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"I still think it's haunted."

"We live here, John. It's not haunted."

Toby looked at his 10 year old son and smiled, remembering when he was that age. Twenty-one years had come and gone since that night and yet there Toby was, living in the place where it had ended. He was sixteen when Anthony had bought the shops, allowing him to work on it; he was twenty when he re-opened the barber shop above Mrs.Lovett's pie shop, which his wife now ran. The family was successful enough to where they could get by and have some money left over; even if they didn't, Toby wouldn't care. Just as long as he had his family, he was happy.

"Dad?" Toby turned from the window to see his son sitting in the barber chair.


"How come you changed your last name?" John looked up at his father, who raised an eyebrow. "I heard you and Mum talking about it last night."


"What did your last name use to be?"

"Ragg." Was all he said.

"Why did you change it to Lovett?"

"I just wanted to feel a little closer to the woman who was like my mother...so, I took 'er name." Toby smiled, remembering. "Not saying that I knew about wot her and..."

"I know the story, Dad. Everyone does," the boy said, recalling the many versions he had heard, not sure which one was true. "Why do you talk about them like they're the greatest people in the world?"

"Because they are. Good people do bad things sometimes, John...it doesn't make a person evil." There was a short pause. "Cos I forgive them...and I'll always remember how we were before everything fell to shit."

"What about that demon barber..."

"Mr.Todd. His name was Mr.Todd." he hated it when his own son talked about his family like that. "Wot about 'im?"

"How can you forgive him?"

"Because I know he was tormented by something and let it take over. Everyone has darkness in 'em, some just have better control."

There was a silence that followed, allowing Toby to recall the few times he had a normal conversation with Mr.Todd. There was the sound of running feet and then the door flew open, the bell ringing loudly, revealing John's friend Alex. Words were said and the boys left Toby to his thoughts. Sighing, he made his way to the polished box that held the razors. He opened the box, looking down the shining razors that had once belonged to Mr.Todd, before picking up and clicking open the largest one.

He imagined the blood of the dead barber on it, emotions flooding him. For a moment he was 10 years old again, wanting nothing more than to kill Mr.Todd for killing Mrs.Lovett, revenge flowed in his veins. It didn't matter what he had done in the pass years to deal with that pain, Toby would never forget what he felt that night.

He looked into the mirror and was shocked at what he saw. Clear as day was the reflection of Sweeney Todd standing behind, a smirk on his face. Silence filled the room as they stared at each other through the mirror. Toby held the razor tight, not sure if he was hallucinating, dreaming, or losing his sanity. 'Probably a little bit of everything,' Toby thought as continued to look into the cold, dark eyes of the man he, for some strange reason, considered his father.

"'Ello Toby." The harsh voice sounded.

Toby spun around and found no one in the room with him, the razor still clutched in his hand. His heart pounded against his rib cage, his breathing labored and forced. Shaking his head, the man dropped the blade to the ground and hastily left the barber shop, smiling when he saw his son and his son's best friend sitting at one of the outdoor tables.

He walked down the old, creaking stairs and made his way into the pie shop, telling himself that Mr.Todd hadn't been watching him enter the downstairs shop from the platform on the top of the stairs. Toby walked in to find his wife cleaning, they were never busy on Sundays. He grinned as he watched her move about the shop, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"Toby! What's wrong?" she as soon as she noticed him standing there.

"Nothing...why?" he answered.

"You look like you've seen a ghost. You're awfully pale, dear."

"I'm always pale, Elizabeth. You know that." He smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I'm just gonna go rest for a bit, love."

"Call if you need anything,"

He gave her a tender kiss before walking into the parlor, collapsing on to the couch that had served as his bed so long ago. He relaxed and closed his eyes, grateful for the silence.

There was pacing. It was coming from his barber shop, and he knew those footsteps anywhere. Toby shook his head, it wasn't possible. 'Unless I'm losing my mind.' He told himself.

'Or this place is haunted. You've heard the stories...the shops are crawling with their ghosts,' another voice said in the back of his head.

'There are no such thing as ghosts! I'm just overworked and exhausted, that's all.' He was fighting with himself, but the pacing still went on.

His eyes followed the pacing footsteps, not wanting to believe it. But there was the part of him that did want this to be real.

'If there are no such thing as ghosts, then why are you so eager to 'ope it is their ghosts?' he had been dealing with that voice since that night, that was the voice that had encouraged to take revenge on Mr.Todd for what he had done.

The pacing went on and the voice fell silent.

"Always pacing, he is. That's all Mr.T does when 'e's alone up there." Toby looked to see Mrs.Lovett sitting next to him, staring at the ceiling like he had been seconds before. "He'll do that for hours...don't look so surprised Toby, Mr.Todd is alright."

"And wot about you, mum?" he whispered. "Are you alright?"

She was looking at him now, that smile of hers on her face. A small smile came to his face at the sight, and he felt at eased.

"Of I am, love." He felt her hand push back his fringe in a motherly way. "Although must I say, sweetheart...you 'ave looked better."

"I still think the good Lord sent you for me," he didn't care if no one was really there.

"I still feel the same way, Toby." There was a pause. "I should go check on Mr.T. You should get some rest,"

He watched her get to her feet and then, she was gone. The pacing continued, but then there were another pair of footsteps and the pacing stopped.

'Still think it's not haunted?' the voice was back.

Maybe the shops were haunted.

'You're the only one who 'as seen 'em,' he nodded his head in agreement with the voice.

Maybe he had just seen their ghosts. If he did, then he was happy. That meant he had his strange family from years ago back with him, and Toby like that idea.

'S'not so bad livin' with ghosts,' he told himself. 'I guess.'

He closed his eyes and felt a hand stoke his head lovingly as he felt a presence on either side of him. A smile came to him, he knew who was sitting next to him.

"Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around." He was drifting into a light sleep when he heard Mr.Todd's voice.

"Nothing's gonna harm you, darling. Not while I'm around." He was falling into a deeper sleep by the time he heard Mrs.Lovett's voice.

He fell asleep to the two voices singing to him. His dream was filled with images of the sea and the not-quite-perfect family that was made up of a barber, a baker, and an orphan.

Maybe living in a haunted shop wasn't so bad.

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