P . R . O . L . O . G . U . E .

January, 2008

"Blair!" Serena said, running from the cab, hoping to get her to stop.

"What? You want a lift to JFK?" Blair really didn't want to see Serena right now.

"Your mom said you were going to France tonight," Serena said, heart pounding. She needed Blair.

"She has a big mouth," Blair deadpanned. She wished she could have left without anyone knowing—especially one of the very people who had driven her to do this.

"B, I'm your best friend. She was shocked I didn't know," Serena said. She was shocked she didn't know too.

"Well now you do," Blair rolled her eyes. It didn't really matter that Serena knew. She was just like all the rest of them.

"What I know is how you felt when I left without telling you," Serena almost cried. She finally understood exactly what Blair had felt all those months she was away. She had hurt her so much. She couldn't let her leave now.

"Is there a reason you're here?" Blair was tired of revisiting old memories. Serena had hurt her, but that was nothing compared to losing everyone.

"Stay. Don't let some stupid scandal make you run away like it did me, like it does everyone in our world," Serena begged.

"Everything's horrible. My whole life is falling apart," Blair finally admitted what she was feeling. Nate, her friends, even Chuck was gone. The bottom had fallen out of her perfect world. She was panicking, she knew it…but she couldn't live like this. She didn't know how.

"So rebuild it. You're a Waldorf remember? People don't tell you who you are, you tell them. Stay and fight. I'll fight with you," Serena promised, hoping to change Blair's mind—needing to change Blair's mind.

"I'm so embarrassed. I'm so…" Blair couldn't begin to describe all she felt. Everyone knew about her having sex with Chuck. Nate had dumped her, he couldn't forgive her. Her friends had turned their back on her and thought they were better than her now…and Chuck…everything inside of her twisted.

"So what? Start over. It can be done. I should know. We can get through this together," Serena was holding on for dear life here.

Blair looked up into Serena's eyes but all she saw was Chuck rejecting her.

I don't want you anymore. And I can't see why anyone else would.

He had used her, just like she was a whore. She had been so intimate with him…and given him one of the most important things in her life. And he had ruined her. Images flickered through her mind of the times they were together. She had spread her legs for him and let him do those things to her…and in the end…

He had balked and gotten pay back by blackmailing her when she turned from him before he could. In his mind, Chuck always left the girl not the other way around. What were his words? An Arabian…rode hard and put away wet. He compared her to a horse he had ridden and didn't care enough about to pet down or groom properly before putting her away. She almost cringed when she remembered him lying between her thighs, pounding inside of her, eyes clenched shut and moaning, kissing her. It had felt amazing, but to him, she was just another fuck now. He didn't feel what he had felt before. He didn't want her anymore.

She felt so dirty and hollow. She couldn't see him ever again. She couldn't even stand the thought of him. When he was all she had left, he turned her away. He didn't care about her at all.

No one really did.

"I can't stay," she finally said to Serena, holding the tears back.

"But B, please," Serena insisited.

"I'll call you everyday, okay? I just…I can't stay here. It's too hard. I don't want to work that hard right now. My life is over, yes. I need to rebuild, yes. But I can't do that here. Not yet anyway," Blair said.

"B…" Serena's eyes filled with tears.

"No, Serena. That's my decision and it's final," Blair turned and walked toward the chopper. The guys gave her a hand up.

"Blair!" Serena called out.

Blair didn't even look back at her.

Serena watched the chopper fly away, tears trailing down her face, cursing the world she lived in that would make her best friend runaway.

September, 2008

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the daily lives of Manhattan's elite. Guess who's back? You heard it here first—the original Queen B herself. Wonder what sort of scandal will come about now. We remember too well the drama brought about by the return of our blonde princess last school year. Senior year is about growing up and moving on but will B be able to leave the past in the past? More importantly, will everybody else? You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.