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No Strings Attached

Chapter 2: Kirisawa Fuuko

The wind had pickup as she trudged along the not-so-crowded avenue. The air around her smelled of impending rain. Frowning, she cast a bothered look at the sky.

Was it really a while ago when the sun was basking her in its comforting rays?

Somehow, things are not always as they seem to be…

The weather earlier was warm and sunny that she decided to take a stroll. She gazed at the clouds up north, they were slate-colored. No doubt about it; it will rain. Tough luck.

She decided to head back to her hotel before the rain pours down. It wouldn't be a good idea to get sick--especially since she had a scheduled flight in three days.

Was it really 6 months ago when she left Tokyo without telling anyone? She only informed her parents that she was in someplace safe, in good welfare and that it was work-related. To make up to them, she called once a week in order to assure them that she was A-Ok. But she never told them where she was.

She hadn't even bothered to tell her friends. Recca and the others, no doubt, are furious at her.

For 6 months, she was just in Kyoto. The restaurant in Tokyo where she was working as Deputy-chef of the kitchen sent her there.

It was a good opportunity to get away from Tokyo and do some… soul-searching.

She received a call from the restaurant owner a week ago, instructing her to pack her bags and catch an early flight to Paris. He was opening another restaurant there and wants her to head the team.

France… was half a world away. But the position as 'Head Chef' of the new branch--she can't and won't refuse that.

That's why she's back in Tokyo.

She wanted to see her family and friends again before she leaves. Talk to them, spend time with them and apologize to them personally for disappearing so suddenly without a word.

And of course she was also back because…

She had to see him. The man who owned her--body, heart and soul…

For the last time.


No strings attached… it was a kind of 'relationship' where…

Nothing binds them together.

They come and go in each other's lives as they please.

Or better yet, she comes and goes as she pleases. Because HE never comes to HER.

Nothing holds them together.

Not commitment and especially not love. Not even sex, no matter how good it is.

Nothing links them together.

They're free to do what they want. Free to see and date other people. Free to pursue relationships from other people. If she decides not to show up, he would not give a damn. He would not waste any effort to find her. Or ask why.

He would merely accept it without a single, fucking, retort.

Nothing ties HIM to HER.

They can go on their separate ways without the fear of the other holding them back. Without the need to consider each other's opinions and feelings...


That was the main reason why she was in this predicament in the first place.

Her feelings for him.

Bull shit!

It was an undeniably stupid arrangement.

But she agreed… why?

Simple… because she wanted him.

Even just a piece of him, so desperately…

She yearned for his heart, Kami knows how much.

She held on to him; let him use her because she was hoping…

That somehow he would learn to care for her. That somehow he would learn to… love her.

Which was a ridiculous notion.

That man would never be able to give his heart to another--probably because there's nothing left for him to give.

Half of his heart belongs to his sister, Mifuyu-san.

While the other half belongs to Sakoshita Yanagi.

And what's left for her?

Obviously nothing.

He would never be hers. Not one bit of him.

It's time to realize that.

A faint rumbling could be heard above followed by a gust of wind, chilling her to the bone.

Seems like the sky's going to cry for her.

It was two years ago when it all started. In the span of that time, she offered her heart to him again and again only to be coldly rejected.

He wanted a no-feelings-involved kind of a relationship.

Clearly, she was at the losing end of their agreement.

But hell, she wasn't able to refuse him.

She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

The only difference is: she wanted him because she loves him…

And he wanted her because he was lusting for her.

Which was half-flattering and half-insulting.

The only way for her to stop herself from begging and groveling at his feet for his love…

Was to harden herself and hold on to her pride… as firmly as she can.

She always makes sure that every time they had sex, she was already out of his arms, his bed and temporarily from his life before sunrise.

Because if she stays in his arms much longer… it would be hell to pull away.

She also taught herself how too click off emotionally every after their tryst--no matter how hard it is. Considered the phrase, 'this is just sex', a mantra.

Just like a man's way. Just like Mi-chan's way.

She had done that over and over again. That somehow she had gotten used to it.

That's why she was able to come and go as she PLEASES.

Two can play the same game… or so she believes. She can be emotionless too…

Or she tries to be…

But after last night… she was definitely, permanently out of his life.

Besides she's not really the begging and groveling type.

She was Kirisawa Fuuko, damn it!

Though she DID lower herself beneath her standards so much during the past 2 years.

Heck, she was a woman in love. And a woman in love is extremely irrational.

She had done enough for him. She had given him a chance over and over again and got the same answer. That was enough foolishness. This was her limit.

She was… tired.

That man will never love her back.

It's time to stop this craziness, move on and start anew...

This time with no Mikagami Tokiya around.


It started to drizzle just as she was walking towards the entrance of the hotel where she was staying and she sauntered towards the elevator. Despite the ache that she's feeling in her heart, it feels as if she'd made the right decision.

Honestly, regardless of everything, she doesn't hate him. She doesn't regret any of it.

She just love… loving him.

23rd floor. Her floor.

She unlocked the door, stepped inside her suite…

And stop cold.

They say some things happen when you least expect them to.

"You sure took your sweet time strolling around the avenue."

Time stood still for her.

She suddenly found herself face to face with the man she left in that wee hours of morning…

Mikagami Tokiya.

-To Be Continued-

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