Out of This World

Author's note: I don't own Tokyo Mew Mew or hold any of the rights to any of the characters associated with it. I only hold the rights to Meta, so if you plan on using him (as he is my own original creation) please get consent before doing such things. Now then, as this disclaimer thingy is now completed…onto the story!

Out of This World – Fleshing it Out

Three years…it had been 3 years if not more since the end of the last struggle. The city of Tokyo bustled with activity acting as if it had forgotten everything that had happened so long ago. Occasionally you'd hear the story of super heroic girls saving the city, but those were tales of time ago. The New Year had happened only a few days earlier and 2007 had hoped to be one of promise for everyone. Resolutions galore cluttered the minds of everyone who hoped and prayed that THIS year, was THEIR year to strike it rich in whatever endeavors they pursued.

The sun warm with its pure rays of light pierced the cold that had fallen on the city and entered through the slight crease in curtains leading into the room of a lone girl. A few minutes went by before she stirred a little and mumbled in her sleep, "Masaya…" More than likely she was dreaming about a guy, possibly a boyfriend of or a crush of some sort. The room was neatly kept with nary a scrap of garbage in sight and on her desk was a picture of her and a boy, most likely a boyfriend or close friend.

"Ichigo!" a motherly voice was heard muffled outside the girl's bedroom door, "it's time to get up for school dear!"

The girl sleeping in her bed stirred not wanting to end the sweet dream she appeared to be having, but slowly opened her eyes and yawned. She stretched out her dark red hair bouncing slightly and she looked at the light coming in through the creases in the curtains. She shifted out of bed and walked over opening up the curtains and looking out upon the new day. She relaxed as the warm rays of light warmed the chilled air around her room as well as the sleep clothes she was wearing. She moved over to her closet and put on her traditional school uniform similar to what many other High School Students wore. It wasn't anything fancy but it didn't matter to her. All that mattered was that…she was going to school with her sweetheart. She blushed slightly as she did every morning looking at the uniform and had a warm smile plastered all over her face. She slowly got the rest of the uniform on and moved over to the mirror where she put the ribbons she wore in her hair as well as the little cat bell around her neck. It tinkled as she put it on and she tapped it once hearing its sweet jingle. She slipped on her indoor shoes and walked downstairs to where her mother and father were having breakfast.

"Morning Ichigo," Her mother smiled vibrantly.

"Ahh, morning mama!" Ichigo replied smiling back, "Morning papa!"

Her father smiled pulling the paper down from his face and replied, "Ahhh, good morning as well!"

He looked at his watch and finished, "It's time I head out." Ichigo's mother walked over and kissed her husband and nuzzled his nose like a newlywed couple.

Ichigo turned away from this somewhat embarrassing display of affection but at the same time knowing that someday, someday soon possibly, that would be her and her sweetheart. "I love youuuuu," Ichigo's mother cooed at her husband and kissed him again.

"I love you too hun," Ichigo's father blushed and hugged his wife warmly, "See you later Ichigo! Have a good day at school!" Ichigo's father moved toward the door and took off his indoor shoes and put on his work shoes and his jacket, and then exited the house in a relaxed fashion.

Ichigo's mother went back over to the morning dishes and asked in her kind motherly tone, "So, Ichigo, how is Masaya doing?"

Ichigo blushed and replied, "He's doing well!!"

Ichigo's mother chuckled and said, "You should invite him over for dinner again sometime! I know your father has a hard time with it, but he really does enjoy Masaya. He's just being a father who loves his daughter is all."

Ichigo chuckled somewhat sheepishly remembering the LAST time Masaya had dinner with them and the chaos that ensued. Of course the only one creating the chaos was Ichigo's dad who had to be restrained most of the night anytime he and Ichigo came within a foot of each other. "I know mom…but I'm not a kid anymore, I'm 15, and I kinda wish he'd at least respect the fact that Masaya and I are a couple."

Her mother chuckled and walked over to her daughter and placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders, "Did you know that he's very fond of Masaya?"

Ichigo seemed a little surprised and responded, "Really?!"

Her mother nodded smiling, "He has a hard time showing it, but he trusts Masaya quite a lot! Why else do you think he allows you to spend so much time together?"

"But mama…" Ichigo was somewhat surprised thinking that her mother had been the one who was giving her the ok all the time when Masaya would come over to pick up Ichigo for their dates.

"He has a hard time showing it, but he could think of no one better than Masaya for you to be with. He's just being your father because he loves you and he's having a hard time giving you up." Ichigo's mother nuzzled her daughter's cheek and hugged her from behind, "Now finish up eating and get to school! I'm sure you'd hate to make Masaya wait for you!"

Ichigo blushed and nodded in agreement, and after a short period of time Ichigo finished her breakfast and said to her mother, "I'm off mama!"

Ichigo's mother turned and waved to her daughter replying, "Have a nice day in school sweetie!"

Ichigo walked over to the foyer and put on her school shoes as well as her jacket for the cool air and headed out toward another day at Koubasii Meshi High School. She hummed a happy tune as she skittered down the sidewalk. After a little bit she saw her friend up ahead and called out, "Berry!"

Berry turned and looked and replied with a cherry tone of her own, "Ichigo! Good morning!" The two had become very close friends over time considering they both had gone through such huge ordeals.

Ichigo turned as well to Berry's boyfriend as well and replied, "Good morning, Tasuku!!"

"Good morning Ichigo." Berry and Ichigo began conversing as the three continued on toward school and considering how similar the girls were it seemed like they never would run out of things to say.

Eventually Ichigo caught sight of her boyfriend and ran over yelling, "Masaya!!!" her face blushing in excitement.

"Good morning, Ichigo," Masaya smiled warmly at her.

"Good morning!" Ichigo was giddy as usual around her boyfriend, just another surefire sign she was totally in love with him.

The two couples continued on toward school with normal school conversation just like any other day. There was no talk however of anything regarding the events of 3 years ago. In fact it had been sometime since anyone within that group had discussed the events of then.

"So do you have any plans after school today Berry?" Ichigo asked.

"Nothing that I'm aware of, did you have something planned Tasuku?" Berry turned to Tasuku.

"Aside from being with you?" Tasuku pondered, "Nope my afternoon is free."

"Wonderful, Masaya and I ask that you two come on a date with us, it'll be a double date!"

Berry thrust her fist into the air and said, "Yes!"

Tasuku chuckled and said, "You sure you don't mind us tagging along Masaya?"

Masaya shook his head, "I think it'd be great to have you two along."

Tasuku gave Berry a big hug all of a sudden, "Well then we'll be there!"

Berry's face turned flush and she screamed at him, "Tasuku, not in front of them!"

Ichigo laughed and looked up at Masaya her face blushing slightly as well, "they're such love birds aren't they!"

Masaya smiled warmly and responded, "Tasuku has such a deep love for Berry, just like I do for you Ichigo."

Ichigo blushed brightly and hid her face behind her school bag as if she was expecting her cat ears to suddenly pop out considering the excitement she was feeling, but no matter how excited she felt herself getting the ears never came out. "Well that's odd," she thought, "My ears aren't coming out like they usually do when I'm this excited. Maybe…the Red Data DNA is gone for good?"

Masaya chuckled and said, "Your ears didn't come out Ichigo, so you can take your bag down."

Ichigo laughed slightly sheepish and lowered her bag her face still bright red, "I guess you're right Masaya."

"So where should we meet?" Berry asked finally having pried Tasuku off her.

"How about the café?" Ichigo replied.

Berry nodded, "Sure!"

Other side of the world and in a completely different timeline and dimension…

A groan escaped his lips as once again he had been beaten. Aaron looked over at his friend who was going ballistic having beaten him in a rare victory. Aaron chuckled however and said, "Nice game man."

His friend laughed and responded, "I thought I was going to lose again! I was so close and wow, that was intense!"

Aaron shook his head, "Man you are out of control Sabin."

"So are you coming to wings tonight?" Sabin asked as his victory dance subsided.

"Can't man, I got a plan tonight, and it's going to be a packed house."

Sabin chuckled, "One of the perks of being free?"

"One of the perks of helping others get free man. My freedom is wonderful no doubt, but man; I need other people to JOIN ME!!"

Sabin shook his head, "don't even look at getting me in, I'm happy with what I'm doing."

"I know I know man, it's not your 'thing' but I'm not nagging on ya. Speaking of which how is Marianne doing? I haven't seen her in a while."

"She's doing fine; we're expecting our first child in March."

"NO WAY!! That's so awesome!! Congrats man!" Aaron gave Sabin a cusped handshake with a half hug. "So any idea what you're going to name the bundle of joy?"

"We haven't decided on a name yet, but I'll let you know once we figure all that out."

"Thanks man and it's good to see you again."

"No kidding, it's been what…a year?"

"Something like that, are you glad it's all over?"

"Yeah, I'm glad I don't have to fight anymore. You sure you won't have any issues going solo now?"

Aaron chuckled hesitantly and nodded, "Yeah man, I should be good solo."

"You still think about her don't you bro," Sabin softened his voice almost as if remembering the same girl in question.

"Yeah, I still do every now and then but…I got it out of my system not long ago."

"Oh? Finally cried it out?"

Aaron nodded slowly, "Yeah, I finally cried it all out, and she'd kick my ass if she knew I was still dwelling on it at all."

Sabin laughed lightly, "That she would. She had you whipped man," he finished by making the sound of a whip cracking.

"Like HELL she did!" Aaron laughed, "She just knew what it took to get me out of my funk man. She was special like that. She just…knew me. You know that feeling with your wife."

Sabin nodded, "Yeah man, you've known them forever and they know exactly how to keep you going. Marianne…heh…she seriously is the best thing that ever walked into my life. Ever."

"You better say that!!" Aaron tried to change his attitude to a more upbeat feeling.

"I really love that lady, and I have no embarrassment saying that to you or anyone else man. I know it embarrasses her sometimes, but man, I don't care. That girl is so special to me and I'm going to let her know."

Aaron smiled and responded, "Sounds like you've grown up a bit Sabin, and you're no longer a wild man. You've settled down it seems."

Sabin laughed, "Nah, that'll never happen. I just realized what my priorities were is all and made the changes I needed to get there. I'm still just as crazy as I was and Marianne still chides me about it sometimes, but I know she loves me no matter what." Sabin looked at his watch and responded, "Speak of my awesome wife, I should get going as I'm sure she's needing my help with stuff."

"Trying to keep her off her feet?"

"Trying to give her as little stress as possible while she's pregnant since I've heard that a mother with less stress in her life helps with that whole process."

"I think any mother with less stress in her life would help in the whole process of life," Aaron laughed.

"Yeah I know man, but hey, I love her, and I need to be there for her. It's my job as her husband to be the man she needs."

Aaron nodded, "I hear you bro. Take care of yourself and keep in touch!!" Sabin waved and exited the apartment leaving Aaron alone by himself. He took a deep breath and plopped down on the couch. It had been almost 3 years since it all happened and he had lost the girl he loved more than anything. He had moved on thankfully but as he had told Sabin, it wasn't long ago he had just gotten it all out. He shook his head and said out loud, "You're a winner, Aaron. It's time you help others because you have that gift. So come on buddy let's do this!" Knowing that he could get his emotions out of the funk they were heading for he willed his way away from it and thought, "Yeah, no time to feel sorry for myself when there are other people out there who need my help!!" He moved toward the bathroom getting as he proposed to get ready for the business meeting later that night.

Late that night into the early hours of the morning…

The meeting went spectacularly excitement abound as had the meeting after the meeting he gave at a local restaurant where he just talked while people would ask him questions. He knew he could go longer, but he knew the other people there didn't have the luxury that he did…yet. Around 1:30 in the morning he let everyone know that it was time to depart and he let everyone know he was proud of them for making the right choice to do the right thing for their future. He again thanked the hosts that allowed him into their home and parted with them for the evening. He got into his car and drove home back to his apartment on the outskirts of town. It was a cool evening and the fact he had no job anymore (Self made multi-millionaire) allowed him to head home without any stress of having to get up early the next morning and slave away at something that he really didn't care about. Although in the back of his mind he knew that he wanted to come home to a loving wife, or have a girlfriend that he could speak with or even have a chance to just hold and enjoy time together, but that at this moment in time was all gone. Schala was no longer going to be able to pick up her phone and in her warm and sweet tone reply, Aaron! How are you doing!? However, Aaron knew that someone out there would accept him for who he was and what he did no matter what, but that it would just take time to find that person. Just as it took time to find Schala, it would take time to find someone else. He walked up the stairs and unlocked the door to his apartment. He entered when suddenly an alarm went off on his watch. He looked down almost in shock as it breeped. He pushed one of the buttons on it and said into it his face suddenly serious, "Windstrom, what's going on?"

"I have detected a spectral presence causing problems."


"Coordinates have been sent, should I open a portal?"

"Yes, I'll change in transit."

A stable rip in space/time opened in a circular motion swirling and crackling with electrical energy. Aaron jumped in and the rip closed up behind him.

Somewhere in Japan…

Aaron stepped out of the portal donning full armour. His navy colored suit of protection gleamed in the sun as it still was day in Japan at this hour. The usual crowd of people that inhabited this bustling city appeared barren which put him on high alert. "Windstrom…life signs?" he said.

"I am showing none in this area."



Aaron slowly made his way around from area to area checking everything out to see if there were any life signs that Windstrom couldn't detect. To his dismay he saw no one at all still. Eventually he asked, "Windstrom where is the spectral presence now?"

"What are you speaking too the air?" a voice called out with a laugh.

"Where are you!? Show yourself?! Aaron yelled.

An image materialized about 20 yards away but it appeared to be more of a human being than anything ghost like. "How do you like the place?" the ghost image asked.

"Where are the people that were living here?" Aaron asked the tone of his voice serious.

"I ate them, they were very tasty."

"WHAT?!" Aaron seemed taken aback, "You ate all those people?!"

"Well, more like I ate their spiritual energy and the people…they kind of…just fell to dust after that," the ghost grinned innocently.

"Release that energy and let those people go!!"

The ghost burped loudly and laughed, "Excuse me!!"

Aaron charged his arm cannon and fired a blast at the ghost. The energy blast went through the ghost image and exploded into a building behind him. "Crap…dimensional evasion," Aaron thought realizing that he'd have to adjust the dimensional frequency to hit this thing at all.

The ghost not at all pleased with being fired upon charged forward and screamed opening his mouth like a horror show gone awry, "and now I'll eat YOU!!!"

Aaron dashed out of the way and yelled in mid-dash, "Windstrom get the dimensional coordinates of this thing and transfer the data to my arm cannon. I need to know where he's phased in at!" Aaron dashed out of the way of another oncoming mouth attack.

The ghost realizing he wasn't fast enough to catch his prey turned toward Aaron and shot what appeared to a giant blob of ghost energy out. Aaron barely dodged out of the way and turned around to see the blob impact on a building and literally eat through the steel holding it in place. The building dropped a full story and the ground shook slightly from the aftershock effect. "How do you like my bad breath?" the ghost laughed.

"I'm going to beat you with a giant toothbrush once I find out where you're hiding yourself," Aaron said a bit of sweat under his visor.

"Scan complete and data uploaded," Windstrom said as Aaron's arm cannon glowed and then went back to its normal navy color.

"Awesome," he said quietly before yelling out his cannon charging, "Hey ghost!! Eat THIS!!!" he let lose a blast that impacted upon the ghost this time knocking him back into another building. Debris flew all over from the impact crater and Aaron dashed over to the hole in the building. The ghost lay moaning amongst a pile of what appeared to be mangas. "Now then," Aaron finished his arm cannon fully charged up as he walked forward toward the ghost, "Do you want to give that energy back yourself or am I going to have to take it by force?"

The ghost looked around for whatever reason and spotted a random manga. He looked up at Aaron and said grinning as he touched the book, "I'm sorry, but we'll have to finish this fight another day. Aaron fired as the ghost image appeared to force itself into the manga book itself.

Japan of a different dimension…

Ichigo, Masaya, Berry, and Tasuku all arrived at Café Mew Mew and greeted their fellow friends. "It's not fair that Ichigo gets today off when we're so busy!" Mint complained as the café bustled with students who had just gotten out of class. "At this rate I'll never get my afternoon tea in!"

Ryou walked over and said, "Ahhh, nice to see you see Ichigo!"

Ichigo felt a shiver go down her spine like she knew she was going to be forced into working and said quickly, "Come on guys we should go, quickly!" She tugged slightly on Masaya's arm. All of a sudden there was a massive rumbling of the ground and it appeared that multi-colored lights were going off outside. "W-w-w-what's going on!?" Ichigo tried to keep her footing.

"EARTHQUAKE!!! WAHHHH!!!" Berry went crazy.

"RYOU!!!" A voice called for the second floor of the café, "Come quickly!!"

Ryou rushed upstairs as the lights continued and the ground shook.

The rest of the people inside the café hid under the tables crying in fear as Ichigo and her friends as well as the rest of the Mew Mew employees worked to help keep the customer's calm. Eventually the ground stopped shaking but the multi-colored lights continued to appear flashing outside.

"Ryou rushed back downstairs and Lettuce looked at him concerned and asked, "Ryou, what's going on?"

"Get the customers out safely and then everyone meet downstairs. I'll explain everything shortly."

Ichigo looked at Masaya and said in a sad tone, "Sorry Masaya, but duty calls."

Masaya smiled warmly and hugged her responding, "It's ok Ichigo, and you know what you have to do."

Berry without saying anything was immediately hugged by Tasuku who said to his girl, "Just come back safe ok? I'd hate to get mixed up in this because if it comes to your safety I will."

Berry chuckled and responded, "I'll be fine since I'll be with everyone else so make sure you are careful as well."

The two girls parted away from their boyfriends and headed downstairs as the crowd had been exited out and the café had been closed down early.

Café Mew Mew Basement…

"So what happened just now Ryou?!" Ichigo asked taking charge.

Keiichiro sat down in the computer chair and brought up different graphs while Ryou explained, "Something, and I have no idea what to be exact, just entered our world with energy that was off the charts. This thing is like nothing we've ever seen or measured before. I'm not sure how high the energy it was putting out really was, but from the calculations measured before they maxed out, it was possible it was 3 times as powerful as that of the Mew Aqua that we measured long ago."

"Wait…3 times as powerful?! If Mew Aqua had the potential to do that much damage…"

"Then what we're looking at is something way beyond our comprehension and ability to possibly deal with," Ryou finished, "While I know this is going to be incredibly dangerous, far more than anything we've ever seen, I need to know if you Mews are willing to fight to defend the Earth once more."

"Of course!!" Berry nodded, "Let's kick this thing's butt off of our planet!"

"Yeah!" Pudding said in her chipper voice, "Once that thing is out of the way I can practice my NEW trick!!" as she started balancing a plate on a small stick.

"Plus it's interrupted my tea time so of course it must pay!" Mint chimed in.

Zakuro in her silent nature nodded in agreement.

"We must protect this planet," Lettuce appeared determined as the shyness that was accustomed to her appeared to have been overcome quite a bit.

Ichigo smiled and looked at Ryou and nodded, "No matter what we all have something to protect on this planet and no matter how strong, the Mew Mews will be there to defeat it!"

Ryou smiled and nodded, "We'll guide you to where the energy is coming from and once you get there transform. Tokyo Mew Mew, go for the future of our planet and destroy this filth that has come to wreck havoc!"

The girls nodded and rushed off upstairs and out of the café as Ryou could only think, "May God find some way to protect those girls." Ryou took a deep breath and turned on the transmitter beginning his communication to his team.

Japan of the prime dimension…

"You're sure of this Windstrom?" Aaron asked.

"Affirmative, the spectral energy has moved to a parallel dimension in the 2D realm know as the Mew zone," Windstrom's cold computer response claimed.

Aaron picked up the manga that the ghost had jumped into and on the cover showed a picture of what appeared to be a Mew Mew posing. "Windstrom…do you have the dimensional coordinates of where the ghost went?"


"Send them to me and open a portal to the Mew zone. I've got a bad feeling about that ghost going there."

A rip space time opened up and Aaron stepped through feeling the tearing on his body as he went from a fully 3D person to a 2D figure of lines on paper. Thankfully though he was so used to the process of changing dimensions that it didn't appear to faze him. His face was as stoic and rigid as it was from the first moment he appeared to fight this disturbance that was causing problems. "Ten seconds until Mew zone intersect," Windstrom prepared him.

"I hope I'm not too late," Aaron thought as the portal to the Mew zone opened and he jumped out landing on the ground in the middle of a crowded group of people. Everyone looked at him perplexed and unaware of what was going on. Cars stopped and looked at this human or something that had just appeared out of what appeared to be a rip in space itself and they couldn't help but stare. There was no panic as Aaron had first expected and he could not understand what anyone was saying. "Windstrom, universal translator on please," he spoke in his clear English tongue.

"Universal translator is now online. All communication of non-English will now be converted to English for you."

The crowd now started to make sense and he could hear, "is it an alien?"

"Where are the Mew Mews?" another person could be heard saying.

"Are the Mew Mews even around still?" Another person could be heard saying.

Aaron looked around and spoke, "Windstrom, scan for spectral energy."

"Scanning…spectral energy found, transmitting coordinates to your visor now."

Aaron looked into his visor and dashed off in the direction of where the energy was originating from. As he dashed toward his intended target he asked, "Windstrom…where are the Mew Mews at right now?"

"Scans indicate that they are on the way to intercept the ghost as well, however I am reading no active Mew Mew DNA or it is too weak to pick up."

"Terrific. This is one cat fight I'm not going to enjoy getting involved in. Windstrom how close are they to the intended target?"

"They are within ¼ a mile from the target and closing on it quickly."

"How long before I intercept the target?"

"At your current rate of acceleration and speed you will end up arriving in 2 minutes."

"Have you had a chance to study that ghost's capabilities at all?"

"Data from the last engagement shows that the ghost has the ability to absorb DNA into its body and thus the reason we didn't find any people. They were completely dried out of the very strands that make them who they are."

"What are its motives?" Aaron thought unable to find any reason at all. "Windstrom I want you to search all the data base archives in all known dimensions and see if you can find anything that matches our specter."

"Such a scan will take several hours. I will not be able to process any requests while performing such a scan."

"I know Windstrom, but I can still go back home and to the lab so I should be ok. Just get that scan going and report to me once you've completed it."

"Affirmative, creating dimensional data link up...link up established...communication with Windstrom database to Meta system disengaging in 5…4…3…2…1."

The com traffic ended and Windstrom no longer spoke to Aaron. "Good luck Windstrom," Aaron's voice trailed off, "we'll need it."