Love Letter

by: Higanbana-Sama

Disclaimers: We all know that Mr. Kishimoto Masashi owns Naruto, right?

Note to readers: It's been awhile. Sorry for the long wait. This chapter has very little Sasu/Hina. And there's more Neji/Hina and Kaka/Hina... so enjoy and the next chapter, I'll try to make it more interesting.

Hinata sighed heavily. Today was absolutely exhausting. After history, she couldn't pay well attention on the subject of matter seeing how she noticed the girls were glaring at her, whispering behind her back loudly for her to hear and throw paper balls and death messages to her.

She shivered, remembering one message that haunted her memory for life. It said something about Sakura will beat her till she turned like dough, then skinning her body and feeding it to the gizzards…

Foreign language was worse, where their teacher asked each one of them to say a sentence in English, many of the girls discreetly threw the vulgar sentence towards her direction, without the teacher noticing, though he was very surprised at their knowledge of crude languages.

Hinata looked over where Sasuke was sitting, some time after time. He seemed to be easily pleased with himself, knowing that the fan girls attention were not directing their attention towards him now.

She sighed, again.

At the end of the last class, the bell rang and students left to go home or hang with their friends after school. Hinata pouted, watching as everyone headed towards the exit opposite of her. Just when she was about to into her English class to her detention, someone poked her on the back.

"Eep!" startled, she turned around quickly to see who it was.


"Yo." he greeted coolly.

"Ah! Um… hello." she responded softly.

There was a short pause.

"You're actually going to detention?" he asked.

"Ah, um.. Yes. I don't want to be late--"

"Pftt.." she was cut off when Sasuke made a stifled sound.

She pouted. "-- and I don't want to get in trouble as I already am, also what if Kakashi-sensei will get mad?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "That lecher doesn't give a rat's ass about students skipping detention. So just don't go."

Hinata looked down, her cheeks turning a slight pink and gnawed on her bottom lip. Partially because of Sasuke's rude language and calling a teacher an inappropriate name.

"Bu-but I have to.." she replied timidly.

Sasuke gave her a side look and narrowed his eyes at her figure.

Long dull indigo hair that came past her hips, long bangs covering her eyes, pale skin, long skirted and a flustered face.

Nothing too good to look at and definitely not the type that Sasuke would go for. But she was the only one that wasn't infatuated with him and unwillingly made a deal, to help him get rid of his fan girls. He didn't want to admit it, but she was pretty brave to do this..

He grunted. "Fine, whatever. I don't care. Do whatever you want."

And with that, he walked away, leaving her standing there in the hallway, all by herself.

Sasuke glanced back and watched her as she hesitantly went inside the Kakashi's class room. He didn't care…. Right?


Hinata slid the door open and peeked inside.

Kakashi looked up and blinked, raising his eyes, surprised.

"Oh," he placed his book down. "You actually came?"

He sighed and ruffled the back of his head. "Alright, sit wherever you like."

Hinata bowed and quietly sat on her seat, near the window.

She looked around the room and noticed that she was the only student in the class. She hung her head low and sighed.

How pathetic.

Suddenly the classroom door slid open.


She raised her head up and with wide eyes. "N-neji?!"

"I've been looking everywhere for you!" he exclaimed out as he walked towards her.

Hinata stared at him, surprised yet at the same time speechless. He was looking for her… was he worried? But in the morning, in the backyard she thought he was angry at her.

She studied his unsteady posture, he was out of breath, probably from searching every room for her.

"I-I'm sorry, Neji. I have detention right now." she apologized gently, she felt her tears coming out at the corner of her eyes.

Neji was taken aback. "Hi-Hinata-sama?!"

"I-I'm so sorry! I'm sorry I made you w-worry about me! I j-just thought you were angry at me…" she sobbed, her tears flowed down her cheeks.

Hinata hung her head down low, her long bangs shadowing her face.

Neji's face softened as he looked down at Hinata. He lowered his head a bit, his cheeks showed a faint color of pastel pink.

"Hinata-sama.." he whispered as he raised her head by cupping her chin with one hand.

She stopped crying and looked up at his handsome face.

Neji gave her a small, sincere smile, the other hand wiping her warm tears. "Don't be sorry…"

Hinata blinked, her face turned warm. The soft touch of Neji's hands cupping her chin and softly brushing her tears were comforting and….nice.

"So… you're not…angry…?" she sniffed.

His small smile widened a bit. "I'm not angry," he reassured her. "I can never be angry at you, Hinata-sama."

Hinata's eyes widened at his words. Then she slowly returned his smile with a bright and small smile of her own. "Thank you, Neji."

Though the scene was suppose to be heartwarming, Hinata couldn't explain why there was something odd about this… and why there was a uncomfortable voyeuristic atmosphere that clouded the empty classroom.

Suddenly Hinata's eyes widened, in embarrassment. She slowly turned her head realizing something.

Neji followed her gaze. They both stiffened.

With his book laying down on his lap, arms crossed, Kakashi-sensei watched the scenario with interest, sitting comfortably in his chair.

"Hmm?" he blinked.

"Why'd you stop? Keep going, things were going great between you two." he praised with a hidden grin.

Neji and Hinata both blushed. Neji took his hands away from Hinata's face and Hinata buried her face with her hands and looked down.

"Eh… umm.. Hinata-sama. I-I'll be leaving first then," he bowed to Kakashi-sensei. Regaining his calm state, he walked towards the door.

"Take care, Hyuuga-san!" Kakashi saluted. "I'll make sure Hinata comes back home in good state."

Just when he was about to exit the classroom, he stopped and stiffened. Glancing at the silver haired teacher, his eye twitched, nerved by the way the young teacher said the sentence so wrongly. "Ah…. Yes. Thank you, Kakashi-sensei." And he left the class, shutting the door behind him.

Hinata placed her arms on her desk and covered her face. How embarrassing! Crying in front of the teacher and showing him the warm relationship she had with her cousin.


She looked up and noticed that Kakashi-sensei was hovering in front of her.

"Eh?! K-Kakashi-sensei!" she addressed, rather loudly and corrected her posture.

He chuckled, only to be muffled by the face mask. He placed his large hand on top of her head. "Sorry for embarrassing the two of you like that."

She raised up both her hands and waved at them, showing that she didn't mind. "N-no, no. It's okay! I-I'm sorry for crying and--!"

"Ah, it's alright." Kakashi smiled, at least that's what Hinata thought as she looked at his hidden face, his smile reached his eyes. Hinata never realized that Kakashi-sensei was very good-looking. Even though you couldn't really see with the face mask on, he still looked good, and not to mention young.

Kakashi realized that he still had his hand placed on top of Hinata's head. He blinked and stared at her innocent face. Then chuckling to himself, he ruffled her head a bit.

Then he walked back to his chair, to read his book. Knowing that Hinata was staring at his retreating figure in confusion, he announced without looking back.

"Hinata-san, if you haven't realized, detention is over."

"Ah!" he heard her exclaim out.

Hinata rose out of her chair, grab her book bag and headed out the class. Before she left, she bowed politely and smiled at the silver haired teacher. "Goodbye Kakashi-sensei! Thank you and take care." and with that, she left.

Kakashi silently sat on his chair, his favorite orange book in one hand while, he looked down at his other hand. The one he touched his young student's head with.

"Soft…." he mumbled to himself. Then he let out a short low chuckle as he went back to reading his book.

'She has such soft hair..'


As Hinata walked towards the school gate to leave home, she noticed a tall figure standing there.

"E-eh? Neji?" she exclaimed.

The handsome browned haired boy smiled. "Hello, Hinata-sama."

"W-what are you doing here?" she asked. He couldn't have possibly…..? He said he would go on without her, he informed her back in class that he would be leaving first…

Neji's smile grew, reaching up to his eyes. "I decided to wait for you."

"Oh," she blinked, a small blush crossed her face, touched by his kindness. "U-um.. Why-why isn't the chauffeur here?"

"I thought it would be dull to take the car back home, besides…"

She looked up at her cousin and noticed he was showing an embarrassed expression.

Turning his gaze somewhere else, cheeks were painted lightly with pink and his hand in front of his mouth, knuckles pressed softly to his lips. A gesture of bashfulness.

"I would like it better if we walked home together…" he confessed in a low voice.

Hinata was taken aback. How long has it been since they walked home together?

Finally, Hinata smiled warmly and nodded. "I would like it as well." she replied softly.

As they walked together, Hinata did something bold.

Walking side by side, touching the palm of Neji's hand with the crook of her pointer finger, she then laced her small petite fingers around his slender ones. Inwardly, Neji jumped in surprise. He glanced at Hinata and saw her calm and happy expression and smiled tenderly.

How long has it been since they walked home together?

He responded by closing his fingers with hers and the two of them, unashamedly held hands and walked home together.