Song is "I Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot from the soundtrack to A Walk to Remember

Spotted: Or should we say Unspotted? C hasn't been on the arm of a new nameless bimbo for a while. Does he have his eye on someone special? A leopard doesn't change his spots. C can't be a one-woman guy…or can he? Queen B is free and single, does that have anything to do with C's recent change? But the two haven't been seen together at all…are they that good at hiding from my spies, or are they really not together? I'm sure all you Upper East Siders are wondering, W.T.F. is up with C? You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.

…..welcome to the planet …..

…..welcome to existence…..

…..everyone's here…..

…..everyone's here…..

…..everybody's watching you now…..

…..everybody waits for you now…..

…..what happens next? …..

…..what happens next? …..

Unspotted: C isn't surrounded by his usual cloud of sweet smoke taking a breather outside of St. Jude's before the day commences. His one hitter has become a no hitter. At least he still basks in a Marlboro when the mood strikes. And what's that we see? Everyone go home, call in sick, and wait for the epidemic to pass. C is actually studying for his Chemistry final. Did BBB, aka daddy, lay down some hard and heavy rules? You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.

…..I dare you to move…..

…..I dare you to move…..

…..I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor …..

…..I dare you to move…..

…..I dare you to move…..

…..Like today never happened…..

…..Today never happened before…..

Spotted: Oh yay for a happy home. C directing movers with all his stuff? S and E must be ecstatic that their black sheep brother is moving in. Hold the press! Did S's mom just give C a hug? You saw it here first. The world is coming to an end. No, wait. He still has some snide remarks for S. The world might not be so askew after all. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.

…..Welcome to the fallout…..

…..Welcome to resistance…..

…..The tension is here…..

…..The tension is here…..

…..Between who you are and who you could be…..

…..Between how it is and how it should be…..

Spotted: Either L drugged him or we are seeing an apparition. C actually bonding with L while hunting for baby furniture at Gracious Home? If that isn't curious enough, we hear the new Bass offspring is going to be a boy. Why does C seem mesmerized by the pink baby booties? You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.

…..I dare you to move…..

…..I dare you to move…..

…..I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor …..

…..I dare you to move…..

…..I dare you to move…..

…..Like today never happened…..

…..Today never happened before…..

Spotted: C and B exchanging small smiles across the courtyard. Does this have anything to do with C's new leaf? We hear they're both wintering in France, oolala. This does my gossipmonger heart good. Too bad this site's not global. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl.

…..Maybe redemption has stories to tell…..

And Chuck managed to prove to Blair that he meant what he said. He stopped womanizing almost immediately. He only had one woman on his mind anyway; everyone else had paled in comparison.

He figured that since he was a father, he should probably start buckling down with the future. Sure he came from money, but how long was his father going to be around to pour money into his coffers? He had his own family to worry about now. Where was boozing and laziness going to get him? And Blair wasn't going to have any of that anyway. Hence, he actually opened his dusty textbooks and tried to figure it all out. Shockingly, he was smarter than he gave himself credit for.

He couldn't possibly abandon all of his old ways. If he did, it wouldn't have still been him. He stopped smoking pot as much as possible and cut back to just plain cigarettes. He still drank, but not so excessively that he hit on anything that walked and woke up not remembering the night before. And he still drove Serena insane with incest jokes. He had to have his fun somewhere. He was still a manipulative bastard, but he'd learned his lesson. He wasn't going to ever try to manipulate Blair again. The backfire burned too much.

He had made this strange bond with Lily. He couldn't help but smirk and balk at the idea of being around her, but he actually had a small soft spot for her. She really did care about him even if he wasn't her son…she had actually given him chance after chance without him even realizing it…which is probably why he found himself in the middle of a posh baby store on 67th St making snide remarks about all the furniture that was ironically a "Serena" brand. He didn't even see the Gossip Girl fanatic with her camera when he couldn't stop himself from picking up a pair of pink baby booties, astonished at how small they were. He was chagrined to see it on the website the next day. At least they didn't see him return to the store later to purchase some items for the upcoming Christmas season.

…..Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell…..

Blair finally told Serena the truth. After the shock wore off, and the horror, Serena forgave her rather quickly and—even though she hated Chuck with a passion—she was ecstatic to be an actual aunt instead of just an "in name" one. She dubbed herself the baby's godmother and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Blair wouldn't have said no anyway. She really did love Serena. She had missed her so much while she was away. And, truthfully, she regretted not telling her the truth. But that was all water under the bridge, and Serena and Blair's bridge was actually strong.

Speaking of bridges, Nate tried to come around again when Gossip Girl started posting things about Chuck's redeeming himself and the possibility of a Chuck and Blair reconciliation. Blair had missed Nate while she was away, but she realized that she was more in love with the idea of him—meeting at age five and being together ever since, white picket fence, Yale, 2.5 kids—then she was actually in love with him. And, honestly, Chuck was right. Nate really couldn't get her blood boiling like Chuck could….but that was something she'd never admit to Chuck. She didn't want him to get a bigger head than he already had… plus, they tried not to mention Nate ever.

Blair and Chuck hadn't slept together again since the day before her birthday. She was holding as true to her word as she possibly could. She did get to see him a lot though now that he lived in the Van Der Woodsen/Bass house. She went to visit Serena and ended up joining the entire family for dinner more often than she dined at her own home. Of course, with her mother gone a lot of the time, nobody noticed.

Chuck had impressed her to no end with what he thought she wanted from him. She was more pleased about the womanizing and manipulating ending than anything else. She decided just to see what else he would do on his own.

She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt after everything he did, especially when she hadn't given him any reason to hope for them to be together like that again, he really did care about Claire. Knowing about the existence of Claire and wanting to see her had changed him.

After Blair told Chuck that Christmas was a go, they got down to the business of telling their parents the truth.

They told Blair's parents first. It was a little bit easier because they already knew the baby existed. Eleanor had been shocked and concerned, but she hadn't seen her daughter as happy in over a year as when Blair sat down with Chuck across from Eleanor and told her the truth. As horrified as Eleanor was, she saw the way Chuck was there for her daughter, and the looks he gave her when she wasn't looking. Harold was relieved that Blair finally told him and he graciously offered his home as the location for the grand family reunion to take place over the Christmas break.

Bart and Lily had been another matter entirely. It was fortunate Lily was there, or Bart might have exploded through the roof.

Lily finally understood exactly why Chuck had reached out to her, and even though she thought this was too soon for him, she was glad that the baby had such an influence on him. That being said, she was slightly disgruntled at the idea that she was a grandmother.

But not nearly as disgruntled as Bart who tried to lay into Chuck for being irresponsible and stupid. Lily managed to calm him down and point out the changes they had seen. Bart's face was still red, but he had noticed the changes no matter how angry he was getting. Nothing that he had addressed because he didn't know how to… but he had received a report card from the school that was not nearly as horrible as the past few years. Chuck's finals had driven up his grades astronomically.

It took Bart a little time, but it didn't matter. As soon as Blair and Chuck mentioned a family Christmas in France, Lily had booked the flight. Bart came around at about the same time that Lily was dragging him along to a limo heading to the airport.

…..Where can you run to escape from yourself?…..

And just like that, the day Chuck had been waiting so long for had finally arrived.

The car drove up to the winding circle that was the entrance to the massive mansion standing on the outskirts of the vineyard. Everyone piled out and walked to the front doors, going inside. Blair was a head of the bunch, anxious to see her daughter even though she'd seen her so recently over Thanksgiving holiday.

Chuck held back though. Now that he was here, he was actually a little uncertain. He knew he had worked his ass off to finally see her, but it didn't help that he still wondered sometimes if he had any right to her… if he really deserved this.

…..Where you gonna go?...

Serena noticed him standing by the limo, just staring at the house. He wasn't making any motion to go forward. She knew what it felt like to try to make up for past mistakes. She had never felt worthy of Dan's love until he convinced her just how much she meant to him. She knew Chuck must be freaking out inside—what person wouldn't be? He was about to meet his daughter for the very first time. This little bit of wonder that he was responsible for. This is one thing he didn't want to screw up. She should know about that, she'd screwed up a lot.

She walked back to him and reached out her hand. He looked at her, his face blank. Finally she just grabbed his hand and gave a little tug.

"C'mon bro, it'll be alright," Serena said.

…..Where you gonna go?...

And finally he was walking to the house, following Serena up the stairs and through the door. They weren't really sure where to go, but they followed the sound of voices down the hall to the right and into a sitting room.

Everyone was standing around Blair who was holding the six month old Claire. She was so tiny. Blair was holding her in a tight hug, the baby's head resting on her neck.

Blair turned and saw him standing hesitantly in the doorway. She smiled at him and then walked toward him.

And there she was…

He slowly reached out toward Blair who tucked her hands around the baby's stomach and turned her to face him.

…..Salvation is here…..

And then he was holding her…actually holding this warm little bundle of baby that he had a hand in creating. He had one arm around her back, holding her in the crook of his arm. His other hand rested on her little stomach before he trailed his fingers up to touch her cheek. The baby was at the age where new people intrigued her so she stared up into Chuck's face and grinned a happy smile.

Chuck couldn't help but grin back at her and watch as she blew little raspberries up at him.

…..I dare you to move….

He couldn't tear his eyes away. She was perfect…absolutely perfect. In the middle of all his mess-ups, he'd done something right for a change. He hadn't even known it.

…..I dare you to move…..

He finally brought the baby up to his left shoulder and wrapped his arms around her, just as Blair had done. He held her close but not too tightly. He wasn't sure of what to do around babies really. He'd read a few snippets from some books at the baby store with Lily…while she wasn't looking of course. He figured if he mimicked Blair, he'd be okay for now.

Claire rested her head against her father's shoulder and sighed happily, snuggling close, not knowing how important this moment was for him.

Chuck finally looked at everyone around him. Serena and Lily were making a quick brush at an eye, trying to hold back tears at witnessing this moment. Eleanor and Roman were another story. She was trying to comfort him while he sniffled and looked for a tissue.

Then he looked at Blair…

…..I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor…..

She was giving a sweet smile, one of the sweetest he'd ever seen her give. She reached out and rubbed the baby's back.

Then she looked into his eyes and nodded.

"Good job Bass," she whispered.

…..I dare you to move…..

He couldn't help himself. He held the baby with his left arm and reached out for Blair. He held his breath as she seemed to consider.

…..I dare you to move…

And then she walked into him and dropped her head on his right shoulder, facing toward him and the baby instead of away. She wrapped an arm around his back and he wrapped his free arm around her.

…..Like today never happened…..

And he thought of all the todays of yesterday. All the stupid mistakes…everything he'd done to Blair and to himself. And he knew that this was what it was all about. This moment in time. Everything had led him to where he was supposed to be.

…..Today never happened…..

He couldn't have been happier…except maybe he could.

And as Blair turned to face their guests, dropping her arm to rest around his waist, he knew that there was only one more thing that could make this any more perfect.

…..Today never happened…..

Blair had forgiven him. He had forgiven her. Blair was letting him into Claire's life.

…..Today never happened before…..

It didn't matter how long it took. He was going to win her back. And he wasn't going to try anything underhanded to do it. She wanted him once before. She would let him back in again.

And he also wondered if it was too late to apply to a French university.

Spotted: B and C returning from France with big smiles. And what's that we see? Holding hands? I think hell just froze over. Oh, wait. They spotted my spy. Check out the pic, matching smirks all around. The flames are definitely still burning hot in Hades. Everyone, take the opportunity to shudder now. The two most dangerous people in the Upper East Side just joined forces. Lord, save us all. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip girl