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"Pardon me while I head off to the restroom," Tybalt said to Gio, sauntering off and putting the two pieces of Harley's numbers into the Italian man's hand.

"You can take care of the rest."

Gio looked at the pieces briefly, and quickly stuffed them into his pocket. Like hell I'd ever let Harley leave my life, he thought to himself, no matter how much of an idiot he is for staying with Mik.

---begin direct quotes from Boy Meets Boy---

"New York? Why New York?"

"I just got my business degree. My stepfather has a friend there who will give me a good job. If you go, then I'll actually know someone up there. I think you'll like it."

"Why me, then?"

"Well, you're a good friend. And it's not like you have family here, right?"

"My family's all dead."

"You see? Come with me."

"I'm not sure."

"You could be an artist. Quit your job. Do nothing but art."


"Think about it."

---end direct quotes from Boy Meets Boy ^_^---

Tybalt DID think about it. He thought about it for too long, in fact. Even by the time he was decided, he was still caught up in all the wires of emotions and his passion in life – art. So he decided to go.

He informed a gleeful Gio of his decision and the two embraced each other, ready for their new life. After they'd said their goodbyes, they montaged off to the airport. They boarded the 727 and took off to the Big Apple.

On the flight, Gio kept pointing out different landmarks, while Tybalt just smirked and nodded. He smiled brilliantly at the flight attendant – a woman in her mid thirties – who could only swoon at the sparkling smile.

He's still got that kid-like spirit, the red-haired man thought.

When they finally arrived to the city, they immediately hustled off to locate their luggage.

"Wonder if the people are friendly over here?" Gio thought aloud.

"Who cares? We have each other, don't we?" Tybalt asked.

"Hee – yeah, we do," Gio said, his flawless smile lighting up the whole room. A few passing girls ogled him and giggled amongst themselves.

"Why, hello, ladies..." Tybalt said in an attempt to woo them. They only sneered and stuck out their tongues at him.

"... And you call yourself a ladies' man," Gio said giving Tybalt the same smirk he was famous for.

"Pffffff," was Tybalt's only response.

Gio's eyes narrowed as he retained the smirk.

"Hey look, there's my things!" Tybalt said as he quickly dashed off to get them.

Harley would never say 'Pffffff,' he'd at least give me a decent comeback, Gio thought. He glanced into his wallet, where he still had Harley's number all taped up. Ripping wouldn't work anymore – you'd need to exert some real effort to get this number shredded. But even if it was shredded... the 10-digit portal to someone else's voice was imprinted in his mind. He could never forget it. He could never forget Harley.

... Harley...

His mind drifted back to a day in high school. He and Harley were wrestling shirtless in Harley's basement, covered in some watercolors they mooched off of art class.

Red smeared Harley's face and green smeared Skids'. Their smooth chests were covered in all shades of yellow, purple, and blue. They were smiling, but concentrating on getting the enemy cornered. It was a rough-looking match, filled with bumps into walls and dipping their hands into a small pile bucket of mixed paint where they would use it like ammo. Finally, Skids managed to pin the petite blonde against the floor completely. The blonde boy's legs struggled, but Skids had his whole weight thrown into it and his legs wrapped around Harley's ankles, making sure he couldn't move them. An exhausted Harley let out a sigh with a large smile.

"Agh... you GOT me, man! Fair and square!"

"So... what do I win?" Skids asked slyly, the slightest traces of sweat forming on his brow. Harley just looked up at him for a moment.

"Uh... one free hour of cuddling?"

"Yay!" Skids exclaimed, beginning his free hour and mixing the fresh paint on their chests. The two always had their very, VERY friendly rewards after they'd play-fought or fought for real.

"Heh... dude, you sure we shouldn't wash these off or something?" Harley questioned.

"If you want, sure. We could like... shower together or something?"

Harley gave Skids an odd look and revealed the whites of his eyes before his cheeks (or what little Skids could see through all the paint) tinged pink.

"With our pants on, of course!" Skids finished, laughing so hard he was crying.

"Dude – NOT cool!" Harley said, smacking Skids on the back of the head.

"Yeah it was, man! It was HILARIOUS! I've never seen your eyes get that wide and you've never blushed like that before."

"Ugh... whatever. Let's get all this damn messy paint off," Harley said with a giggle, smiling his devilish smile and putting his hand in front of his mouth to hide it a bit.

The two worked their way around the corner to the bathroom and both entered the shower as they were. They tried their best to not get any paint on the tiles, but it was difficult not to – they were covered in the stuff.

"Here, lemme get that," Harley whispered as he put some shampoo in his hands and worked a lather on the back of Skids' head.

"Thanks. Considering you kinda put it there earlier after smacking me..." Skids trailed off. Harley let out a small laugh.

"You deserved it and you know it."

"Mmmm..." Skids was too focused on receiving the head massage that he could only keep his eyes closed and smile. Then, Harley rinsed it all out. After he did so, the Italian teenager shook off his wet hair and turned to face the blonde. A half-smile met his face.

"You... look, uh. Sexy," Harley said while blushing.

"Thanks! You do, too."

An awkward silence ensued, and Harley turned towards the glass doors of the shower without saying anything. Suddenly, Skids leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Wha-?!" His face met his word-choice perfectly, and he turned not pink this time, but a deep red.

"Just saying 'Thanks for being such an awesome friend.'" The taller teenager continued to smile while the Jewish boy just scratched his head.

"Yeah... you're welcome, I suppose. Even though I'm TOTALLY gonna pin you next time we have a paint-covered shirtless wrestling match!"

"Oh, and what're the chances of that happening any time soon again? Just admit it, man, you're defeated."

The two continued to argue and then splashed some soap and water on each other. Things went back to normal.

Why didn't I kiss him on the lips...?

"Do you ever listen when people talk to you directly in the ear?" a familiar voice said. Giovanni snapped back to the present and slowly turned his head to face emerald green eyes framed by decently tanned skin... for a ginger.

"Huh? Sorry, just having a little flashback..."

"Try and forget about that stuff, yeah? It's old news – we've got a new life now! New things to take care of, new people to meet, and new souls to seduce..." the man licked his lips.

"Right. Uh... I gotta go get my stuff," Gio said as he dashed off.

How different things were now.

The odd-looking pair traveled up and down the streets to make their way to their apartment – their room number was 455. The 4th floor up wasn't too bad – could've been the 9th.

The halls were long, carpeted and a dark blue. Decent, considering it was $1200 a month without utilities.

"Let's hope our roommates aren't mean," Gio muttered to himself.

As if by cue, a voice shouted from a neighboring door, "QUIT THAT FUCKING RACKET!" Tybalt and Gio blinked and looked around. They couldn't hear any real noises, so they were confused as to whom the voice had been addressing.

A slightly tanned head poked out from behind a door, with black-as-night hair, sharp sapphire blue eyes and bright pink lips.

"Just messing. I thought I'd break in the newbies with a quick shout," the girl said, no more than 24. Gio gave a small laugh.

"Ha – well, you certainly prepared us for something that could've been worse. The name's Gio. Giovanni DiAngelo." He extended his hand. She then brought out her whole body from behind the door and walked over to him. She had on a black towel with the sharp word 'Metallica' written on it.

"My name's Griselda."

"Sweet!" he said as his open hand changed to a pointing finger. She laughed a real laugh and turned slightly so he could see the rest of it.

"Yeah, I've had this for years, it's my absolute favorite," she said, turning back to shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you!" The two said at the same time with smiles. Then, Gio turned to Tybalt, who seemed to have a grimace on his face.

"... Well, Tybs? You gonna say anything?" The man's sharp features only seemed to enhance as he glared at Gio for using such a nickname. He reluctantly extended a long hand, and once the shake was finished, drew his hand back quickly.

"Good to meet you." His statement overflowed with disgust and annoyance. She seemed not to notice, however.

"If you two sexy men ever need anything, just let me know!" She waved away as she closed the door heavily.

"What the hell, man? Why did you treat her like that?" Gio asked.

"She's cute, but I don't like her, Gio. She's too perky and she likes metal and she's random and probably has the attention span of a butterfly-"

"Kinda like me, huh?" Tybalt stopped, and then shook his head.

"Let's just... get our luggage in. The truck should be here in ten hours, right?" They had chosen to take a flight while the rest of their belongings were shipped via a moving truck. It was a good amount of time behind them, obviously.

"Yeah. We can explore the city while they're on their way."

The two headed out to outlet stores, the Statue of Liberty and McDonald's. While at the fast-food restaurant, Gio turned to Tybalt.

"Do you think life will be good for us here?"

"I think so, as long as we don't hear any more from that woman across the way." Gio opened his mouth to protest, but then just stuck a couple of fries in there instead.

Better not push him, you know how he can get...

"Ah well. Hey, it's 7:30! The truck might've arrived by now!" Tybalt glanced at his cell phone.

"Aw shit! They're probably there already!" The two exchanged nervous glances and then rushed back to their apartment through the jungle of skyscrapers, hitting every 'Don't Walk' sign on the way. About 45 minutes later, they had reached their apartment. No moving van was in sight.

"Shouldn't they have been here by now?" Tybalt asked.

"I think so..." Gio was interrupted by a Blink 182 ringtone on his phone. He studied the screen briefly, not recognizing the number.


"Hello, this is Mark. Is this Giovanni DiAngelo?" Gio was a bit stunned. It was odd to hear his full name like that.

"Y-Yes, this is him."

"I wanted to apologize on behalf of our moving services, we were supposed to be there 45 minutes ago, but we got held up. We'll be there in about 10 minutes," he finished.

"Oh, no problem! We'll be waiting for you!"

Gio shut the flip-phone with a smile.

"They'll be here in 10 minutes! They were late!"

Tybalt gave an authentic smile.

"Good! Let's wait for them, then.

After the moving services had arrived, they began to haul up all their stuff – dressers, mattresses, nightstands... the works. Gio took occasional glances at their friendly neighbor's door. That door, from which Griselda had come, remained silent. She didn't check up on them, she didn't even poke her head out once more. No Metallica blasted and no more random shouts occurred.

Once all Tybalt's and Gio's belongings had moved in, they tipped the moving crew and thanked them. Then, the two walked into their lofty apartment, shuffled past the small kitchen, two bathrooms and a large 'family room.' Gio managed to remove his pants while Tybalt simply fell onto the unmade bed. Then, Gio muttered something along the lines of 'fuck it' and collapsed next to Tybalt in his shirt and boxers.