When You're Heart Stops Beating

Gah, I'm so sorry this took so long to get up. I had it done like last month but forgot to post it. Ummm... the boys aren't mine, original characters are. Hope you liked! Enjoy!

After having been exiled to the waiting room and doomed to sit in one of the blinding neon orange chairs, Jimmy resigned himself to his fate.

With an undetermined amount of time to wait for any news on his friend's condition, he called Bo's two sisters, Megan and Katie, as well as Ellie, to inform her he wouldn't be home anytime soon. It took Bo's sisters minutes to get there and another five seconds to start interrogating him on their brother's situation. Jimmy had met them before, under more pleasant conditions, a few days after the whole werewolf incident, and they had more or less adopted him into their family. Bo's parents, as usual, were overseas on business and could not be reached.

After filling them on how he'd found Bo, the three of them settled in for the wait, alternating between pacing, sitting, and questioning the nurse at the information desk for news.

"They still haven't told us anything." Jimmy was seething by this point, hours later, shooting death like glares at the nurse who kept stonewalling their questions. "Should it be taking this long?"

Before Megan could take her turn at pestering the on call nurse again, two uniformed officers approached them. "Hello, I'm Detective Daniels, this is Detective Mitchell, are you here for a, ugh," the man consulted his notepad. "Bo Reeves?"

"Yes." The three of them said simultaneously.

"We'd like to inform you that four boys on the wrestling team who attacked him were apprehended. They confessed to the assault." Detective Daniels said. "Are you the one who found him?" He looked to Jimmy.

He nodded. "Yeah, that was me."

The other detective spoke. "We'll need to get a statement from you, as well as from your friend when he wakes up."

"Of course." Jimmy agreed. "You, ugh, wanna do that now?"

The detectives nodded and he followed them out to the hallway to talk. "Lemme know if he wakes up." He called back to Bo's sisters.

It was hours before Bo was well enough to have visitors; he'd spent another 45 minutes with the police. He fell asleep just after the detectives had finished, and that was when Katie and Megan had been allowed in. It was only after Bo's older sisters had thrown a fit that Jimmy had even been permitted to see him.

"Bo," Jimmy called, unsure if his friend was awake, asleep, or even conscious again at all, as he slowly stepped into the overly sterile hospital room.

"Hey, Jimbo." He managed a small smile, letting it fade after he winced in pain.

A wave of déjà vu overwhelmed Jimmy yet again as he approached, pulling the chair beside the bed closer. Bo was in quite a state, bruised, but no longer bloodied, he looked marginally better, but still nowhere near himself. The boys on the wrestling team had not shown mercy, that was for sure. And even after hours of unconsciousness, he still looked exhausted.

"You holding up okay?" Jimmy asked, eyes still scanning what he could see, inventorying the injuries. Cast on his arm, black eye, busted lip, bandage on the head wound. He'd bet a few ribs were broken, too.

Bo only shrugged in reply to his question.

"Your sisters are out there talking to the doctor now. If you want to see them." He said, trying to fill the silence that had fallen between them.

"No, stay." He answered quickly, still blinking away the cobwebs the pain medications were clouding his mind with. "I, ugh, wanted to thank you for, you know…"

Jimmy dismissed the rest of the sentence. "Hey, we're friends right? There was no way I was leaving you there. Did the cops tell you they caught the guys?"

"Yeah, some of my old friends were the ones who orchestrated it." Bo looked totally defeated by the prospect.

Jimmy, or rather the remnants of the werewolf, did not like the feelings emanating from his friend. So, he decided to try to take his mind off of it. "So, ugh, I believe I owe you something, don't I?"

Bo shifted, looking even more uneasy. "Um, Jimbo. You don't, you know, you don't have to kiss me. I'm sure I'm a mess right now and if you did ever do that, I'd want it to be cause-"

The other boy pressed closer, his lips brushing over his injured friends in a soft kiss. "I wanted to?"

Bo only nodded, still partially in shock from the realization that Jimmy might like him back.

"That's good. 'Cause I did."