipation on his face.

"So, Harry love, say you were alone with Snape for a few hours and you were extremely horny…"

"Oh no…" Harry knew where this was going. He now suspected they must have noticed Harry ogling Snape lately.

"And perchance…. He was feeling rather up for a little fun himself…" George continued, mimicking his brother's twitching eyebrows suggestively.

"Merlin, you're horrible!" said Hermione, as she too leaned in to hear the answer.

"Would you let him pound into you where you stand?"

A part of Harry wanted to scream the truth, to tell everyone that he would let Snape pound him into the ground whether he was standing, sitting or balanced on his head. But the more reserved, controlled part of him instinctively denied the fantasy. "That's bloody ridiculous! I would never let Snape touch me!"

"He's lying," said Fred nonchalantly. "He's dying for some of that grease."

"That is so disgusting." Harry twisted his mouth into a vision of distaste.

"Sure… sure it is. You just keep telling yourself that." Fred was definitely enjoying this.

Harry snorted but otherwise stayed mute. Ron, sensing his friend's discomfiture, stepped into the interrogation. "So, if you were really horny, and in the git's office, would you do him? Worst case scenario."

Harry laughed and rolled his eyes upwards. Oh, boy. If only his friend's knew. I'd do him any day… desperate or not. The Golden Boy sighed, inwardly. When was Snape going to drop in on the Order and report? Oh, Harry hoped it was soon.


Perhaps it was not so much the storm roaring outside, as the tantalizingly incomprehensible mutterings from downstairs, filtering through the door between the claps of thunder that awoke Harry. Whatever it was, the young wizard surfaced from a particularly good, hormonal dream and sat up against the headboard to listen, first to the rattle of the windows and then to the mumble of voices from below. A particularly loud rumble of thunder sent Harry's head into the wooden board behind him. Merlin, did he hate thunder storms. He knew that the racket outside would make sleep impossible. Why didn't he purchase those ear plugs in Diagon Alley when he had had the chance? "Go away thunder!" Harry moaned as he slid down the bed, pulling the thick blankets over his head.

Suddenly one of the voices from downstairs rose in anger. "What do you mean by that?"

Harry frowned in annoyance, throwing off the sheets. Who the hell was up at this hour? He sat up, reached for his glasses from the nightstand, and pushed himself off the bed, listening all the while as other voices rose in answer to the first. Curiosity led him upright and he wandered slowly over to the door, making sure each footstep was as quiet as possible. Ron, who was in the bed next to him, choked on a snore, startling Harry's heart into a jogger's rhythm. He was about to consider which hex to inflict on the sleeping redhead when he heard a familiar name mentioned. Luckily for Ron, his attention returned immediately to the voices sounding from the other side of the door.

Voldemort. Who was up at this hour discussing him?

The door creaked a little, as Harry slowly pulled it open, but the sound wasn't loud enough to be noted. He slipped through the small space and gently closed it behind him. He looked down the stairs and saw light emitting from beneath the door of the drawing room. As Harry knew perfectly well that the room was used by the Order for its meetings, he deduced that one such meeting was underway tonight. Harry crept down a few steps and then paused, his brow furrowed in an effort to establish whether he was now near enough to pick up the conversation being played out between the Order's members. Most of the words were still muffled but occasionally Harry could make out certain words, such as 'Potter' something about 'Voldemort' and 'war.' However, the words that caught Harry's attention most were 'The Dark Lord'. Not because of the words themselves but rather that they had been uttered in a deep, sensual voice that swept like black velvet down his spine.

Harry suppressed a groan of longing. There was only one man whose voice had that kind of enthral over him. "Snape," he whispered.

Stifling the urge to barge into the drawing room, he braced himself against the banister, taking a couple of deep breaths. His stomach was dancing a tango and, like a four year-old on Christmas Eve, all eagerness to get a glimpse of Santa, Harry climbed down the rest of the stairs. He closed his eyes and leant against the wall adjacent to the drawing room door, as Snape's tone continued in its inimitable resonance. "The Dark Lord will not hesitate to kill them or their families." Harry shivered.

He turned to face the wall and pressed his cheek to the faded wallpaper. "Severus…," Harry sighed, much as a love-stuck teenage girl would do.

"Voldemort has numerous thugs at his command. He will not attempt to bring about an end to this until his main objective has been fulfilled." Harry could hear Dumbledore moving about the room, as he spoke.

"He is advancing by the day and if we cannot hinder his plans, then we will have an even harder undertaking on our hands!" There was no way Harry could mistake his Godfather's voice.

"We need to recruit. There are not enough Aurors out there to fight You-Know-Who!" Lupin suddenly began coughing. Harry thought the poor werewolf probably had caught something while he was wandering the woods last full moon.

Much to Harry's frustration, for the next few minutes the voices were too mumbled for their meaning to be understood. He slouched down. They weren't going to be out anytime soon, and as long as Snape was in that room, Harry was not about to leave. All summer he had gone without seeing so much as a hint of Snape's bat-like robes. Now, he certainly was not going to pass on this chance to sneak a glance at the man he had developed a most inappropriate infatuation for. He slid over to lean against the door in order to make out what was being said.

After sitting there for nearly thirty minutes, Harry had allowed his guard to drop. So when foot steps approached the door from the other side, Harry made no move to hide. The door suddenly swung inward and Harry fell backwards only to rest against two, strong legs. He gasped and his brilliant green eyes locked with a pair of darkest obsidian. "Potter! What are you doing out of bed?"

"Harry?" Mrs. Weasley peaked out from behind the door. "What are you doing?" Seeing Harry with his back against Snape's lower body was most odd.

"Get. Up. Potter" Snape punctuated each word with a sneer.

Harry stood up quickly, "I heard voices…"

Dumbledore walked over to the small group in the doorway, his eyes twinkling fondly as he smiled, not missing the look of longing the young man threw at Snape. "It's nice to see you, Harry."

"Good… er… morning, Professor."

Snape rolled his eyes and brushed past Harry towards the door without another word. Harry's eyes followed him before the rest of his body gave in to impulse and did likewise. He didn't know why he was chasing after the man, or what he would say to the Potion Master once he caught up with him. All he knew was that Snape was leaving before Harry had had his fill of him. And God knows when another chance would present itself. "Snape!"

Harry came to a standstill on the top step beyond the front door. He froze. He was standing outside, in the rain, with Snape looking back at him, clearly both surprised and annoyed. When Harry did not speak, Snape hooded his eyes and let out a long-suffering sigh that cursed the unaccountable and misbegotten actions of the young wizard. "Well?" he asked.

"I…" Anything would have sufficed. Even if it was something as petty as a 'how are you?', yet, Harry was tongue-tied. All he could do was gaze up into Snape's eyes like a silly little girl. I don't want you to leave.

"Potter, my time is precious and I refuse to waste it waiting for you to utter what I am certain would be your usual pearls of utmost idiocy."

Harry bit his lip and shook his head, "Never mind."

Snape humphed before apparating. Harry stood there under the rain a moment longer, berating himself for his gauche attempt to engage the object of his nightly fantasies, and feeling rather lost and alone. Very much alone and very embarrassed. He wondered when Snape would be dropping in again and, hoping it would be soon, he instructed himself to prepare a few articulate sentences in advance.

As Harry stepped back inside, Sirius covered him with a towel. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"I… had wanted to ask Snape something."

"Ah, well, no doubt you've taken care of that."

"I suppose I have."

"Great, then off with you. You need all the rest you can get."

Harry returned to his bedroom, drying his hair as he walked. His room was dark but for an instant it brightened and he saw a jagged streak of lightening through the window. Thunder continued to rumble in the background and flashes of light occasionally filled in the dark. "Stupid storm." Harry hopped into bed and pulled the sheets over him. He wasn't scared but he did feel vulnerable, as lightning could strike Grimmauld Place any moment. He rolled over with the next rumble and stuck his head beneath his pillow. "I wish Severus stayed here." Harry tightened his grip on the bed sheets and pulled them closer to his body, fantasizing that they were Snape's night clothes and that the older wizard was in bed with him.


Two days later Harry was in the rear hallway, helping Mrs. Weasley to dust, when he heard the rich, mellifluous voice coming from the room at the end of the short passage. Hoping no one would come through it anytime soon, he pressed his ear to the kitchen door and listened intently.

"The Dark Lord is not very far away. Dumbledore has sent for Aurors, but if it is in his best interests to abduct Potter, the Dark Lord will have little difficulty in ploughing through our defenses."

"Then perhaps Harry should stay inside?" asked Mrs. Weasley.

"If you want him to make it through the summer, yes. We have one month before the school year begins. Do not let him out of your sight and do not leave him alone."

Harry bit into his lip and stored away the news that Voldemort was going to try to abduct him. He would ponder that one later. Then he heard Remus address the Potions Master, "You seem exhausted, Severus. Perhaps you should rest here a little."

"No. I must leave. The Dark Lord has demanded my presence."

"Find out what his plans are."

"He will not make a move until Potter is outside and alone."

Then the door knob turned and Harry leaped back. Snape glared at Harry and raised his eyebrows. "Eavesdropping again, Potter? My, my, you are so like your father."

Harry swallowed, but no words could get past his lips. He tried swallowing again.

"Do I need to search hard for the cat who has your tongue?"

Harry shook his head and Snape's mouth twitched at one corner. He stepped to the side and moved gracefully towards the door. "I rather enjoy this new Potter; your silence ensures the absence of foolish remarks. I do hope you can keep it up."

Snape's hand had just touched the handle of the front door when Harry blurted out, "Come back soon!" He slapped his hand over his mouth and looked down, hoping to hide the deep, obvious blush.

"Why on earth would you want to see me soon?" Snape appeared stunned by Harry's exclamation, as were the occupants of the sitting room, to Harry's left. Harry, knowing that another hasty utterance would serve only to increase his mortification and further lower Snape's opinion of him, counted to ten.

Receiving no answer, Snape sneered and was just about to open the door when Harry said, "Why not? I'm just thinking of your safety and hope that you'll come back and visit us again."

Snape was nonplussed for a moment. "I do not enjoy your company. Nor do I enjoy the company of your close friends and…," he looked at Sirius, who, with Remus, was standing in the sitting room doorway listening agog to the strange conversation. "…family."

"I'm sure you don't mean that. See you later?" Harry was about to step forward but something about the way Snape was glaring at him stopped the boy in his tracks. Snape's mouth had turned into a thin line and his eyes were dangerously narrowed. But, they were just daring Harry to come closer, to try to say goodbye or maybe hug him. Harry didn't take another step forwards but Snape didn't take a step back either. They stood there, in the hall, watching each other closely. Harry thought that Snape's eyes had never been more alluring. Did the man know what they did to him? No, of course not.

Harry then did something he didn't think about until afterwards. And then it was accompanied by a groan. He eyed Snape's body, fully aware that the Professor was watching him. He thought perhaps the man might be amused by being looked at in such a way, disinterested was another option, or maybe he might return the gaze. But as Harry's eyes took in Snape's chest and flat stomach, the older man seemed only to be stiff and, if anything, uncomfortable. Truth be known, Snape was horrified that the one drinking him in was one of his students, especially when said student was as good looking as this one was. When Harry's eyes had ended their study, they returned to the two dark orbs set beneath a veil of black hair. Snape's gaze became more deadly than ever but Harry's face, for once, was not easy to read. Snape certainly sensed a mix of determination and apprehension, and he thought he could detect desire but he couldn't be sure without using Legilimency. Snape stood quite still for a moment longer and then every trace of emotion was wiped from his features. He turned the doorknob and left before giving Harry the opportunity to pounce on him.


No one had seen or heard from Snape for nearly a week. Ron, Hermione and the twins had left for Diagon Alley, escorted by Mr. Weasley. However, it had been deemed too risky for Harry to leave the safety of Headquarters. So, here he was, sitting on his bed, staring out of the window, daydreaming about the dark wizard. Hedwig sat on a branch outside fluffing her feathers and enjoying the summer rain shower. Her big eyes opened and closed contentedly and her body swayed.

He continued to watch her, a little smile on his face when he was disturbed by a knock on the door. Harry moved across the room to open it and immediately took a full step back in surprise. Snape glanced at Harry for several seconds, his face a mask. Removing his eyes, he looked over Harry's mop of unruly black hair and took in the room beyond. "They say one's personal space reflects one's mind. I gather yours to be chaotic. No rule. No order. Just bedlam."

Harry stepped forwards, until he was awfully, painfully close to the other man, he caught his scent and breathed deeply. "Glad to see you've returned."

Snape rolled his eyes, turned and moved towards the stairway. "The Order has surmised that you will, no doubt, continue to pry into its business and so, to protect my trousers and shoes from further abuse, you are invited to this afternoon's gathering. "

Harry was thrilled at being allowed access to the Order's secrets. And more than happy to oblige, since Snape was going to be present.

In the kitchen, it seemed all the Order had gathered, except for Mr. Weasley, still at Diagon Alley. "Harry dear, have some tea," said Mrs. Weasley as she poured Harry a cup.

Harry smiled and thanked her before Sirius cleared his throat. "Now, listen carefully, Harry, because this concerns you." He then nodded towards Snape, inviting him to begin.

"Perhaps you may recall from the last meeting ─ in view of the fact that you were eavesdropping I am sure that you will ─ that you, Mr. Potter, will be putting yourself in peril if you so much as step outside."

"Is Voldemort close?"

Several starts of displeasure could be heard throughout the room that Harry had used the dark wizard's name. It brought Snape no small measure of discomfort and his lips barely parted as he answered, "No, not the Dark Lord, but his Death Eaters are, yes."

"Are they outside just waiting for me to leave this place?"

"I have been informed that is so. The Dark Lord wants you and he will do anything in his power to get you." At this, Snape's mouth twitched slightly but, otherwise, his face remained impassive.

"Well then, why doesn't he just break into the house and try to take me?"

The corner of Snape's mouth now rose in a sneer. "Potter, do you really think that if that were possible you would still be here now."

"Why can't he break in?" Harry inquired.

"Do not be obtuse, Potter. Professor Dumbledore has cast on this house a Fidelius charm, which, and here I am confident that even you are aware, cannot be penetrated. Even by the Dark Lord. Disregarding Hogwarts, you will not find a safer place. Except in death."

Harry winced. Snape's cruel barbs had lessened over the last year and so any renewal of the heavy sarcasm hurt. That he was also infatuated with the man only added to the pain. "So, how am I supposed to get to Hogwarts if I can't leave this place?"

Snape raised his eyes to heaven and prayed to be delivered from witless fools. "Perhaps if you took the time to reason your thoughts before speaking them, you would conclude that side-along apparition, the floo network or a portkey would stand as a secure method for your removal. For this occasion, we shall use a portkey to get you to Kings Cross."

Oh bloody hell. Harry hated those things. "How about for my birthday? The Weasley's asked me to spend the day with them."

Snape looked over at Mrs. Weasley who was shaking her head. "Not this year, Harry," she said sympathetically.

"At this time we must take great caution to protect the Boy-Who-Lived." Snape sneered.

He then turned to Sirius and nodded once. "I have nothing more to say."

But before Snape could dismiss himself, Mrs. Weasley asked softly, "Wait, Severus, won't you stay for supper?"

Snape's eyebrow inched up. "Hmm, thank you for that invitation, Molly." He was about to excuse himself but then glanced over at Harry and changed his mind "I will accept."

Sirius looked over at Molly Weasley as though he would like to strangle her. But he straightened out his jacket and left the room instead, muttering deeply.

"Lovely, Severus. Why don't you freshen up then. Supper will be ready in about two hours."

Harry saw his moment to be alone with the Professor. "I'll show you to the bathroom." He leaned forwards across the table and his eyes were nearly pleading.

Dumbledore smiled and tried not to chuckle at the obviousness of Harry's desire. "I shall relax in the drawing room then," he said, as he dismissed himself along with Remus and Moody.

Harry stood up and walked around the table. He had an urge to take Snape's hand and lead him away much like an eager lover, but he disciplined himself and stood at the edge, waiting for Snape to give him the okay. When Snape turned to look at him, the young man felt his heart race. He was finally going to be alone with Snape. "This way," said Harry.

Snape didn't comment. He merely followed Harry up to his room. From his bedroom, Harry opened a side door to a small, tidy and surprisingly clean bathroom. Snape nodded then stepped inside. When he emerged a few minutes later, Harry was sitting on one of the two beds. Blushing slightly, he patted the spot next to him. Snape shook his head. "I do not wish to impose. I will stand."

"It's alright. I don't care. Maybe I would if you were Umbridge."

Snape winced. He hated that blasted woman as much as the rest of Hogwarts did, excluding a few of his foolish Slytherins. He looked around the room. "How do you find anything in here?"

"I don't. I ask for Sirius to call it with the accio spell."

"You are indeed fortunate to have him around. Otherwise I am certain you would be in here until Easter trying to find one buried object."

Harry looked at his room. It most certainly was a dreadful sight. Snape looked back at Harry, who patted his bed again. Pausing for a second, Snape finally rolled his eyes and sat down as requested. "Happy?" he asked once he had settled on the mattress.


Two minutes passed in silence. Snape's eyes continued to survey the room, until he looked in the mirror of the dressing table in front of him. He could see that Harry was sneaking enthralling glances his way. He waited patiently for another minute to see if Harry would turn away, but the young man's attention seemed to be riveted on Snape.

The Professor stood up, turned around, and faced the young man. He leaned forwards, placing his hands on the bed, either side of Harry's lap. He noted that Harry's posture stiffened. He didn't let the unsteady breathing or the hungry eyes pass either. Snape then requested softly, "Legilimacy is my specialty, Mr. Potter, but I will spare you the humiliation if you just tell me what absurd notion has been plaguing your mind since my first visit this past summer."

Harry was painfully aware of Snape's closeness and the question made him very uncomfortable. Snape had caught on and now he was demanding answers. There was no way out of this. If the man wanted, he could plough into Harry's mind and possibly find the worst imaginable things. "Don't… interrogate my mind," Harry responded uneasily.

"Then tell me what is on it."

"It's nothing really," Harry said while trying to look Snape in the eye. "It's just… hormones I guess… wait, no. It's something more… I think."

"You think? What do you think? Or do you think at all? You ruminate for hours, but I fail to grasp any conclusions."

Snape's eyes were clouded. He was trying to make sense of everything without resorting to magic or relying on the inadequate answer. He had a theory but it was surely absurd to assume without substantial evidence. Then again, it would be so easy to test him, just a little push would suffice. "Are going to answer me, Harry?"

Harry gasped and Snape inclined forwards, without breaking eye contact. Student or not, he wouldn't let him go without an answer. "I have a theory, Harry. Shall we test it out in a controlled environment?" Snape glanced at the slightly open door. It shut and locked itself in an instant. It was now just Snape and the sixteen year-old wizard.

Harry's heart rate increased and, as Snape decreased the distance between them, inch by slow inch, it began to accelerate alarmingly. When Snape's nose touched the side of Harry's the young man shivered and gasped. "Are you scared, Harry?"

Harry shook his head and closed his eyes. His professor, the man he fancied, was so close and Harry almost fancied being caught in one of his most exciting dreams.

"How about anxious?" Snape's voice was a low, seductive whisper and he breathed against Harry's quivering skin, causing a warmth to spread from the boy's stomach to settle in his groin.

"Sort of…" Harry found his voice to be hoarse and raspy.

"Ah…, then, how about excited?"

A rich blush suffused Harry's face and neck and he shivered against Snape. Snape dropped his eyes to Harry's lap, it was difficult, from this angle, to discern a hardening answer, but if he pushed a little more, then maybe he would get results faster than the boy would like. If Harry did not answer verbally, then the older wizard would have to rely on his body.

Snape lifted his left hand and placed it softly on Harry's lap. Harry became awfully still beneath the touch and, as the man worked his hand up his inner thigh he decreased the distance between them even more. Now, Snape's face was almost resting on his shoulder and their chests touched. Harry felt dizzy, he was confused but the arousing sensations and excitement of being with the one man he wanted as his lover was beguiling and more than worth the price. An instant later, before Harry could press his lips against Snape's neck, Snape pulled his face away to admire the towering bulge in Harry's pants. Harry moved forwards again and pressed his forehead against Snape's. "Do you like being close to me, Harry?" Snape inquired softly.

Harry nodded. "Yesss…"

Snape's eyes flicked down to Harry's erection. "Do you want me to… touch you?"

"Merlin, yes!"

Snape slowly unzipped Harry's pants and pulled his briefs down. His erection bobbed free and Harry felt himself harden even more as a soft breeze from the open window flowed over his naked lap. Harry looked down at himself then at Snape who was watching the boy carefully. "Are you sure, Potter?" Snape asked, hoping that by now the young Potter would have realized the seriousness of the situation.

However, like all others of a like age, Harry only knew that he was extremely aroused and in dire need of satisfaction. Without giving it a second thought, Harry guided Snape's hand to his erection and gasped. "Touch me," he demanded from the older wizard.

Snape paused and narrowed his eyes but then did as he was told. He wrapped his hands around Harry and gripped the shaft tightly. Harry moaned and leaned into Snape's shoulder. He was so immersed in the feelings of absolute bliss that he barely realized that he was kissing the man's neck. Snape's own breath caught as the young, soft lips brushed against his skin. He smirked as he began pumping Harry. If this persisted, he might have a problem of his own; he discovered that he rather liked Harry's lips against his skin. "Lie down, Harry and close your eyes."

Harry fell back without protest and Snape laid next to him. As soon as Harry's eyes closed, Snape found himself initiating the other forbidden act between teacher and student. Unfortunately for Snape, kissing Harry's lips and listening to the young man's mewls of pleasure were dizzyingly enticing. Harry's hips bucked against his thigh and he felt the boy's erection throbbing as he teased the young man with a series of short pulls, followed by a thumb stroking the slit. He could feel the pre-ejaculate dripping onto his fingers, as he worked the full length of the shaft. The boy was so responsive one would think that he had never been handled before. Snape continued to massage the soft lips beneath his own. He opened his mouth slightly, allowing his tongue to sweep the tender skin, before pushing it against the young man's teeth, begging entrance. Harry obliged after a second of wonder and Snape explored the sweet taste.

For nearly five minutes Snape licked the inside of Harry's lips and twisted his tongue around the youngster's. They neither tried penetrating too far or delving deep into each other's mouths. Just the small touches were enough for Snape and beneficial enough for Harry. Occasionally, Harry would pull away to pant and grip the sheets. The pleasure built incredibly, and a tingling sensation spread over him from the tip of his penis to deep within his gut. His body was so willing to let Snape dominate him, that that alone could make Harry cum.

Having been aroused himself, Snape lost what little of reality he clung to and found himself doing more than just pumping Harry. His right hand was now fondling Harry's nipples and his teeth were biting his neck. Next to him, Harry moaned, gasped, and arched in his enjoyment. Just a minute later and neither knew who wanted things to end less; both desired to prolong their tryst for as long as possible. "Severus…," Snape moved his lips up Harry's neck and skilfully brushed kisses there and anywhere Harry reacted to. Snape's own state of arousal demanded more than just kissing. He desired nothing more than to fill Harry, to claim him and drive himself deep into the boy's body. His own reacted in welcome at the thought and he felt himself beginning to grow hard. However, what would Harry think, once the boy's immediate needs had been met? Would he emerge from a fog of lust with regrets at what they, Snape, had done? His erection withered at the thought.

Soon, Harry began to buck into Snape's hand quickly… desperately. Snape figured that their time was almost up. He pulled away from Harry's neck and met his lips again. He tugged at Harry's prick a few more times and then the boy arched, throwing his head back and pushing his chest into Snape's. He moaned deeply, as he came, shooting his warm cream into Snape's hand. And then he collapsed. Harry had fantasized about this very situation so often that he found the reality overwhelming. "Severus…," Harry looked into Snape's eyes and then at Snape's groin. The man was not hard and Harry wondered if he was trying to hold back.

"That was enough for now," said Snape quietly, as he looked at the door then back to the young man, now curling up against him.

Harry… Snape had called him Harry numerous times this past hour. Harry sat up and zipped his pants up. His libido was more than satisfied for the moment but Harry couldn't let Snape go after what had just happened. He wanted to do it again if he had the chance after dinner. He needed more. He needed more of Snape. "So," the older man began casually, while summoning a cleaning charm, "What was that about?"

Harry lay back down, facing Snape and pressed his lips to his. He didn't care when the Professor tried to move back and push him away. He pressed forwards until they had flopped over with Harry on top, and Snape beneath, feeling rather vulnerable. Harry placed small, soft kisses onto Snape's lips, then looked into the dark, fathomless eyes. "What are we doing?" Snape asked as he pressed his hands against Harry's chest.

Harry touched Snape's cheek, "I'm not sure really." He kissed him again. "But I like this…"

Snape felt Harry's tongue inside his mouth without his consent, but he didn't try to fight once he felt his own tongue being led into Harry's mouth. The boy opened wide and accepted him while moaning gently and cupping Snape's face. Snape hadn't done this for some time and, inevitably, the sensations took a hold on him. He flipped them over, so he rested on top of Harry and the young man sighed with pleasure at being pressed into the mattress. "Severus…," Harry whispered into Snape's mouth.

Snape pulled away and looked down at Harry. The boy, once again, was becoming aroused. His hands started to shake and his heart beat hard in his chest. "You're warm." Snape was feeling hypnotized by the young man's writhing body.

Harry chuckled. "No shit… You would too if your professor just gave you a hand job."

"How about if you'd just given one to a student?" Snape inquired as Harry blushed, gulped, and nodded slowly.

"I like this, Severus. I fancy you."

"Well, I don't fancy you."

"Liar," Harry hoisted himself up and stole Snape's lips again for a few seconds. They just kissed and held each other tightly until they found that if they continued, the moment would become too much to bear without some release. "I can make you hard."

"You are too young for me, Potter."

"Give me a chance. I'll do anything you want."

"Will you leave me alone?"

"No. I won't do that."

"I thought you said you would do anything I want, and I want you to leave me alone."

"Does that mean you've given me a chance?" Harry asked hopefully.

"What?" Snape was confused.

"I won't do anything for you unless you give me a chance."

Snape smirked. "Potter, you are impossible."

"Like you're one to talk," Harry wrapped his arms around Snape and pulled the man back down onto his lips. "So, you're my boyfriend then, right?"

The term was so odd to Snape's ears and smacked of teenage angst. "I prefer significant other."

Harry nuzzled Snape's neck affectionately. He had wanted this for far too long.

"Potter, I asked that you leave me alone."

"But, how are we supposed to make this work if we're always apart?"

Snape found himself in a tight spot. Dealing with adolescent students and their raging hormones was one thing. Dealing with one who fancied him and wanted to pursue a relationship with him was another, especially one as good looking and arousing as Harry. "If anyone finds out about this, my career as your professor is over and, therein, my role as a spy."

"No, no. No one will find out about this. It'll be between us… and us alone."

"It had better be, Potter, or I will remove your ability to breathe air."

"Agreed. So, are you going to help me?"

Snape's eye brow arched. "With what?"

"This…," Harry moved up and pressed his groin into Snape's. He then gasped and pressed against his new lover wantonly.

"Teenagers…" Snape didn't say more as he moved a leg between Harry's thighs and watched as Harry began to thrust into him.

So very beautiful was his Harry, but so little did the young wizard know that his problems had just begun.


"Satisfied?" Snape asked, unable to dismiss feeling rather dirty after handling a young man half his age, twice in one hour.

Harry laid sprawled out on the bed. His hair was now even more untidy than normal and some parts were sticking to his forehead and to the sides of his face. "You're amazing, Severus." He said as he looked over at the older wizard.

Snape rolled his eyes. "Why me?" he asked exhaustedly as he turned away.

Harry flipped over and crawled towards Snape. "I've never done any of that before. You're the first person I've been with."

"What about Ms. Chang?"

"I kissed her. That was it. And then I found out that I was just the rebound."

"Hmm, well, we cannot all have happy endings."

"I'll be happy if you keep me by your side."

"Stop these ridiculous notions, Potter. I am your professor. And a man for Merlin's sake."

Harry knelt down besides Snape on the bed. He knew what he felt for Snape was deep and strong, beyond mere desire. They held a future, filling him with warmth and security. Perhaps someday, he could use his lips to impart something much more meaningful.. He didn't crave Snape as a "playmate" entirely. He wanted more than just a sexual relationship. "Let me kiss you again."

Snape turned to Harry and held himself still as Harry's lips descended upon his. His own feelings were difficult to analyze. That he might have unwittingly developed tender feelings for the boy, that a relationship with him might be welcome, even courted, were concepts that Snape refused to recognize. He brushed such thoughts away, determining that his intention was to enjoy a little interlude of gratification with a willing partner. Nothing more.

When Harry pulled away, Snape looked discomforted but he said nothing as Harry wrapped his arms around his neck to pull the man in. "I promise I won't hurt you, Severus. I won't cheat on you, I won't harass you, and I'll try not to bring you any sort of distress."

"Hush, little one. We will see when the school year begins. Do not make promises that may be difficult for you to commit to." He took a deep breath, "If you get my hopes up now, you may crush them entirely when you find you are no longer able to keep such a promise. If you do that, then it will be impossible for me to trust you ever again." Snape's finger brushed the under part of Harry's chin and forced the young man to look up. "Even though I feel little enough for you, you have given me your consent. Henceforth I will take your loyalty seriously. If I find someone else… hounding after you, then rest assured I will make certain they never look at you again. If I find that you are seeking comfort elsewhere, I will leave you."

"What if… you fall for me?" Harry asked hopefully.

"You are so like your father. Always thinking so highly of yourself."

"Well…, arugh. You never know!"

Snape smirked then looked at the clock. "We have been here for too long. People will think we are on good terms. And trust me, I will find that distasteful."

"Just please…, Severus, can I ask for favor?"

"Yes, Potter?"

"Please don't insult me unnecessarily. Don't try to hurt me or make me feel like shit."

"I neither insult nor harass you any more than you need. And I quote Marcus Ciero, Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error." Snape ended it by slapping Harry's bottom. The boy gasped, but didn't protest.

Snape then opened the door and stepped out. Harry could smell food and his stomach growled in anticipation at the promise of a pie.

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