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Ino dared Sakura to make certain redhead Kazekage fall in love with her in a month! Ino said it's just a game. But what if they DO fall in love with each other? (GaaraxSakura)

Dare to Love You

Chapter 1-The Dare-

"Do you want a dare?"

"What? What dare?"

"Do you want it or not?" Ino smirked.

Sakura sighed. "Come on, Ino... I didn't come to your place for a dare... I just want to relax..."

"Pleaseee... Trust me. This dare won't hurt you."

"Can I trust you?"

"Of course you can! Now, do you want it?"

"Actually... no." Ino's expression changed. "Fine. What is that?" Sakura brought her tea cup to her mouth.

"Remember... there's no turning back."

Sakura nodded as she blew her tea to reduce its heat.

"I dare you to..." a grin came to her face.

"Go on..." Sakura sipped her tea.

"…to make Gaara falls in love with you!" Ino claimed it happily as Sakura burst her tea right to Ino's face.

Sakura gapped. "What?! No way!" Ino wiped that liquid away from her face.

"Don't you remember what I said before? There's no turning back. Ring a bell?"

"No way! You heard me!"

"Why not? Come on… it's just a dare. It's gonna fun, isn't it? You always love a dare."

"Not this kind of dare! It's crazy, Ino. I won't play with someone's heart. Moreover, he is a Kazekage and he is Naruto's best friend and my friend too!"

"What is the reason make you think that he will fall in love with a girl like you, hm?" she teased. Sakura turned red.

"Wha—I didn't say that!"


"Why you—Fine! I'll do that! I'll show you that I can do it." Sakura was getting heated.

"Great! Listen. He will be at Konoha for a month. You know… Kazekage… Hokage and stuff. In that time, try to capture his heart."

"Wait! You have been prepared it before, haven't you? You know that he will be at Konoha!" Sakura began hysterical.

Ino gave her 'like-you-don't-know-me-before' smirk, which was pissed Sakura off.

"Calm down… there will be no consequence. As long as he doesn't know this dare, you will be fine. I don't think he'll fall in love with you anyway…"

"Can I drop this da—"

"No." Ino cut her. Sakura pouted.

"Fine. When will he arrive?" Ino shrugged.

"I don't know. Figure it by yourself."

Sakura grumbled. "I felt regret to wasting my time here…" then she walked away.

"You have a whole month time, Sakura!" Ino said cheerfully.

Sakura cursed under her breath as she left the Yamanaka's flower shop.

'Silly me… How could I do that??? Last time I talked to him was when the Akatsuki incident. I knooow… he changed. He doesn't have Shukaku sealed inside him, he is a Kazekage and he turned wiser, calmer, more patient, and politer and stuff. But he is still a cold guy… Stupid! Stupid!' She scolded herself.

Sakura looked at a coffee shop and looked at the time. 'I still have 15 minutes break time…' She shrugged and walked into the café.

She wandered and still talked in her mind.

'But Ino has a point. There will be no consequence as long I act like normal. Duh! I'm not sure I could to that! I'm not gorgeous enough to charm a Kazekage… Why did I take the dare at the first place? Oh right… Ino insulted me…'

Sakura chose a random seat and threw herself onto it.

She sighed and tilted her head upside to rest, and she hit something, hard.

"Ouch!" she felt dizzy and touched the back of her head.

"Ow…" someone groaned.

Sakura gulped. 'Great. I just hit someone's head with mine…'

Sakura blinked the dizziness away, still rubbed her head as she turned her head behind.

"I-I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm so—" Sakura apologized as she bowed.

"It's okay…"

Sakura gasped at the voice. She rubbed her eyes to focus her vision. 'No way…'

What she saw was still the same.

Redhead guy, emotionless expression…


Sakura gulped again.

'Today's my doom's day…'

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