Genre: Family/Comfort

Theme: Fulfillment

Featuring: Rin/implied character


Along Came Hope

For the first few centuries of his existence, Sesshomaru's life had been a blur of pursuing power, experiencing loss, and solitary wandering.

When he lay recovering from Inuyasha's Wind Scar, he knew no one was coming to find him. No one would mourn his death. Jaken didn't count, he was a retainer, it was his job.

Then that mortal brat came along.

He liked to reason he was only watching her grow, observing the results of Tenseiga's test. Apparently, that included overseeing humans – a race he once held in heated contempt – ripple into new generations, each sharing their laughter and tears, anguish and elation.

Those ardently sought battles with the most powerful seemed to take priority exclusively if they interfered with his test subjects, and that was enough.

When he did meet the one he lost so many long years ago, Sesshomaru was asked what tethered him to earth so long. Surely, as the questioner quoted his son, didn't the strong warrior die young?

Sesshomaru simply shrugged. He knew the three-worded reason and it brought a smile even now.

"I was needed."


Author's Note: Well, that's all! I'd like to thank everyone who's taken the time to read, you guys know who you are. I've treasured all of my readers thus far and hope you can enjoy future fics to come! Thank you all very much! -