Ugh. Rain. Again. I was sitting in my room when I heard my mom call from downstairs.

"Katie! Honey! I'm going now! I'll see you again in a month! Bye!"

I sighed. It was so typical of her. She was leaving home. Again. This time she was going to Colorado, on a trip with her new boyfriend. Ever since my dad died two months ago she's been trying to forget him. which, indirectly, is why I'm sitting upstairs wearing several layers of clothing, and still freezing my butt off. We used to live in Florida. I loved it there, I had loads of friends, and every Saturday me and my family would go to the beach and surf.

But after the car crash, everything changed. My dad was driving my little sister, Emily, back from a birthday party when a drunk driver crashed into them. There were no survivors. Mom took me and moved to Forks, Washington. All of the pictures we had ever taken of us as a family are upstairs in a big box, along with anything else that might remind mom of Dad or Emily.

Since we moved, mom has been dating loads of guys, to get over dad. They're all the same though, after the first time they sleep together, they run away. None of them want a serious relationship. I never want to be like that, to go out with loads of people I barely know. So I won't fall in love. No matter what. That way, I'll never have the same problem that mom has

So now I'm staring out of the window, watching mom's car pull out of the drive through the rain. It's better not to fall in love, because if you do, you'll get hurt. No matter how much you love that person, they'll leave you, and there's nothing you can do about that, so why bother?

I grabbed my ipod from the table next to me and turned it on. I fell asleep on the window seat with loud music blasting in my ears.

When I woke up, my ipod had stopped playing. I looked at the screen, and remembered that I had forgotten to put it on 'repeat'. My watch told me that it was 3:00 AM. I looked out the window, it was raining harder than before. I could barely make out the silhouette of the big tree in our back yard. As I was turning my head away, I thought I saw something move underneath the tree. I squinted out into the darkness, but the rain made it hard to see if there really was something there or not. Just as I was about to turn away again, I saw the thing under the tree move again. I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it looked like a dog. No, that couldn't be right, it was much too big to be a dog. Just as I decided to leave it be and check in the morning, the thing gave out a strangled yelp.

I don't know why I went out there, into the freezing rain, to help something that could possibly eat me. But I did. Before I knew it I was in the back yard, rain stinging my face as I ran towards the tree where I had last seen the thing from my window. As I got closer I could see that I was right, it was a dog. The biggest dog I had ever seen, but a dog all the same. I couldn't quite see what color it was, but he looked like a dark brown. As I approached him, he opened his eyes and lifted his head slightly. His eyes were dull and lifeless. I tried to lift him, to help him stand, by grabbing his collar, but he didn't have one. He slowly rose to his feet and I gasped, he was even bigger than I thought he was! He almost came up to my shoulder! I helped him get toward the house, and up the stairs, where he collapsed in my room.

I sat on my bed and looked at the massive beast lying on my bedroom floor. I sat next to him and took a closer look at what I had rescued from the rain. What I originally thought was dark brown, was mud. He was covered in it. I sighed. There was no way he was sleeping in here without me washing him first, besides, he was soaking wet, and there was no way that was comfortable.

I half dragged, half carried him through the door that lead to my bathroom, and dumped him in the bath. It was a good thing the bathtub was huge, otherwise he would never have fitted into it. I took the shower nozzle of its holder and turned on the hot water. He seemed to moan in pleasure slightly when the water hit him, but it was probably just my imagination. Dogs don't moan. As the mud on him was washed away, I saw that I was wrong about his color. He was a beautiful sandy color.

After an hour, he was finally clean. let me tell you, you never appreciate how big something is until you try to clean it. I dragged him out of the tub and toweled him, grateful that he was mostly unconscious. If he wasn't, he probably would have shaken himself off, getting dirty water all over the walls. Which would have sucked, since I would have been the one that had to clean up afterwards. Once he was dry, I dragged him back to my room and tried to wrap him in a blanket so he wouldn't be cold. Yes. I tried to wrap him in a blanket. But he was too big. So I (successfully this time) wrapped him in two blankets. Well, I didn't wrap him exactly, I just put one under him, and one on top of him. Wrapping something that big would be impossible for someone my size.

Once he was settled, I went to take a shower myself. I was still soaking wet from being in the rain, and even more so because of cleaning the big dog thing. I needed to give it a name. I can't keep on calling him 'dog' or 'thing' all of the time. I thought about what I could call him while the water from the shower hit my back. He didn't have a collar, so chances are he doesn't have an owner. Which means he's mine now, I thought happily. Hmm… I'll just call him 'Dog' until I can think of a more fitting name. I finished rinsing the shampoo out of my long, black hair and quickly got out of the shower. I would usually just stand in the shower and soak in the hot water, but washing Dog took up most of the hot water. Grrr.

I looked at my watch again, it was almost 6:00 AM. I decided to go to bed, because I was dead tired from dragging Dog up the stairs.

I slowly opened my eyes, then shut them straight away. The rain had stopped, and the sun was hurting my eyes. I had forgotten to close my curtains last night. Why had I forgotten? I never forget the curtains. It all came back to me in a flash. Dragging Dog out of the rain, washing him afterwards, trying to get the stupid blanket around him. I got out of bed, and closed the curtains. There, that's much better, I thought to myself. I walked to the other side of my bed to see how Dog was doing.

I screamed.

Where Dog had been the day before, there was now…well…he wasn't Dog, that's for sure. There was a guy. A really big, hot guy. He was laying on the blanket that I had put out for Dog, and laying under one, but only partly. He had the blanket wrapped around his waist, and his head was buried under his arm. His heavily muscled arm. From where I was standing, I could see his long-ish black hair. He shifted in his sleep, and my eyes were dragged towards his six pack. I whirled around, blushing like crazy. What was he doing here?! Where was Dog!?

As soon as I had my blush under control I turned around and thought about how to wake him up. I didn't know him, and I didn't want to touch him to wake him up. Well, actually I did. But I wouldn't, it seemed too nice. He just appeared in my house, no, my room! Plus, he also scared Dog away! Or maybe he took him? I looked over to my bedside table, ah, perfect. I walked over to it and grabbed the empty glass that was on it. I marched over to my bathroom, and filled it with water. cold water. I went back to where I left the guy in my room, and promptly poured the cold water on him.

He jumped to his feet, shaking his head to get the water off it. It would have been fine, if he hadn't stood up. When he stood up, the blanket that had been covering him fell off. I spun around, the blush returning to my face.

"Why did you wake me up!? That water was Cold! Wait...why are you facing that way?"

"Clothes" was all I managed to squeak


When I finally turned around he had the sheet wrapped around his waist, and he was looking at me confusedly.

"What are you doing here!?" I shouted at him, glad that my voice had returned to normal

He looked at me with a strange dazed look on his face

"what are you looking at?!"

"I...Imprint." was all he said.

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