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bLaCK anD WHitE

-They tell me the darkness will be my suicide-

Son of a bitch.

The both of them. That damned human for thinkin' he can beat him and protect his wimpy friends. Aizen for thinkin' he's got all rights to my soul, for thinkin' he can actually control me. It's enough to make any decent Espada vomit into the nearest shit hole.

Maybe not enough for Ulquiorra Schiffer, that sniveling shoe-kissin' pet.

He needs to learn to butt out of my business and stick his nose somewhere else. I would stick it in a place where the sun don't shine, but he's ranked fourth for a reason. Doesn't mean he's got to lord it over me all the fuckin' time. I spit my blood into the corner of the room and wipe away the dribbling remains of it. I need to punch something, kill something, maybe wipe that cocky expression of Szayell's face.

What a fruitcake.

I spit again, frustrated by the hints of crimson staining the otherwise translucent drops. Maybe I should call up Aizen's pet toy and ask her to make the stupid bleeding stop. Maybe Ulquiorra has a thing for her. Yeah, right. I'd sooner ask Tousen on a date. This room is disgustingly white. Everything's white 'n Hueco Mundo. It didn't used to be like this. It used to be dark everywhere, like we weren't good enough or somethin' to see the light. Like we weren't deservin'.

That's the way it used to be. We're so fuckin' paranoid here that we think there's always someone laughing at us, someone's out to get us. We'd break each other's necks if it meant we could sleep safely. But no. We're programmed to be like animals, unrestrained and wild. I could kill everyone here and I still wouldn't sleep without feeling like someone's out there with a knife that has my name printed on it. I ain't gonna pretend to be civilized. Civilization's for the humans, for the pathetic shinigami with the gay sword and the fucked up mask. Civilization wasn't meant for the type of things like us.

Not that I care. Civilization can screw itself for all I give.

Come to think of it, Aizen can screw himself over for all I care.

Ulquiorra wouldn't like that though. He wouldn't want his precious God to kick the bucket. Once a servant, always a servant. Schiffer actually thinks he can be civilized and keep away his primitive urges. Load o' shit if you ask me. I'm living proof of what we're supposed to be like. We're supposed to fight each other, tear each other's throats, eat one another if need be, to get on top of that ladder. Doesn't matter if there's a purpose to this or not; it's not like we have anything else to do here. Espadas aren't supposed to be subservient and Aizen's not anybody's God. Hell, if he's sitting on that high throne of his, it's because we're letting him sit on his high horse. It's because I'm letting him sit there.

Why not?

He'll kill the shinigami for us and then I'll get to kill him. It's a win-win for all of us. There's no gray in this world. There's only black and white. It's yes or no. Live or die. Be the predator or be the prey. Be trodden underfoot or step on others.

It ain't so hard to choose with those stakes.

Don't let pretty boy fool you with that dignified farce. Ulquiorra is just as bloodthirsty and eager to advance as any of us. We were all lowly hollows at first. And then we ate and ate and ate; we ate until we swallowed the world up in our insatiable stomachs and we never stopped. Disgusting? Maybe. Necessary? Yes. Addicting? Moreso than any drug out there for sure.

Yammi would be dead by now if it weren't for Aizen's preaching of "brothers and sisters". Whatever that's s'pposed to mean. I neither have nor need nor want any brothers or sisters.

They'd just be dead weight.

I'm too good for that.

There's a muffled scream coming outside my room. It's probably another piece of meat that doesn't realize they're nothing to us. I ignore the sound and turn to gaze at the terrifically white ceiling. Just for fun, I give a shit-eating grin and hope Aizen's out there and sees this. I hope he sees that Grimmjow bows to no one, least of all an ex-shinigami. It's Hueco Mundo. You can't trust anyone, least of all yourself.

The screams aren't dying away. If anything, they're getting louder. What the Hell?

I kick the door open and slam it against the wall, feeling strangely pleased as a spider-like crack forms. It's always been about power.

"Dontcha think it's enough ta just eat 'em?"

Aaroniero raises his head and tosses an arm into the hallway, blood dribbling down his chin and leaking from that retarded gaping hole where his hand should be. I'm not impressed. "It's never enough. It'll never be enough."

I laugh, but it's not an amused sound. "So you say."

The irritation is palpable as it radiates off his body, but both of us know he can't do anything. Part of survival is knowing how to not get yourself killed. If he were to take even a mild swipe at me, I'd have his body devoured in a heartbeat.

He growls, and turns away. "That human boy will get the best of you sooner or later, Grimmjow."

My fists clench and I spit at him. "Don't ever forget your place, you fucker."

What a waste of time. I fire a cero at him, just for fun and partially cuz he pisses the fuck outta me, and snort in disdain as he grunts from blocking it.

Seems like he's got somethin' on his mind. He usually isn't this bad.

Aaroniero Arruruerie's getting fidgety. He's been devouring countless hollows for a while now. It's no secret that he needs one more person's heart, one more person's flesh. He's wanted her for such a long time. I'm surprised he hasn't just disobeyed Aizen and killed her in the human world. It'd be less complicated that way an' that boy would be nutters without her.

I don't see what's the big deal about her. She can't even fight to save her life. But everybody here has an interest in her. Aizen cuz she lived with the stupid orb in her body. Gin cuz he's a sadistic freak of nature and he wants to see her scream. Tousen because he sees her as an obstruction to justice. Aaroniero because some dead guy he absorbed while eating a Hollow tells him that she's special.

Me? I guess I'm in on it just to see the kid's face when she dies on him.

It'll be a fucking blast.

Author's Note: I usually don't like so much profanity in my stories, but Grimmjow calls for it. He's an amazing character, at least I think so. I'm sorry if the cussing offends you, but like I said, it's to keep Grimmjow in character. Reviews make me happy. The second chapter to complete this two-shot will be Ulquiorra's time to shine. As for the title, White and Black, it's to represent the very different opinions the 6th and the 4th Espada have. One hates the light and the other has grown to revel in it. One looks for no God to rule him while the other needs a semblance of authority in a chaotic world. So hang on tight, this is going to be one hell of a ride.