Out of This World – The White Rabbit

The next day…

Nadina yawned and stretched out having gotten another great night sleep. "It's going to be a great day nya no da!" She exclaimed. "Pavlova better not try anything funny today or she's gonna regret EVER messing with me!" Nadina slipped out of bed and into something more comfortable which Mint had graciously provided for her. Nadina looked down at it and thought, "Now if only I was able to fill it out like she does." She felt slightly embarrassed that it hung so low around her neck considering her lack of…bust. "Stupid flat chest," she mumbled not liking a certain physical feature. "Why can't my chest just stay the same when I'm transformed!" she yelled out referring to the fact it seemed certain…physical features changed as well when she transformed.

"Nadina…" the bedroom door opened and Mint looked in annoyed.

"Mint, what's up?"

Mint groaned and said, "Next time you want to talk about THAT how about you keep your voice DOWN? I don't think the entire house wants to hear about your physical short comings."

Nadina blushed and chuckled completely embarrassed, "G-g-gomen."

"Now hurry up and get ready. Ryou is waiting for us at the Café," Mint finished shutting the door.

Nadina looked over at the dress once more and slowly put it on. It seemed a little frillier than what she liked in a dress but it still looked quite well on her. She twirled around a little and smiled brightly, "Welcome to Café Mew Mew!" she said practicing her greeting.

She liked what she saw and rushed out the door quickly. Mint was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her. "Are you ready?"

"Yup! I'm ready to work hard!"

"Good, because it's going to be a busy day today!" Mint and Nadina exited the huge house and entered the waiting limo that would take them to their destination.

"Let's hope Pavlova doesn't bother us today. I'd rather enjoy ONE day where I'm not kicking her butt."

"Speaking of which," Mint finished, "glad to have you on the team."

Nadina gave Mint a thumb up and giggled.

Café Mew Mew…

Cleaning was already going on as Keiichiro was washing dishes that had been sitting in the sink overnight and Ryou was already checking inventory to find out what this weeks order would be like. From time to time Ryou would ask Keiichiro something and get a response back regarding a new dish they were concocting or a change in trend they had noticed from orders. "Morning Ryou! Morning Keiichiro!" Lettuce spoke in her quiet, relaxed tone.

"Good morning Lettuce-san," Keiichiro smiled in his handsome way.

"Ahhh, good morning," Ryou smiled and finished, "Can you start by cleaning the tables this morning Lettuce?"

"Of course," Lettuce smiled and bowed.

Keiichiro waited until Lettuce had exited the kitchen and chuckled, "So when are you going to be honest with yourself?"

Ryou with his back turned still counting inventory responded, "I will eventually."

Keiichiro closed his eyes with a smile knowing that response and continued on with the dishes. A few minutes later in came Nadina and Mint and Keiichiro greeted them properly, "Morning Nadina-san, Mint-san."

"Morning!" Nadina gave a more standard greeting and asked, "What are we doing today?"

"Sunday is cleanup day here at the café," Keiichiro replied kindly.

"I see, so what would you like us to take care of first!"

"Since you have so much energy, how about we make you in charge of taking out all of the garbage," Ryou smiled widely.

"There better not be anything that smells bad or I'm going to hate this."

"It's garbage Nadina. It's going to smell," Ryou laughed.

"Greaaaat," Nadina's good morning felt ruined by his comments.

"I'm going to help Lettuce clean the tables!" Mint said as she exited the kitchen area.

"So you're making the new girl do the worst job?" Nadina poked at Ryou.

"Actually you get one of the easier jobs, Ichigo gets the worst job."

"Oh?" Nadina was intrigued, "and what might that job be?"

"Carrying in the supplies we order."

"You make a girl do a heavy job like that?"

"She's tougher than you think," Ryou chuckled.

"Still!" Nadina protested.

"You know if you don't think she can handle it I'm sure she would love your help."

"I think the garbage just asked me to take it out!" Nadina quickly rushed away.

"Ryou…" Keiichiro shook his head with a chuckle.

"Well what am I supposed to tell her?"

Nadina grabbed the large sack of garbage and dragged it outside through the front door. "Oh! Morning Ichigo! She spied the red headed girl slowly making her way toward the café doors.

"Hmmm? Oh…morning Nadina."

"Are you ok Ichigo?" Nadina seemed concerned with her sour sounding friend.

"Yeah I'm doing well," Ichigo forced out a smile.

"Err…ok," Nadina seemed to notice that Ichigo wasn't being completely honest but figured it would be best not to pry.

Ichigo continued on in to the kitchen and Nadina watched as she almost seemed to drag her body in. Lettuce also noticed Ichigo's lack of energy and asked Nadina, "Is there something wrong with Ichigo?"

"Your guess is as good as mine Lettuce," Nadina shook her head and spied all the garbage sitting next to the doors of Café Mew Mew. "Well this doesn't look too bad," she thought picking up one of the bags and opening the door to the outside of the café.

That afternoon…

Mint had had about all she could stand of Ichigo's sighs and she pulled Ichigo into the kitchen and yelled at her, "WHAT is your problem?"

Ichigo took a step back slightly surprised and responded, "Problem?"

Mint continued to yell, "Yes! A PROBLEM! You've been moping around here all morning dropping more things than Lettuce does!" Ichigo looked away from her friend not having the heart to respond to which Mint sighed and put a finger to her forehead and finished, "It's something to do with Masaya again doesn't it."

"N-N-No! Of course not!" Ichigo's face blushed and she tried to hide the truth.

"Ichigo it's written all over your face that you and Masaya are fighting right now."

Ichigo sighed not in the mood to try to even defend that statement, "It doesn't matter right now."

Mint sighed again and said, "If you're going to be this useless you might as well just go home Ichigo."

"Hey! I'm not useless!"

"Then how do you explain all your clumsiness and mood for today?"

"Perhaps Mint-sama is right," Keiichiro smiled and finished, "If you're not feeling well Ichigo-san I'm sure Ryou will excuse you for the rest of the day to sort things out with your boyfriend."

"Just remember if we cover for you…you owe us BIG TIME young lady," Mint's authoritive tone struck.

Ichigo just sighed and Mint screamed, "That's it you're done for today!"

"Ehhh?" Ichigo looked bewildered as Mint pushed her into the girls changing room and quickly changed back into her normal clothes as Mint commanded her.

"Now you go home and work this all out!"

Ichigo quickly retreated from the cafe and after a good distance sighed and slowly made her way home. Upon entering her home her mother looked out from the kitchen and responded, "You're home early sweetie, are you feeling ok?"

"I think I'm still feeling a lil ill mama," Ichigo said trying to give her mother a smile.

"Mmmm then scoot on up to bed and get some rest," her mother's relaxing tone responded.

"Thanks mom," Ichigo slowly moved up the stairs to her room.

She slowly slipped back into her strawberry colored pajamas and slipped into bed feeling its comfort quickly take her into dreamland.

Later that night…

Ichigo's phone started to play indicating a call was incoming. She mumbled slightly ignoring it until it rang again a second time. Whoever it was wanted to talk to her more than just leaving a message. "Mmmm, hello?" she said very woozy like.

"Ichigo," the other end was Masaya's voice.

Her face quickly turned slightly red and it seemed like she was more spry now than before, "M-Masaya!"

"Can…you talk for a bit?" Masaya asked.

Ichigo wanted to say no. Badly she wanted her lips to say no at that time but somehow it end up saying the exact opposite, "Y…yeah."

"I uhhh…I've been doing some thinking, Ichigo." Ichigo swallowed hard and let Masaya finish, "I'm terrified, Ichigo."

"Ehhh? Terrified?" Somehow that wasn't what she expected to hear.

"Ever since this whole thing started where you're fighting again I've been terrified that I was going to lose you for good this time. When…when I saw you die…Ichigo I honestly felt my heart tear apart. I know I've told you that before but…it really hurt me…deeply. I'm afraid…terrified that if I trust in Aaron again, that there will be no second chances. That what happened and you being saved was just a one time thing. I can't bear to lose you again Ichigo. That's why I can't trust Aaron. I'm scared he really doesn't know or care about anyone but his own self."


"But the funny thing is," Masaya let out a half chuckle, "I remember being like that as well. I didn't care about anyone but my own self. Surviving as I've told you before. I acted differently so I could survive never once letting how I really felt out or trusting fully in others. Until I met you." There was a few seconds of silence before Masaya continued, "I know that what I've said and done has caused you a lot of stress and has caused a ton of tension between everyone when they were only trying to do the right thing. I'm sorry…Ichigo. I never meant to hurt you. I was wrong…and I apologize for being so selfish." Masaya could hear soft sobbing on the other end of the phone and asked, "Ichigo?"

"I'm sorry Masaya. I just…"

"No, I'm sorry Ichigo. I want you to know that I trust you in whatever it is you decide to do, and…if that includes fighting with Aaron to do the right thing I'll stand by your side no matter what, even if it means I have to stand next to him as well."

"Mas…aya," Ichigo's sobs were slightly louder.

"Now Mew Ichigo…fight…and fight hard. Just like I know you can. Save this world like I know you can. I'm with you all the way."

"H-hai!" Ichigo voice was soft and light.

"Ichigo…I love you."

"Mmm! I…love you too."

Deep Blue's base…

Pavlova sat on the edge of her bed mumbling about yesterday and how she had Mew Nadie and then suddenly didn't. In her mind she went over the entire strategy she had planned out and wondered what her fatal flaw was in all that. It suddenly dawned on her what it was and she gasped having never fully realized it before. "They're stronger as a team!" Though how she didn't realize it before was odd considering she had innumerable intelligence. It might have been the fact that it was so common and cliché that it was overlooked completely in favor of more uncommon and variabled things. "So that means I HAVE to fight them individually…and they know where I am because I use Anima." She looked at the door to the room she was in and continued to ponder, "So how do I get them alone? I could just attack them myself, but what kind of fool attacks blindly without a backup plan?" She had to come up with some new way of being undetected while she was out gathering energy. She flopped back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. "Wait…they have strength in numbers, so why don't I do the same?" It was if she had never considered the idea of having multiple areas being attacked at the same time. "They might be strong together, but they can't focus all their firepower in one area if they have to take care of multiple areas at once!" She chuckled evilly in her young girl tone and continued in thought, "So now all that matters is…where to attack…and with whaaaat!"

The door to her room was banged on and she quickly sat up as the Ghost came in without even asking. "Do you plan on sleeping in forever or are you actually going to do some work around here?" he asked almost agitated.

"Hey! I'm doing my fair share of work around here aright? You can't expect great ideas to just suddenly appear out of the blue ya know!" Pavolva huffed back at the Ghost.

"You've been in your room for two days or did you suddenly lose track of all time?"

"W-Wha-! Pavlova blinked more wide-eyed and confused, "T-Two days?"

"Yeah you came back two days ago and passed out."

Pavlova chuckled lightly and hesitantly wondering how to respond to such a thing, "Well…I wasn't sleeping the whole time you know! I've been plotting ways to gather energy for you ya know!"

"Such as?"

"Uhh…well…uhhh…" she puffed her cheeks and closed her eyes knowing she had nothing as of yet concrete and finished, "well…you'll…just have to wait and see!"

"Oh…I see…" the Ghost turned around letting her excuse slide but knowing she had nothing. "Well then I guess I'll just let you get on with this surprise then!" He laughed and shut the door behind him. Pavlova mumbled under her breath and went back to planning how she would have this multi-pronged attack work.

Koubasii Meshi High School…

Nadina yawned as she and her friends walked toward the shoe changing area. "Stay up too late last night there Nadina?" Berry chuckled.

"I never realized how bored I could get when Pavlova doesn't attack. Not to mention there is NOTHING to do at Mint's place so I'm just dragging myself through the day."

"Why didn't you tell us then silly," Tasuku replied with his big smile.

"Would you like to hang out today then?" Berry smiled and asked.

"Wah? I can't interrupt you two!" Nadina replied.

Tasuku chuckled and shook his head, "Don't worry about it Nadina. You and Berry hang out and have some fun."

"Tasuku?" Berry looked at her fiancée.

"Show her the town Berry, and we'll hang out another day aright?"

"Wah? You mean I'm interrupting your date?" Nadina shook her head, "I can't do that! You two hardly have any time together it seems!"

Tasuku chuckled as he opened the shoe door and put on his regular shoes for outdoor and replied, "Nadina don't worry about it. I get to see this lovely lady EVERY single night."

Nadina's eyes got big and she responded in a low voice, "You two are already LIVING TOGETHER?"

Berry's face went completely flush and she flailed in a hushed voice responding, "N-n-n-n-no! We aren't living together!"

Tasuku chuckled and countered, "Of course we live together!"

"Tasuku!" Berry's face went even redder, "Don't lie to her!"

"Well I mean our rooms are right next to each other, so how am I lying to her?"

Nadina watched as Berry flailed more and her face got redder and redder. Berry responded, "We live in separate houses you moron!"

"But I'm in your room all the time so it's like we practically live together," Tasuku gave her another big grin.

Berry's face went completely red and she swung her arms madly yelling, "Tasuku shut uuuuup!"

Nadina couldn't help but slowly let out a slow chuckle and then move into a full out laugh before she responded, "I'm sorry but you two are just made for each other!"

Tasuku grinned and nodded, "Of course! Princess Berry is the only girl for me!"

Berry face-faulted and said meekly, "Tasuku! Stop iiiiit!"

Tasuku picked up his bride to be and said with a smile, "Now Princess Berry how about you and Nadina hang out and have some fun?"

Berry looked at his big grin; couldn't help but break out into one of her own and gave him a nod, "Mmm!"

"I'll see you two later!" Tasuku helped Berry back to her feet before giving her a quick hug and waved rollerblading away.

"Seriously that Tasuku," Berry puffed up her cheeks embarrassed.

"You two are so close it's adorable," Nadina chuckled.

"How about you Nadina? Is there anyone you're close too?" Berry asked as she put on her outside shoes.

"Ehhh? No, there isn't anyone I'm really close to right now," Berry shook her head and fitted her outside shoes and put the inside shoes into the locker.

"Really? No one back where you live even?"

"Well…there was this one guy I knew," Nadina put her hand behind her head and finished, "But he turned out to be looking for something I just wasn't after."

"You mean you rejected him after he confessed to you?"

"I…wouldn't say that so much as…he was looking for something I wasn't exactly after," Berry chuckled hesitantly.

Berry's eyes grew big for a second and she replied, "O-Oh…I uh…see."


"W-Well…uhh…maybe…uhh…you'll meet someone nice…err…here!" Berry tried to move the conversation on.


There was an awkward feeling in the air regarding the whole conversation and silence just took over while the girls walked out the school doors trying to think of what to say. Berry suddenly tried to ask, "S-So Nadina do you like shopping?"

As if she was asking a dumb question Nadina blinked and replied, "S-Shopping?" her eyes started to twinkle and she replied, "I LOVE shopping!"

Berry chuckled at her response and spoke, "Well then I'll have to take you to some of the shopping centers in town."

"Yes! Please do nya no da!"

Café Mew Mew a few hours later…

"Ryou, come here for a second," Keiichiro spoke as he continued tapping away at the keyboard in front of him.

Ryou slowly walked over and looked the monitor and studied the data on it. "Multiple minute amounts of chimera anima activity? They're barely lower level anima even."

"Should I dispatch the team?" Keiichiro asked.

"Keep an eye on it. I don't want the girls walking into a trap if that's what's going on."

Keiichiro nodded and turned his full attention back to the monitor in front of him while Ryou put his hands in his pockets and walked upstairs. Lettuce was waiting for him at the top and asked, "Is everything ok, Ryou-san?"

Ryou nodded, "Everything is fine Lettuce, nothing to worry about."

Lettuce bowed and responded as she grabbed an order, "Ok."

The shopping district…

"Nadina I can't believe you actually BOUGHT that…" Berry wasn't sure how the young girl would enjoy buying a pair of bunny ears.

"But they're so cute nya no da!" Nadina squealed, "and besides now I can wear them and do the caramel densen dance.

"The WHAT dance?" Berry was confused.

Nadina put on the ears and put her arms up next to her head and started shaking her hips back and forth while making her arms bend like rabbit ears flopping up and down. "See! This is the caramel densen dance!"

Berry tried not to laugh but she couldn't hold it in any longer and she let out a loud laugh seeing Nadina do perhaps the goofiest looking thing she had ever seen. "Nadina, that is…ahahahaha."

Nadina grinned and finished, "I'm making the bunny girl laugh by doing the bunny dance nya no da!"

Berry laughed even harder hearing this and Nadina joined her in laughing. It see med the two were bonding very well given their similar personalities at times. The laughter was short-lived however as suddenly all of the windows on the street shattered by a very loud and deafening sound. Berry and Nadina covered their ears in pain and looked down the street to see a small group of what appeared to be mutated frogs bellowing in unison once again and causing everything made of glass to shatter and send people running away screaming. Unfortunately some of the people were knocked unconscious by the sound waves and above the frogs phased in everyone's favorite energy gathering alien. "Now then," Pavlova smiled happily as she sent anima out and slowly started to gather energy from the downed people, "let's get this plan rolling!"

"Lightning Boomerang!" the boomerang sliced through many of the energy gathering anima. Pavlova squealed and turned to see Mew Berry and Mew Nadie standing on top of one of the shattered lampposts. "How about we just roll through your little energy gathering anima!" Mew Nadie said pointing to the young alien girl.

"Nooooooo! Why are there two of you here?" Pavlova threw a small fit and yelled, "and how dare you destroy my little anima!"

"You're destroying peoples lives and you're questioning OUR motives?" Mew Berry retorted.

Pavlova pulled out her knives and yelled, "Attack Froggars! Kill them where they stand!"

The frogs all opened their mouths and simultaneously let out a loud ribbit in the direction of Mew Berry and Mew Nadie. The two Mew Mews covered their ears as the loud sound waves caused them intense pain. Considering both of them had excellent hearing as well it made it even harder to concentrate or even drown out the noise. "M-Mew B-Berry! What are we going to do?"

Mew Berry couldn't even open her eyes the pain was so intense. "Hahahahaha how do you like their music?" Pavlova taunted the girls, "I call it Nature's Symphony of Death!"

The frogs opened their mouths again and again let out a simultaneous ribbit that again made Mew Nadie and Mew Berry wince and cover their ears in pain. Mew Nadie looked over at Mew Berry who was crying the pain was so intense. "B-Berry!" Mew Nadie then remembered that if she could just cover Mew Berry's ears then Mew Berry should be able to attack the frogs. Mew Nadie closed her eyes and jumped over to cover Mew Berry's ears with her hands. The pain from the increased sound was nearly unbearable and she could feel her body losing feeling like she was going to fall unconscious. "T-Take care of them…Mew…B-Berry!" Mew Nadie cringed out.

"Mew Nadie!" Mew Berry quickly pulled out her Loveberry Rod and pointed it at the frogs and Pavlova. "Ribbon Loveberry check!"

The frogs ribbited again and their sound wave counteracted the Ribbon wave stopping it from doing anything. Pavlova gave a sly grin and said with a seductive taunt, "Oh no! You're wittle ribbon check didn't work?"

The frogs ribbited again and Mew Nadie could feel something warm running down the sides of her face. Blood was coming from her ears as the sounds had been so intense that they had ruptured her ear drums causing them to bleed. She closed her eyes and held on tightly to Mew Berry's long bunny ears despite the pain and squeaked out, "Come on Mew Berry! You can do it!"

Mew Berry tried again sending out another wave and again the frogs countered without an effort. Pavlova laughed again and taunted even more, "This is proving to be even more fun than I expected! Who would have thought that you were so weak when you're numbers are limited!"

"Our friends will be here before you know it!" Mew Berry countered as Mew Nadie could feel her legs getting weak due to the blood loss.
"Oh? You mean you aren't aware?"


Pavlova chuckled and gave a sinister flirty grin, "They're currently…pre-occupied right now, so don't expect them to arrive anytime soon."

"Mew Berry…" Mew Nadie crumpled to her knees and could barely balance on the light post still.

"Don't think we're so weak just because we're by ourselves!" Berry boldly stated back.

"And what will you do hmm?" Pavlova gave her another seductive evil grin, "That little pest of a Mew Mew is dying and you're unable to do anything against me."

Mew Berry grit her teeth a little trying to figure out…SOMETHING to do. "You…can do it…Mew Berry…" Mew Nadie's voice grew weaker.

"Oh no she can't, and I don't feel like letting you live any longer than necessary pesky girl." Pavlova thrust forward with a brandished knife and Mew Berry tried to get Mew Nadie and herself off the lamppost in time to dodge the incoming bladed weapon but failed. The knife impaled itself into the back left calf of Mew Nadie and she screamed in pain.

"Mew Nadie!" Berry looked at her badly hurting friend. "What do I do?" Mew Berry wasn't sure as the frogs loaded up for another attack. "I have to save Mew Nadie but…how can I when my attacks don't do anything?"

"Oh? Are you finally realizing how hopeless your situation is now pesky Mew Mew girl?" Pavlova continued to taunt her opponents. She laughed and commanded, "Froggars! Finish them off once and for all!"

The frogs let loose a roar and Mew Berry closed her eyes praying, "God! Please! Give me the strength to save everyone!" Her body began to glow and the sound from the frogs seemed to be countered by the energy she was giving off.

"W-What is this light?" Pavlova squealed and was pushed back by the raw energy.

"I…I can feel it…" Mew Berry thought, "it's so…warm..." she slowly smiled and raised her Mew Berry Rod out and pointed it at the frogs letting out a bold statement, "For the future of Earth I will defeat you!" The Mew Berry Rod started to glow brighter and brighter and Mew Berry called out, "Ribbon, Loveberry, CHECK!" the blast decimated the entire group of frogs as well as all the anima that were gathering energy. Mew Berry just blinked in shock at what she just did and thought, "W-Wow! What incredible power the Mew Berry Rod has now!"

Pavlova could only let out sounds of anger and threw another tantrum screaming, "YOU DAMN MEW MEWS WILL PAY WITH YOUR LIVES NEXT TIME!" She disappeared and left the scene quickly.

Mew Berry instantly remembered her fallen comrade still had a hold of her ears and she turned around to see Mew Nadie with her eyes still closed but…her wounds were completely healed. "Mew Nadie!"

Mew Nadie slowly opened her eyes and looked around and realized that she no longer felt the searing pain in her ears and in her calf. "I'm…I'm ok?" she realized that she had just fully recovered from something incredibly vicious.

"We did it Mew Nadie!" Mew Berry hugged her friend happily and finished, "Oh no! We have to find out where everyone else is and help them out!"

"Err…yeah!" Mew Nadie snapped out of her surprised realization.

Mew Berry's little R2003 robot opened a connection to the Ryou's base and Mew Berry asked, "Ryou! Where are the other Mew Mews fighting at? We've already taken care of the one here."

"Good, please hurry over to the docks and help Mew Lettuce out quickly." Ryou responded back.

"On it," Mew Berry looked at Mew Nadie who nodded back at her and they took off toward the docks to help out their comrades.