When You're Heart Stops Beating

This has been in my 'In-Progess' folder for a while, but I finally got working on it. It only has a part 2, because I was having trouble transitioning into the next scene, so... yeah, that'll be up in a day or two. Enjoy!

There were several lasting effects still lingering from Jimmy's recent experience as a lycanthrope. He still subconsciously growled at times, a habit he'd developed when things didn't go his way. He still had some remnants of his wolf-strength, though he wouldn't be power lifting anyone anytime soon. And his senses of smell and hearing were still rather sensitive. Things he'd become familiar with as a werewolf, mostly Ellie and Bo, were still intensified by his wolf senses.

So, when he smelled Bo upon coming out of his meeting with his Chemistry teacher, he wasn't entirely surprised. After all, the older boy did still have wrestling practice.

However, when he smelled Bo and blood, specifically Bo's blood, panic surged within him. He followed the scent down the hall to the locker rooms, rushing inside. "Bo!?" He shouted, eyes searching the room frantically. "Bo, where are you!?"

"Jimbo…?" The familiar voice reached his ears from the other side of the room. It was terrifyingly weak and Jimmy found his friend leaning against the lockers in the last row. A bloody mess.

"What happened?" He questioned, reaching for Bo's hand subconsciously. A sickening sense of déjà vu hit him at the sight. It was just like the aftermath of the werewolf attack, at Tinsel, when Jimmy had found Bo just coming to in the hall of mirrors; only it looked like the wolf was slightly less interested in harming the older boy.

Bo managed to pull himself to his feet, moving to sit on one of the benches going through the rows of the lockers. "The guys on the team mutinied."

Jimmy growled again, temporarily ignoring the urge he had to go exact revenge on the bullies who had harmed his friend, knowing he no longer had the strength required to beat them. Instead he sat down beside Bo, examining the fresh wound on the side of his head. "That looks pretty bad…" He commented, finding a clean towel on one of the shelves on the opposite wall, applying pressure to the cut. "I didn't know you were out yet."

"Mm… I wasn't. I didn't give them enough credit. They figured it out themselves."

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Jimmy asked, still holding the towel in place. He watched as Bo cringed, lifting his shirt enough to revel several deep purpling bruises covering his ribs. "Ouch. You need a doctor."

He helped Bo to stand, it wasn't the smartest idea, but there was no chance in hell of him leaving Bo here where the others could come back and hurt him again. He walked the other boy out the door and into the hallway, slowly making his way to Bo's shiny red Camaro -now void of any scratches left by Zipper.

"Bo, come on, stay awake, okay?" He prodded the elder boy, as he slid him into the passenger's seat, after digging the keys from Bo's bag. He climbed into the driver's seat, looking over at the older boy.

"No…" Bo whined, head resting against the window of the car.

Jimmy leaned over, shaking him softly. "Listen, Bo, if you stay awake until you get checked out at the hospital, I'll kiss you, okay?"


The weak voice reached his ears and he could only nod. "Yeah, I promise."

Bo straightened, forcing his eyes to remain open as Jimmy drove them out of the school parking lot.

"How long were you laying in there?" Jimmy asked, having noticed that some of the blood had congealed and was beginning to dry.

Bo shook his head, trying to think clearly. "I dunno, Jimbo." He answered finally. "Are we almost there?"

"Yeah, yeah, just another few minutes." He assured his injured friend, as he made one of the last few turns. "Just hang on, okay?"

"Okay." He seemed to take that rather literally, as he gripped Jimmy's arm tightly.

By the time they'd arrived at the hospital, Bo was still fighting against unconsciousness, and Jimmy had to help the other boy into the ER, where nurses swarmed them about five seconds later. Apparently Bo's condition constituted a jump in the waiting list.

And now it was all a waiting game.