"Who signed me up for this?" Ayu asked as Nina tied the lace behind her dress. The two girls were putting their dress rehearsal outfits together in the costume room.

"Consider yourself lucky Ayu-chan. You get to be Juliet, so romantic,"

"This is not Romeo and Juliet," Ayu looked at Nina questioningly.

"Oh," A bead of sweat ran down Nina's face, "Romeo and Juliet is the name of the plan we have to get you back with Kaji," she mumbled.

"What?" Ayu turned her head slightly.

"Nothing!" Nina said pulling the lace tighter.

"Nina, your pulling it too tight…!" Ayu held her chest. "And consider yourself lucky. You can breathe! I can barely—this dress is so-!" She gasped for air as Nina tightened the dress even more.

"Nina!" Ayu glared at Nina for a moment.

"Sorry Ayu-chan," She smiled.

"Ugh, if only you weren't so cute Nina. Come on lets put on your costume," Ayu said picking up the large tree-slip-on costume.

"Knock Knock," Tsujai and Kaji walked it.

"Next time do a real knock, we could've been really dressing up. Lucky Nina doesn't have to remove any of her clothes," Ayu's back was facing the two boys.

"It won't fit!" Ayu struggled to put the tree costume over Nina's head.

"Your head is too large," Tsujai commented as he chuckled.

Ayu laughed and turn around to comment on Tsujai's rudeness. Her heart dropped when she saw him. In an all white tuxedo, Kaji stood before her. She felt as though it were only him and her in the room, her heart was heavy as it raced.

He didn't want to say anything to her let alone look at her.

"Ayu! I can't see," flailing around in the background, Nina cried.

"Does this help?" Tsujai pulled the costume all the way.

"I could barely breath, Ayu!" Nina poked a face at her, then hugged Tsujai tightly.

"I love my beautiful tree," Tsujai said to her.

"Shouldn't you not be in a tuxedo?" Ayu commented Kaji, awkwardly .

"The director said go for a white knight, this is all I could think of," He replied shyly.

"You look pretty," He added

"So do you," She replied. Before she could finish her sentence, she wanted to slap herself in the face. 'You too?' she thought, 'could I look even stupider?'.

Sayaka walked in that instance. 'Thank goodness, they can deliver me from this awkwardness.' They all turned around to face them.

Sayaka was in a large poofy pink dress with lots of lace and pink heart pins in her hair. She didn't look too pleased about it. "I can't believe they only had this for me,"

Everyone laughed inside, but began laughing hard when Yuta entered the room. "Consider yourself lucky," Yuta, in a vertical striped purple, green, pink, and blue Jester outfit with bells at the end of his hat and at the end of his pointy toed shoes.

"You should wear that on a daily basis," Nina commented "because your such a joker,"

"Haha keep laughing you guys, I'm doing this for you guys…" Yuta said, almost in shame.

"Everyone get in places!," the director called from the stage.

"You Ready?" Kaji looked at Ayu.


"Remember you're my princess in distress,"

Ayu blushed.

Everyone was on the stage as the director counted them.

"Where's Ryuu?" the director, angry and impatient cried. "Always late! Why do I keep him around?"

In the middle of a stage, fog suddenly appeared and lightning in the middle of it.

"Here I am!" Ryuu, dressed as Count Dracula appeared. His hair was slicked back, powder on his face, and fake blood dripped from the edge of his mouth, the long cape made his outfit more epic.

The gang looked at him in shock.

"Did he just use Majic infront of all these people?" Nina whispered behind Yuta.

Yuta looked nervous.

To their surprise, the director clapped his hands and laughed, very amused.

"That's why I keep you around! Your so great at these special effects!"

"Yeah..special effects…" Ryuu chuckled. "Thank you, thank you!" the students in the front row threw roses at him. "Ryuu!" they cheered.

The rest of the gang sighed with relief, except Kaji and Tsujai who looked at him suspiciously.

"Now where's my beautiful witch, Cherry darling?" The director asked looking around.

From the darkness, walked Cherry ominously towards the spotlight. "I am here," her voice misleadingly sweet and soft spoken.

All the boys around her clap their hands wildly, including the director.

"I thought she was suppose to be the youngest princess.." Ayu whispered to Nina

"Guess the director thought she looked better a witch," Nina replied.

And she did. The only time she ever looked different from her usual 'sweet' self, she looked bad, in a good way that is. Long Knee highed boots, fishnet stockings, a fitted black long sleeved dress and a witch hat—she looked very bad.

"This play just got extremely random" Yuta looked around. Kaji in a white tuxedo, Ayu in a Juliet outfit, Leo in a Godzilla costume, Cherry as a stripper witch, Ryuu as a Count Dracula, Sayaka as the Queen of Hearts , Nina as a tree, Tsujai as the Burger King mascot, and he a jester. "This makes no sense!" He cried.

"Oh Quit your complaining!" Sayaka said, arms folded over her chest. She was still displeased.