Author's Note: This is my first ever Naruto Fic. So I hope you guys would support me on this and not only that this is also my first time writing yaoi.

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Title: The Marine And The Heir

Category: Romance

Rated: M

Pairing: Uchiha Itachi And Uzumaki Naruto

Summary: Kazama Uzumaki Naruto is the only son of a former Mafia leader, Kazama Arashi, who almost got kidnap outside the field his training in. And in came Uchiha Itachi, join the marine's special operation at a young age, had good marine credentials and is hired by Naruto's father to protect his son. Oh! Did I mention Itachi lives by the rules and always listen to the rules. This is a Yaoi story. Also MPREG.

Chapter One: Prologue


"Arashi, I'm very sorry, we did everything we can but your wife didn't make it." A woman with long blond hair said looking at Kazama Arashi, a former Mafia leader, who is now a rising powerful politician in Japan.

Arashi who is aware of the possibility of losing his wife on child birth tried to hold back his tears. Both he and his wife know how dangerous for her to carry a child but she was stubborn and hard headed and now she's dead.

"Tsunade how's my son?" Arashi said looking at the said woman. Tsunade being the family doctor is very close to both Arashi and his wife.

"His healthy and his with Shizune at the moment sleeping." Tsunade answered in exhaustion. "Aren't you even going to visit your wife or son?" Tsunade asked.

"I would, I just got few things to do." Arashi said as he sat on his library desk. "Can you call Jiraiya for me and take care of anything that is needed for my wife's funeral." Arashi added rubbing his forehead.

"Of course, just leave it to me." Tsunade answered standing up from her chair and went out the door or find the head of security Jiraiya before attending to Arashi's wife and son.


"Tsunade said you wish to talk to me." Jiraiya said sitting on the chair that Tsunade had vacated a few minutes ago.

"Yes I wanted to speak to you regarding Naruto." Arashi said signing a paper with the Kazama seal.

"Naruto?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yeah, Minako always wanted that name; she always says that the name would be a wonderful name for our son." Arashi said as a memory of his wife flash in his mind.

"Very well, what is it about Naruto that you wanted to talk to me about?" Jiraiya asked taking Arashi out of memory lane.

"I wanted Naruto and Iruka to be sent to Holland." Arashi stated to Jiraiya.

"What!" Jiraiya shouted in shock.

"When Naruto turns one I want to send him and Iruka to Holland so he could grow up there." Arashi said again ignoring Jiraiya's outburst.

"Why?" Jiraiya asked, now a little calmer than before.

"I'm a rising politician, who is a former mafia leader, a lot of people are out to get me and Naruto would be very vulnerable at his age." Arashi said, "I want you to take care of those things for me." Arashi added looking at Jiraiya.

"I will, but I must tell you that your wife wouldn't be happy." Jiraiya said eyeing Arashi as he voice out how Minako would feel about Arashi's decision.

"I know that Jiraiya, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to visit him there, Because I will and beside 17 years from now, he would start his college here, back in his home country as he slowly takes on my place." Arashi said reasoning to Jiraiya and Jiraiya knows that Arashi had a point.

"Fine, I'll arrange everything for Naruto and Iruka, and I'll also brief Iruka of this arrangement as well." Jiraiya said before taking his leave to find Iruka.


"Kapitein, wachten op! (Captain, wait up!)" A dusty brown haired boy called to a tall, handsome blond hair and very popular boy. The said blond is the school and Holland Jr. League Soccer Ace striker.

"Hetgeen op? (What's up?)" The blond boy asked as he waited for the brown haired boy to catch up on him.

"Today is the championship game between Holland Jr. League against Cameroon Jr. League right?" The brown haired guy said as he walks along side of his captain on the school ground towards the school soccer field for morning practice.

"Yeah, it's today." The blond said carefree. While both walks, you could hear girls giggling and sighing dreamily as the captain and vice captain of the famous soccer team walks by. You could also hear girls whispering with each other about captain this and captain that.

"My, captain Naruto; I don't know how you do it." The brown haired said as he watches the blonde smiled at his fan club as they pass them all.

"How do I do what Derek?" Naruto asked his best friend a little confuse.

"Do all this, going to school, being top 10 in the whole school, play against other school, practice, play in the Holland Jr. League as a semi-pro soccer player and before I forget, flirt with your fan club." Derek said as he counted them in his finger.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto said both he and Derek had arrived on the clubroom and both started to change.

"What I'm talking about is this, today is the championship and the principal had excuse you from school today and coach excuse you as well, so you can rest for the game later this afternoon but instead of relaxing, you're here going to morning practice." Derek said to Naruto, the only answer he got from the blond is a hearty laugh before the blond left the room to do his warm up. "What a guy." Derek murmured as he closed his locker and follows the blond action.


"And there goes Kazama Naruto, ace striker of Holland Jr. League and three times winner of the MVP award since he first started playing in the league is doing even better this year, being the captain and leading his team now in a four point lead." The commentator announce as he follows Naruto with his eyes and saw the blond make a goal while at the same time the crowd started to cheer.

"Holla, kapitein! (Hey, captain!)" Dmitri shouted as both he and Naruto pass the ball to each other at the same time passing the midfielders to the tight defense of the Cameroon.

"Hetgeen Gebrek? (What Vice?)" Naruto asked as he avoided one of the defender.

"Do the FD!" Dmitri said as he passes the ball to Naruto who is now face-to-face with the goalie.

Naruto looks at Dmitri in the corner of his eyes, and after a few short breaths, Naruto started to sway like he was dancing with the ball, he'd been perfecting the move for the championship and Dmitri is the only one who knew about it. After Naruto swayed for a while, the goalie didn't notice that on the middle of the sway, Naruto had stop and kick the ball to the goal.

"And it's another goal from Kazama Naruto!" The commentator said as the audience cheered and finally the whistled blowed signaling the end of the game. "And that's the end of the game; Holland won the championship with 7-1."

While the commentator is announcing everything, Naruto's team had lifted him off the ground and started to give him a victory lift. After the lift, Naruto, together with his vice Captain Dmitri and coach are called to take the trophy, then Naruto and his team took a team picture for the morning newspaper. At the same time Naruto answer some question from the press about winning the MVP award again for the fourth time in a row.


Naruto laid on the couch as soon as he arrive from the game, very exhausted from both game, interview and victory party while at the same time, his personal maid took his things to his room.

"Your dad called!" A voice said over the blond's head while the blonde still lay on the couch with his eyes close.

"Oh, hey Uncle Iruka." Naruto greeted not bothering to move or even open his eyes.

"Your dad wanted to apologize for not being here to watch your game in person." Iruka said sitting on the arm rest of the couch where Naruto's head is located, so that Iruka can look down on him.

"Dad should know that he didn't need to say sorry. He'd been watching all of my championship game, so what if he missed one." Naruto said pointing a fact at Iruka because; Arashi never missed any of his son's games except this one. And just this one.

"I know, but he didn't just call to apologize, he also called to ask you if you're ready to go back to Japan." Iruka said looking down at the boy.

"Of course I'm ready." Naruto said and in fact he is not only ready but excited too, he had visited Japan for leisure for a couple of times already and then last year for the Jr. League game and he had fallen in love with the said country.

"Have you told your team yet?" Iruka asked he knows that Naruto is very close to the whole team especially with his vice captain Derek.

"I told the couch and Derek knows, but I hadn't told the others yet and as for the Jr. League my resignation is already in and they are just keeping it quiet." Naruto simply answered still relaxing his tired body.

"Last question before I totally leave you alone." Iruka said as he saw the blonde nod telling him to continue, "When are you planning to tell the others?"

"Tomorrow before we pick a new captain and vice captain." Naruto answered and he felt Iruka left the room to leave him in peace.


For the past two days after Naruto told his team that he was going back to Japan, the news had spread all over the school and Naruto had gotten a lot of gifts from both his fan boy and girl, from his friends and teammates. Most of the gift he got is love confession from boy and girls and letters asking him to stay in Holland.

It was already hard for Naruto to leave his friend and teammates behind but it was even harder for him when he saw his fans cry in front of him asking him to stay even though they now that the blond wouldn't change his mind.


The graduation day went smoothly, Naruto was asked to make a speech to his graduating class after that Naruto attended the Graduation party but didn't stay long because he had a press conference to attend now that the media got wind that he was leaving the Holland Jr. League and the country for good, also he had promise his fan club and teammates that he would attend the farewell party they made for him before he leaves for Japan tomorrow morning.

It was already 3 in the morning when Naruto got home, mainly because Derek, his teammates and his fan club wouldn't let him go home yet, saying something about not being able to see the blond again or if ever they would see the blond again it would be God knows when, so in the end Naruto agreed to stay even when his plane will leave at 10 in the morning.

Naruto sigh as he made his way to his room, it was a good thing that he took Iruka's advice of packing early because if he didn't then he would find himself packing in 3 in the morning instead of sleeping in his bed.

"Thank God I listen." Naruto murmured as he fell on top of his bed and fallen asleep with one thing in mind. 'Japan, here I come.'

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