by Amerie

Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the story.

Time line: Fifth year in Potterverse, and after the second season in Buffyverse.

Notes: There will be spoilers. Buffy is fifteen in this, and the whole Angel losing his soul thing will be explained.

Everything had fallen apart. Her friends were hurt. Her mother had kicked her out. And she had murdered the man she loved. There was nothing left now. Nowhere to turn without a stabbing pain flowing through her heart. She hadn't felt like this since . . . well let's just say it's been a while.

Walking down the street she tried not the let excruciating reminder of why the world kept on turning, with its blue skies and golden sun, keep her from breaking down. There would be time for that later. Right now all she wanted to do was get away.

She stood still, watching the house she had called home for the past two years loom over her. Wondering if after this moment she was ever going to see it again. Ever walk through the front door and be welcomed by her mother with open arms. The tears began to stray down her cheeks, and sniffling she wiped them away. She didn't have time for that now. She needed to get in and out before there was a chance she would change her mind.

Climbing up the familiar tree, she made her destination. Hopping off the last branch she jumped onto the sloped roof that would lead to her bedroom, grateful she had left the window open. Not a very smart move in a town like this, but the last few days haven't exactly given her time to think straight.

Stepping through the window she straightened herself once she was fully in the room. A room that wasn't as empty as she thought it would be.

Sitting on her bed with a cup of coffee in her hands her mother watched her in a mixture of sadness and exhaustion. She looked as though she hadn't slept all night, wearing the same clothes as the day before was pretty much a dead give away.

Buffy didn't move an inch. Waiting for her mother to be the first to speak.

They tried, boy did they try, but it just wasn't in the cards. Joyce Summers worked hard at it but it seems the fates had other ideas. It was a rough adjustment at first, but eventually they were able to. Now everything had changed with Buffy's confession and she knew what they had to do.

"I think it's time we go back," she said.

The world fell off her shoulders and Buffy breathed in relief. That was the answer she had been looking for. Shifting from one foot the other she wrung her hands.

"W-when?" she stuttered, hoping it would be soon.


The tears welled themselves up again and Joyce couldn't take it. Rushing to her daughter she wrapped the broken girl in her arms as she cried.

"Mom I'm sorry . . . I'm so sorry," she sniffled in between cries.

"I know baby . . . I know."

Stroking her head lovingly Joyce comforted her daughter. Hoping that taking her back all the damage could be repaired.

Closing the suitcase with a final snap Buffy looked around her now empty room. They were all packed and ready to go. Buffy had written letters to Giles, Willow and Xander explaining the situation. Leaving it in their mailboxes in the early morning hours. They would be hurt and angry with her leaving, but she couldn't take being here anymore. She didn't want to be the Slayer she wanted to be Buffy again.

However she did worry for their safety, but she knew they would be fine. They had patrolled with her so many times that they might be able to have their own routine. Besides they would be getting a new slayer soon. After all Kendra was . . . dead, and that meant a new slayer would be called. Hopefully someone that loved to be the Chosen One, and lived for the fight. Because all of Buffy's had been gone.

"You ready?"

Turning around she saw her mother at the doorway, trunk beside her.

"Yeah," she answered.

Walking over her mother embraced her in a tight hug.

"Don't worry honey its all gonna be ok," she said.

Pulling out slightly she smiled down at Buffy and gave her a loving kiss on the forehead.

"Come on, we should get going," her mother advised.

Nodding she picked up her trunk and headed downstairs. Looking around the empty house, she finally admitted that it never really felt like home. It was just a place to sleep and eat. Something to shield them from the rain.

"You still remember right?" Joyce asked her.

"It's only been three years mom," she responded.

"Well I just wanted to make sure. Don't want you ending up in some dark alley," she smiled at Buffy rolling her eyes. "Here why don't you go first."

Handing her the bag Buffy reached in and grabbed a handful. Doing the appropriate rituals, she stepped into the gateway. Smiling reassuringly at her mother, she grabbed onto her trunk tightly.

"Number Twelve Grimmauld place," she ordered, and with a blink amongst the dancing green flames Buffy was gone.