Dare to Love You

Chapter 10

Sakura ran as fast as she could to the main gate, ignoring the cold air slapped her face. Some senior citizen greeted her but she just passed them.

Sakura finally reached the gate. No one. It happened again. Gaara had left the village.

A few months had passed since that day. Everyone who asked her about her relationship with Gaara, she just laughed and said nothing happened between them. That was true. She was nothing to Gaara. Life must go on, right?

No. That wasn't true. Sakura often woke up in the middle of the night from her nightmare. Gaara hated her. That statement always hit her every time.

Ino had suggested her to go to Suna, to clarify all of the matters. But Sakura refused to do so. She chose to take some mission in a month after that, tried to forget him.

Maybe they got bored after get the same answer, so they didn't ask about it anymore.

That day, Sakura walked toward the Hokage building. Naruto had informed her that Tsunade wanted her come to her office, although she didn't know why. She just came back from mission at other country after a few weeks.

Sakura knocked the door. After she heard Tsunade let her came in, she turned the doorknob and opened the door.

"Tsunade-shishou?" Sakura peeked behind the door. She came in and startled of what she saw.

"Hey, Sakura-san. Long time no see."

"Temari? What do you do here?" Sakura gaped. 'Wait. If Temari is here, it means Gaara…'

"Too bad, Gaara's not here right now." Temari smiled. Sakura frowned. 'Too bad? What is that mean?'

"Sakura, Temari wanted to meet you, so I called you earlier." Tsunade said as she leaned her back against her big chair.

Sakura narrowed her gaze from Tsunade to Temari. "You wanted to meet me? Why?"

Temari just shrugged. "I wanted to have one or two words with you. Come on." She nodded to Tsunade then left the room. Sakura frowned at Tsunade, but she shrugged too. Sakura then chose to follow Temari.

-Coffee shop, near the Hokage Building-

"Temari-san, what do you want to talk about with me?" Sakura asked nervously. She hoped depressingly in mind it wasn't about Gaara.

Temari stared at her. "About Gaara."


"G-gaara? I mean, Kazekage-sama?" Sakura cleared her throat.

Temari nodded. "Yes, him. What happened to you two in a few months ago? Mind to tell me?" She crossed her arms and rested them on the table. Sakura avoided her stare and gulped nervously.

"From whom did you know about that?" Sakura finally chose to stare at her. Temari still had the same intimidating stare. Just like Gaara. "It doesn't matter from whom. Just tell me."

Sakura looked down, didn't know what to say. She huffed. It would be the same. Gaara had hated her. So what's the difference if she told her or not?

"I made a dare with my friend, to make him fall in love with me. But he figured it out. Yeah, I think he had hated me." Sakura didn't even bother to defend herself. She really felt like a jerk.

"And then?" Temari asked again.

"Nothing happened after that. He had left in the morning. Didn't Gaara tell you?" Sakura asked back.

"How did you feel toward him when you did the dare?" Temari asked again, as if Sakura didn't asked her back.

"I…" I love him! "I didn't know…"

Temari raised an eyebrow. "You didn't know? How about now?" she asked. Sakura gulped.

"I don't know either." She stated hesitantly. 'Do I love him?'

She stared at Sakura in a few seconds and opened her mouth. "Love him or hate him?" Sakura gaped. 'What kind of question is that?! So straight to the point…'

"What do you mean?"

"I think I clear enough. Those are just two options."

"I…don't hate him." Sakura finally spoke. Temari smirked. "So you love him." She stated. Sakura snapped her head up and blushed unconsciously.


"You know, he was really disappointed at you that time. Thanks for spending you precious time with me. See you later." Temari stood up.

'He was really disappointed at me… he disappointed…' "T-temari!" Sakura stood up to and walked to her. Temari stopped and turned back.

"I…I…" Sakura thought hesitantly. "What do you do in Konoha, by the way?" she asked at last.

"I accompanied Gaara to attend the chuunin exam at Monday." She said and walked away.

Sakura stood there dumbfounded. 'Chuunin exam? Monday? Wait! It's two days from now! How could I don't know about this event? Right… I was on mission last month…'

If Naruto and her other friends, plus Tsunade didn't force her to come, she would buried herself in her apartment.

The chuunin exam had started for two hours. Sakura watched the exam with a bored look on her eyes. It brought back memories. How Naruto won over Neji, Shikamaru declared that he lost from Temari, Sasuke fought against… Gaara.

Sakura closed her eyes. 'Please…make me forget him…'

She looked up. There sat Tsunade with two ANBUs behind her. And then beside her, there sat Gaara.

Sakura held her breath. Even from that place, her heart couldn't help but beat faster.

Gaara wore his Kazekage robe plus his hat. Sakura couldn't see his face from her position. He placed one of his elbows on the arm chair and supported his head on his palm. Her eyes moved to the peoples behind him. She was sure one of them is Temari. But who was the brunette one?

Sakura shrugged, maybe another Suna's ANBU.

Sakura put her hands below the flowing tap. She splashed the water on her face then looked at her reflection on the mirror. Her expression was messed up. She sighed and grabbed some tissue paper to wipe her face.

She smiled weakly. 'It's so much better.' She thought.

The toilet door creaked open. Sakura startled and looked at the newcomer.

"Sorry! I thought that no one is here." that people said as she bowed. Sakura just shook her head and smiled at her. She smiled too and walked beside Sakura.

She opened the tap and washed her hands then combed her hair with her fingers. Sakura took a short glance to the young girl beside her. She continued to tidy up her short brown hair. Sakura frowned, she felt familiar with this girl.

"Excuse me, miss." She broke the silence. Sakura looked at her. "How do I look?" she asked politely.

Sakura raised an eyebrow. "Err… fine, I guess." Sakura said. That brunette girl smiled widely. "Really? Thank you."

She looked at the mirror again and straightened her outfit, if it could be straighter anymore.

"I have to hurry, or Gaara-sama and Temari-san will mad at me. See you, miss." Then she walked out of the restroom.

Sakura stood dumbly on her spot. Gaara-sama?

She walked to the door and grabbed the knob, but when she turned it, she heard her voice again.

"Ah, Gaara-sama! Going to restroom too?" she said excitedly. Sakura felt her heart stopped. She leant her ear against the door. She couldn't hear any word from Gaara.

"Aa… fine then. I'll go back to my post. Bye!" Sakura heard the footsteps faded away. She didn't hear any movement then. 'Is it safe to come out now?'

Unfortunately, Sakura's clumsy hand made the old door moved with an audible creak noise.

"Who's there?" she heard his voice. His voice. Sakura gulped nervously. 'Should I?'

Sakura pulled the door and stepped out. She looked at the ground as she prayed in her heart. Then she counted to three and lifted her face.

Gaara looked back at her. She could see a little disbelief glint in his eyes. His hat had left his head. His red hair was still the same with the last time they met; only it was a little bit longer. His bangs had reached his brow bone now. Ah, how fast the boy grow up, it was only a few months since their last encounter.

Sakura encouraged herself to not cry, at least not in front of him. She gave him his best nothing-happened smile.

She nodded politely. "Good day, Kazekage-sama. How are you?" she asked. Gaara looked at her. How Sakura miss that look. But she just smiled. Gaara then nodded. "Fine, thank you."

"It's great, then. Well, have a good day. See you later." Sakura bowed and turned around then walked toward the stair.

"Sakura." He grabbed her shoulder. Sakura just stood still, didn't bother to turn back. "Excuse me, Kazekage-sama. I have to go." She said and jerked away her shoulder. But Gaara had grabbed her hand and turned her back.

"Why are you crying?" Sakura blinked her watered eyes and looked at his hands on her shoulders. She opened her mouth to answer him, but Gaara did the first thing crossed in his mind, pulled her into his embrace.

"K-kazekage-sama…" Sakura stammered in his hug.

"Gaara." He murmured. Sakura gulped. "Gaara…"

"It's your fault, Sakura, your fault." He grumbled. Sakura raised her eyebrow. 'Does he need to repeat his words twice? Hey! I know that's my fault!' But she didn't say that. She just stood there, didn't even hug him back. She couldn't control her tears anymore.

"It's your fault to make me like this… you have to responsible…" he continued to grumble.

'What does he mean??'

"G-gaara, what do you mean by that?" she asked with hoarse voice. Gaara sighed then lowered his head and whispered.

Sakura's eyes widened at his words.

"What does take him so long?" Temari sighed. "Matsuri, find Gaara now." She demanded to her. Matsuri smiled and nodded then left her.

And then Naruto came. "Hey, Temari-san. Did you see Sakura-chan? She has gone for 15 minutes. Are girls really need long time to go to the toilet?" he scratched the back of his head.

Temari shook her head. "Gaara doesn't come back from toilet either…" she sighed.

A few seconds passed, Temari snapped her head up. "It can't be…" she stood up and left Naruto.

"Eeh? Wait, Temari-san!"

Matsuri hummed as she descended the stairs. She stopped for combed her hair with her fingers and patted her outfit. And then she continued to walk.

"Ah!" Matsuri stopped her track when she saw Gaara from behind. "Wait…he's not alone… Gaa—,"

"Temari-san! Wait up!" Naruto called out. But Temari ignored him and continue to descend the stairs. Finally she saw Matsuri.

She approached her. "Have you found Gaara?" she asked then frowned at gaping Matsuri. "Matsuri?"

"Hey! Tema—ack! Sakura-chan!!" Naruto's eyes widened.

Gaara turned his head around and Sakura peeked from behind his shoulder. Her face was totally red. "N-naruto? Temari-san?"

Naruto gaped at his best pink haired friend. "Wh-what are you doing with Gaara?! Were you two kis—umph!!" Temari covered his mouth.

"Sorry for bothering you two. Eheheh… come on Naruto, Matsuri." Temari waved her hand then dragged Naruto and Matsuri along with her.

After they left, Sakura looked at Gaara. "Do you think they saw us…?" she smiled nervously.

Gaara shrugged. "They saw us kissing? I guess so…"

"So I guess I win the dare…"

"Still care of that stupid dare?"

"No if you tell me what you have whispered to me once again…" she smiled evilly.

"I don't repeat myself, Sakura…"


"So, you will leave today?"


"Where are they?"

"I don't know… spending their precious time, maybe."

"Somehow I jealous at Sakura… she's so lucky…"

"Of course she's lucky. It's my brother we are talking about."

"I know… I know…"

"Ah… I have to go. By the way, good job Ino. Thank you. See ya…" she grinned and walked to the door.

"Aa… anytime. You did the good job too Temari. Bye!" she grinned back.

-Dare to Love You.end-

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