This is my first attempt at a GG Fan Fic. Hope you guys like it. Feedback is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated!

"So what do you think?"

April asked as she pushed the food around her plate. Just as Luke was about to answer he thought he caught a glimpse of someone in the corner of his eye, passed the gazebo. Without answering, Luke walked around the counter and headed out the door.


April called out to him in confusion. As quickly as he had seen her, the image had evaporated into thin air, as through his imagination was playing tricks on him.

"Great, now I'm hallucinating." He grumbled to himself.

It had almost been a year since Lorelai had fled Stars Hollow. The last anyone had seen her was at the Diner that evening she had begged Luke to elope with her. By the time Luke reached her house that night her jeep was gone along with most of her belongings. She had gone without a note, without a word, to anyone. Luke was frantic with worry, crazy with guilt and overwrought with the impact of his loss. He hounded Sookie who had very little to share as she was just as surprised to hear what had happened the previous night. Between the two of them a full scale panic swept across the town. When Luke had called Rory the next day he was careful not to panic her too in case she did not know what had happened the night before.

"Luke…" she answered hesitantly

"Rory, is your Mom with you?" he asked. Rory hesitated before answering.

"She's not with me no."

"But is she ok?"

"Would you be?" Rory replied quietly.

"I have to go Luke." Rory felt terrible for being short with him, but he wasn't her priority at that particular moment.

Luke hung his head and he put the phone down. There was an edge of worry and panic in Rory's voice that did not go un-noticed. After years of knowing her, he knew how to read her well. A few days later, Rory had left a message on his answering machine. He noted that she had left a message timely, knowing when he would not be at his apartment.

"Luke, it's Rory. Just letting you know I'm with Mom now. We're not at home, or Yale. We're off for a little road trip. She asked that you not contact her. Sorry Luke, will keep you updated."

Luke played the message over and over again, hearing the distance that Rory had put in her voice to cover the emotion she was trying to bury.

It broke his heart that Lorelai flat out refused to see him. Luke was more than aware of the part he played in what had erupted. He played the scenes over and over again in his head, and it drove him crazy, for each time he played it, it always ended without her.

The message that Rory had left him was that she could leave him. As much as Rory hated doing it she had asked Sookie to fill Luke in when she could. Even then Luke knew that Sookie was choosing her words. Every time he asked Sookie where Lorelai was, the answer was always the same.

"She won't tell me." And they both knew why Lorelai wouldn't tell her.

Less than an hour later the door to his diner opened. There she stood like a ghost from his past, smiling hesitantly, and hedging by the doorway uncomfortably.

"Rory Gilmore, get over here." He barked as he walked towards her with his arms open. Rory grinned and practically knocked him over as flew straight into his arms. How she had missed this man that stood before her, the man that was more like a father to her than her own. Luke felt the impact of her embrace, and held her tightly. This was Rory, Stars Hollow's Rory, his Rory. The first kid her ever loved. How she'd grown, he noted.

"Look at you! You've grown kid!" he stated somewhat tearful. Her beauty haunted him as it reminded him so much of her mother.

"Yeah, well it happens to the best of us. I'm sure April has grown a foot." She answered. Realising as soon as she said the word April it ripped the band aid off a wound. She almost apologised.

"How are you doing?" he asked.

"Pretty well. I graduate from Yale at the end of the school year."

"Rory that's great." He said proudly giving her another hug. Rory almost chuckled to herself, having a daughter in his life had certainly trained him for the hugging.

"I'd love it if you were there for my graduation. It's only appropriate for you to be there. You're like a father to me Luke, always have been. Luke…" she began. Luke knew she was about to apologise but he stopped her.

"I understand Rory. It's ok." Luke shifted his gaze and Rory watched him refrain from asking the one question he wanted to ask. The one question that led to many questions, the one he wanted answered more than anything.

"She's doing ok Luke, better to use the term loosely." Rory whispered answering his silent question. Luke nodded in acknowledgement.

"Much better that she was in the beginning."

"Listen Luke, I came for a reason." Rory pulled out a picture from her wallet. As his eyes fell on the picture his head jerked up to meet her gaze to which she only nodded in response. Within moments Lane had walked in with an infant in her arms. She carefully handed him to Rory who handed him to Luke.