Hello people. Just so you all know, this story was inspired by Tovah98's story 'Angels Undercover'. Don't worry I did ask Tovah98's permission to use his/her ideas. This story will diverge after this brief prologue, just these things are really important to the story. lol.

Just so you know, this is my answer to my own challenge. I had writers block but I found some inspiration. : )



Anakin was moving a second before the scream split the air. He raced to Obi-Wan's room in their shared quarters. There he was sitting bolt upright in his bed, breathing hard with tears streaming down his face. Anakin walked over to him and drew him into his arms. "It's ok Obi-Wan, I'm here." At these quietly spoken words, Obi-Wan turned into Anakin's chest and sobbed.

This had been going on for the last week, since Obi-Wan had been released from the healers because there was nothing they could do for him and others needed the room he had been occupying. At least, Anakin mused, it only happens once a night instead of thrice. He had been having nightmares and been living in the healers wing since he escaped from Ventress.

With these thoughts in mind, Anakin started making comforting sounds to Obi-Wan.


The nightmare was more memory than anything thought up by the imagination. But it was horrific in its detail. He vaguely heard someone enter the room, then he felt arms reaching around him and started to panic until he heard the familiar sound of Anakin's voice.

The last thing he remembered before he fell back to sleep was Anakin saying, "I promise you, Obi-Wan, I will never let Ventress get her hands on you again. I promise"


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