How does one go about describing this story, came to me on whim as I was working on several other works. As usual it is a Sailor Moon/Ranma crossover, but it will also have little elements of other fan fics in it as well. The prologue is an example of a quick side trip to the Tenchi Universe, it was meant to be a one shot, but I decided to exspand it a bit when I found I had hit a wall. The SM aspects will be addressed in chapter 1, the prologue can be considered Ranma's first step on a long journey.

For once I am setting this only a few months after Ranma learned the Hiryu Shoten Ha technique, and the Sailors are during the Galaxia episodes just after Mamoru runs off to America to study. I will be making an attempt to run through several of the Sailor Stars Episodes just to give this some continuity, I'll probably grab a few episode synopsis off some site somewhere. I do know one thing, this will be a whole lot different than the original series.

The Replacement
Prologue-That's one way to leave it all behind
By C. Rose

The trajectory was almost perfect as Ranma hurtled through the sky, he noted his direction and figured that he would land farther away than she ever had in the past. Akane's mallet had caught him by surprise this time, he had no clue what he had done to set her off. He had been sparing with the old man when out of no where she just up and hit him like a giant golf ball and sent him into the beyond. Why he had to put up with this he didn't quite know, but she was beginning to get on his nerves. There was only so much he was willing to take from her no matter what his father and Mr. Tendo said, and Akane was pushing his patients to its limits.

Ranma reached the top of his arc and began to fall, though it hurt to do so, he twisted around in the air so that he could take in the landscape below. He noticed the lake and woods right off the bat, then took in some hills and in the distance that defined the rest of the valley he was heading for. He managed to angle his body towards the lake below him and let off a sigh as he realized that he was yet again on his way to transforming into to his girl form. Like a missile he hit the water and plunged into the depths until he came to a slow stop and floated lazily. He felt his body tingle as he shifted into her female body and her point of view changed in certain ways, stupid curse she thought. Her bright red hair floating around her like a halo as she swam to the surface.

She surfaced and gasped for air and cussed her luck for the millionth time this month alone, what had she done to even deserve such a life.
She tried to follow honor, keep her word and protect the weak as was a martial artists duty just like her father had taught her. She knew that the old man was the main reason for his problems, but he just couldn't bring herself leave him, he was her father after all. Though it would solve a lot of his problems. Ranma leaned back and floated, his female body proving yet again that it had this strange buoyancy in deep water as her breasts wobbled along the surface. Stupid curse, at least the old man got one as well or this would have been even worse.

What to do, she thought, it was one of those rare moments of peace that she got whenever she was to far away for the others to find her and chase her. The only one she needed to worry about was Ryoga since he could turn a corner in Nerima and end up in Hawaii 10 minutes later and not even get his feet wet. Ranma figured that she had been at the Tendo's for 5 months now and his nerves were getting frayed with the constant state of battle and protecting those around him from the damage her enemies could cause in their mindless attacks on him. She couldn't seem to go 4 hours without one of his enemies or fiancee's showing up to bother him in one form or another only to have Akane, his 'friend' hit him out of the city for some imagined slight or strange conclusion.

Spinning over, Ranma kicked her legs and swam to shore about a few hundred feet away. She needed to think and she had to do it now, it was something the old man would have stopped her from doing in his endless quest to fill his stomach Ranma realized, as she slowly swam to shore her mind recalled all the events in her life dealing with the old man and he realized that he couldn't recall one instance where he had treated her like a father treats one of their children. The old man had always placed his stomach first and her second as demonstrated by the number of times she had been sold for food or engaged against her will.
Ranma felt a mind numbing depression hit her as she trudged her way out of the lake and took in the trees and mountain in the distance.

Where the hell was she? Ranma shrugged and decided to camp out for the rest of the day and go back to the dojo tomorrow. She would have to put her survival skills to use but 10 years on the road had taught her well and about 20 minutes later she had found a small glen that would work perfectly, had dug a small fire pit, gathered wood, and set up a small fire. Lighting it with Ki was child's play and since it was still several hours until night came, she set about practicing a number of kata that she had been developing in her spare time. Cologne's training in Special Attacks like the Chestnut Fist and Hiryu Shoten Ha techniques has given her a number of ideas. The only problem was that she needed time to develop them and every time she went on a training mission everyone would end up following her.

Ranma got into a fighting stance and looked deep with in her mind and soon found and pushed her aura into the visible spectrum. She slowly went into her first kata and let her mind probe her surroundings looking for any sign of a threat since she didn't know where she was. Over the next few hours she began to move faster and faster until she was moving in a blur and jumping 30 to 40 feet into the air and throwing hundreds of punches and kick per second. At the same time she focused on the Chestnut Fist technique and let it fill her body as she moved, glowing like a small star. Images and ideas were flowing through her mind as she moved and her imagination was finding numerous ways to use each of the new techniques she had been exposed to, even Ryoga's Breaking Point technique.

The sun was going down by the time she stopped and wiped the sweat off her forehead, she realized that she hadn't had a work out that intense since her fight with Taro a few weeks ago. These new techniques were going to come in handy and she had thought up several more as she practiced, it would only be a matter of time before she had a whole new set of moves down. Let her enemies beware she giggled to herself,
Cologne had taught her in certain ways that allowed her to make up her own moves. Each had required her to do things one wouldn't have to do in normal life and that in itself made her think of different ways to train for various effects. Suddenly Ranma stopped and looked around, there was someone in the area heading right for her location.

She powered down to a somewhat normal level and began to work her way through her revised version of the Hiryu Shoten Ha, her camp fire helped immensely as a source of heat, though she was trying to find a way to use it with out the stupid spiral needed to prime the moved. At the same time she 'watched' as the presence approached her location stealthily,
she sense skill and wisdom in the intruder as she probed his aura in a way that he wouldn't notice. He was very powerful and hid it well, Ranma almost didn't notice the tiny signs that the intruder hid with ease. Out of the corner of her eye she saw an old man in a Shinto robe step out of the trees and look her over. He took one look at her and blushed.

Ranma glanced down, earlier she had used the fire to dry her clothing but had only put on her pants and black muscle shirt. She had been working out for hours now and was covered in sweat and her clothing was sticking to her like a second skin and was displaying her overly endowed body in a very provocative way. She was breathing a little hard and this was making her breasts heave, it was enough to drive Hopposai mad with lust, so Ranma figured it would have a similar effect on most men. She stopped, cussed under her breath and glanced at the old man, he looked to be in his late seventies, had a pair of glasses, and had long gray hair.

"Hello." Ranma said.

"Good evening young lady, can I ask why you have set a fire in a sacred forest?"


"I take it you don't know where you are?"

"Nope, I was planning to wait for tomorrow to find out."

The old man nodded. "My name is Misaki Katsuhito, these lands, the lake, and the house on the other side of that hill over there all belong to the shrine."

"I didn't know, I had assumed that I was alone out here and I didn't see any signs of life in any direction. My name is Saotome Ranma by the way."

"The lake makes it way around the hill and that is where we have the house set up and the shrine beyond that."

"Oh, is there a motel or an empty lot I can use for the night then, I won't be leaving until tomorrow and I need a place to sleep."

"If you want you can stay at the house with my grandson, we have the room and would be glad to help you out for the night at least."

Ranma shrugged, her senses were picking one thing about this old man while her eyes were telling her something else. He had the most powerful aura she had ever encountered, it was beyond her comprehension, it was stronger than even Cologne and Hopposai put together. Her curiosity was peaked and she decided to accept and maybe find out just why this old guy was this strong. "I would like that, thank you."

They walked around the lake and Ranma soon found that she had been less than a mile from a somewhat large house. She counted 9 rooms on the two and half floors, it was a plain white and had a somewhat Americanized feel to it. She briefly recalled the 6 months she had been in America training with some of the Army's Rangers and Seal companies, that had been a lot of fun, not. The shrine, that she could see in the distance,
was of average Japanese building structures and blended in with the woods around it. As they got closer to the house she soon noticed the fragrant odor of food being cooked and her stomach grumbled loudly.

"You may eat dinner with us if you like." said Katsuhito, smiling at the redheads embarrassed expression.

"I don't want to impose on you." Ranma said.

"Not to worry, Sassami always makes more than we need and we were kind of expecting you to eat with us."

"You were?"

"Oh yes, you see we knew you were out there several hours ago. You weren't making any gestures to come to us so we figured you were just passing through, but when you set up that fire and looked like you were going to stay for awhile we decided to invite you in for supper."

"You don't say?"

"Washuu is a scientist and she spotted you just a little after you arrived and has been quietly watching you on her monitors ever since."

"I must be getting sloppy, I usually notice when I am being watched."

"She is a scientist and uses machines to do so."

"Like cameras and such?"


"That explains a lot, I wasn't exactly looking around for high tech toys."

"Washuu prides herself on her skills." Katsuhito said cryptically.

Once inside Ranma noticed that it was a normal looking house, except that there was a giant TV that took up an entire wall near the stairs.
The smell of food was now very noticeable and her stomach grumbled again. Everyone looked at her and she blushed a little, there was a short girl with hair as red as hers already sitting at the table and seemed to be typing on a computer made of light, Ranma shrugged this off, she had seen weirder, Taro came to mind. There were two girls watching the large TV, one had light purple hair and was dressed in very expensive clothing. The other was very tall and was lounging along the back of the couch and looked a little like a human c-c-c-ca-feline, and had hair similar to the red head except that it Ranma shrugged, who was she to make comments on one's hair color?

"Sit down over there." Pointed the old man.

Ranma made her way over to the table and sat down just as a young girl with blue hair and a boy walked out of the kitchen and sat down several platters worth of food. Everyone was giving her a strange look and Ranma realized that she hadn't been introduced to everyone, Katsuhito realized this and quickly make sure everyone knew who was who. Ranma noticed that there was something about Ryoko that set her on edge, but she couldn't up her finger on what exactly. The by had been introduced as Masaki Tenchi and Ranma noticed almost immediately that every girl in the room was obviously trying to win the boy over. She almost giggled when she realized at just how close they were to her own life, especially when a few minutes into dinner Ayeka and Ryoko had begun to argue, jumped to their feet, and attacked each other.

This had been building, Ranma realized, she grabbed her plate and her arm blurred as she dodged the resulting explosion. She noted that the others at the table didn't react very much as they too dodged out of the way. Ranma vanished from sight just seconds before the chair she had bee sitting in was blasted from existence. While still eating, Saotome style, she flipped in the air and planted her foot in Ryoko's face and used it for a spring board to land on the other side of the room.

Ryoko screeched in surprise and fell back on her butt just as Ayeka's little logs formed and fired off a volley of electricity that just caught the cat like girl, she was thrown through a nearby wall in a hail of destruction. Ranma was impressed, even Shampoo had never shown this kind of power and even she would have been hard pressed to stand against it. She just finished her food and sat the plate down even as Ryoko was crawling to her feet. Then the worst thing possible happened, Ranma was hit from the side and thrown to the floor by the boy. They landed hard and Ranma had the air knocked out of her and she had to lay there for several seconds gasping for air. At the same time her mind was cataloging several pieces of information.

1. There was a boy's face buried in her breasts 2. His hands were holding her to the floor 3. See item 1.
4. There were various screams of outrage from the girls around her and they were focusing on her.
5. There was something she didn't want to know about pressing against her inner thigh.
6. See item 1.

Ranma's vision went red and she lifted her leg to knee the Pervert in the balls and used her full strength to throw him clear through the wall after Ryoko. Her reflexes kicked in and she dodged just as a sword of light flashed through were her head had been. She spun to her feet and kicked Ryoko in the head, grabbed her, and tossed her at the other girl and sent both into the wall across the room. Gasping for air Ranma crouched down as her rage died down to manageable levels.

There were shocked looks on everyone's faces as they gazed at her and the two girls struggling with each other across the room. Gasping for air Ranma straightened up and glared at her hosts for several seconds before jumping out the hole in the wall, rebounding off the ground and to the trees and out of sight in seconds, all the time cursing under her breath and wondering why her life had to be a living hell.

"Wait!" Yelled Katsuhito, but the girl ignored him as she vanished from sight in a matter of seconds. She was heading for the shrine so he headed out after her and stopped only long enough to see if Tenchi was alright before running after the girl. He had met only a hand full of people who could defeat either Ryoko or Ayeka and they were all off worlders. Over the years he had been introduced to this worlds Martial Arts and he recognized a master when she saw one, even if she wasn't yet even 20 years old. She was displaying a lot of power and he had wanted to talk to her before she left just to get to know her a little better,
besides she was cute.

Ranma soon found some steps leading up one of the hills and landed on them to take a break, she was far enough away from the house. Why had they suddenly attacked her? That boy had groped her too, at least he had paid for doing that. She had noticed within days of being cursed that she could turn heads and had experimented with it a little while the Panda was off scamming them a meal or two and Shampoo was off their tail for awhile. Ranma wasn't as dense as she like to let on and that had helped her in the last few months.

When it came to Martial Arts Ranma knew that she was one of the best,
she had been training for years at a level that few could maintain, let alone survive. There had been one insane technique after another, day after day for years. She had to adapt to the stress or break and a Saotome does not break under a little pressure. So she had started to look at life as one long Martial Arts training game that her idiot father had devised for her. First had been Ryoga, then Ukyo, Shampoo,
Moose, Ryu, Taro, Cologne, Hopposai and a whole host of minor fights and enemies, some remembered and some not. For the last 4 years all her fathers mistakes had been catching up with him and in turn had been placed at her feet to solve, this had led to one long war, daily fights,
and people trying to kill him for the most asinine reasons.

Moments of peace were few, very few, and now this. Just when she had felt like relaxing a little a couple of complete strangers had attacked her like a couple of dogs. She hadn't minded the fight, so much as the assumption that they would even think anything bad about her. Then that Pervert...grrrrr...Ranma had shown him what happens to those who thought they could get a free feel. Her hands gripped the edge of the stone step and crushed it like cardboard. Why her? Even before the curse her life had been weird, now it was worse and it looked like it wasn't about to get better any time soon.

Her curse, Panda no Baka, she had grown used to it and had been learning about it on the sly. Kasumi was a house wife in every sense of the word but one and had quite a collection of magazines floating around the house. Ranma had been reading through them late at night when she had a chance to, and even during the day when she was at school a few times and had concealed it inside a martial arts magazine. There was a little bit of everything in there that she would ever have needed to know, fashion, games, information on female functions and problems. The articles on teen pregnancies and yeast infections had made her blood run cold, especially on what caused them, shudder.

Of course the articles on simple hand to hand combat had been a surprise with their step by step movements. Ranma stood up, stretched and wondered what she was going to do now, she had no intention of going back to that mad house, she had enough problems as it was without even more enemies. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the old man standing less than 10 feet from her. He looked a little flustered and nervous,
though it was a little hard to tell if one didn't know what to look for.

"What do you want old man, wasn't trying to kill me more than enough"
Ranma snarled, her vision going red again.

"Calm down, I didn't expect that to happen."

"Yeah right, those two do that so often that the rest of you barely even reacted to it. Most of you stayed calm even after the table was reduced to splinters, as if it was a common occurrence. Then that boy had to try and grope me!" Ranma yelled.

"He was trying to shield you from the explosive damage Ryoko was throwing around."

"Oh please, after the explosion had already gone off? More like using it as an excuse to cop a feel."

"I want to fix this mess, please let me do something."

"Just stay away from me, my life is a living hell and I don't need anyone else trying to make it worse." Ranma sighed.

"Tell you what, you can stay up at the shrine tonight I'll help you find your way back to your home tomorrow."

Ranma considered it and nodded, she bounced up the steps, over the old man, and was soon standing in front of the shrine. It was old, very old and showed every year of its age. She waited for the old man to arrive they went inside a few minutes later. He showed her an unused room with a small mat for a bed, Katsuhito explained that he usually stayed up here when he could since it was quite and didn't have two girls trying to kill each other every few hours. Ranma agreed and silently decided that it wasn't the old man's fault and stopped giving him the evil eye,
much to his relief.

"Can we talk for a few minutes young lady?"

Ranma shrugged, it was till a little early to go to bed and there were a few question she wanted to as too. "Go ahead."

"I noticed earlier that you handled Ayeka and Ryoko very well, what style do you practice?"

"Anything Goes Martial Arts."

"I've heard of it, even out here your school is infamous in its reputation."


"Oh yes, Hopposai had a reputation among the old crowd and his school is well know for its effectiveness."

"The old leach is a pain in the ass, especially for us girls."

"I had heard he was finally dead, there was a party thrown to celebrate the occasion."

"He is still around stealing underwear and living off girls chi like a vampire, he is a major pain in the ass."

"Alive...that is not good news."

"Heh, you should have seen my pop's and Mr. Tendo's reaction to the news, the old pervert has them completely broken in. They will do anything he says, bow to him and beg him for anything. They are pathetic."

"Old Hopposai had a couple of students years ago, a...Genma and Soun if I remember correctly. They swung through the valley here and stole a number of scrolls and weapons from my collection."

"That sounds like them alright, though I'm surprised they didn't take some girls underwear while they were here..."

"Tenchi's mother was about 15 at the time, they took every pair she owned, even those that were in the laundry or hampers. She complained about it for weeks."

"Ha!" Ranma laughed and wondered what the her father would have to say about it. "Well the old pervert is hanging around Nerima now a days and has forced his way into my house and hijacked the attic for his own.
There are numerous traps, panties, and bombs hidden all over the place,
stop by and challenge him sometime. I try to beat the hell out of him whenever I can, but he just gets back up, grabs some girl's chest and laughs the beatings off like they were nothing."

"You must be pretty good to actually beat him up, even I would be pressing myself to stand against him."

"I am the best." Ranma said arrogantly.

"Well your cute, but I have seen better fighters." Katsuhito said.

"What!?" Ranma yelled.

"Your a good fighter, but Anything Goes has number of weaknesses that are easy to exploit if one knows what they are doing."

"Yeah right, the hole point of the style is to use the best moves of all the different systems just to neutralize any flaws that might exist." Ranma yelled.

"Oh please, even Hopposai has the same weakness and you do too if what I am hearing is correct." Katsuhito said with a smirk.

"Bullshit! I challenge you to prove you wrong!"

"And if you lose?"

"I won't lose!" She was seeing red again.

A few minutes later they were outside, Katsuhito was holding a boken and was a little put off by the red headed girl rolling on the ground laughing at him. He snorted and launched forward, sword moving in a dizzying series of offensive strikes. Ranma rolled and twisted out of the way, easily blocking the boken with her wrists and launching a counter offensive. This was all Katsuhito needed and he simply blurred as he struck Ranma from hundreds of different angles, catching her completely by surprise.

Ranma landed on her back and rolled to her feet, her shirt cut in several places and her wrists were bruised. The old man was better than Kuno on every level, he was a worthy challenge even if he used a stick instead of his hands. Ranma acknowledged him as a serous opponent, she launched forward..."Kach Tenshin Amaguriken!" she screamed. Katsuhito's eyes narrowed and his boken blurred, it was soon apparent to Ranma that he was blocking her technique with the boken. Katsuhito twisted his wrist and slammed the point of the boken into Ranma's stomach. It hit with the force of a car and sent her flying across the yard to crash into a tree.

She groaned as tears rolled down her cheeks, a grin plastered to her face as she stood up. The old geezer was good, better than anyone she had ever met in her life. Smirking she stood proud and let her aura burst forth and the whole area took on a blue tint under her show of power, the old man crouched down and didn't take his eyes off her.
Ranma's hands suddenly thrust forward..."M"ko Takabisha!" and fired of a large burst of KI.

Katsuhito's eyes widened, he hadn't expected a girl this young to be able to do this! Reflexes took over and his own aura flared, the boken spun like a propeller in front of him creating a barrier for Ranma's shot to hit. He sword sliced the Ki energy to ribbons that landed all around him and let off little puff like explosions. He decided to up the level of the game, if Ranma wanted to so would he. His sword began to glow as it spun and launched a spinning column of fire at her.

Ranma tapped the Soul of Ice technique pushed her aura to it's limits..."Hiry Sh"ten Ha!" She screamed and pounced into the fire storm and the world turned white as the earth trembled and all that contained fire explode upwards in a giant column of destruction. Ranma's face paled as she realized her mistake even as the explosion lifted her off the ground and lifted her into the sky. "Shit!!"

Ranma awoke to a strange sight, there was a large machine over her head and it was running down the length of her body, the light it was emitting was illuminating her...naked...body. She looked around and noticed that she was inside some kind of tube and that she was strapped down. Reaching out with her mind she accessed her Ki to increase her strength and gasped when she couldn't even touch it. She struggled for several minutes, the large machine went over her body several times while she did this.

She gave a start when it stopped and the end of the tube near her feet opened up and the table she was laying on moved her out of the tube. The table stopped and scooted across a room that looked like something out of Star Trek or Star Wars. There were computers and giant machines all over the place, beeping and humming in odd patterns.

"Why hello there!" Said a very scary voice, female and nowhere in sight.

"Let me go!" Ranma yelled.

The voice laughed, and evil laugh. "Not just yet my little test subject. I'm not done with you yet."

"I said let me go!"

"Hold your horses, you would not believe the information my scans are getting of you. Your energy readings are off the scale for normal humans and I am detecting large amounts of magic permeating your entire body...etc.etc.etc..."

This was to much like school Ranma thought as the evil female voice proceeded to detail most of the effects of her curse, his body, and a number of things she didn't want to know. Ranma struggled some more and found it useless and tried to access her Ki again, this time she reached deep and after several minutes managed to touch it, her body flared with blue light and Ranma let of a pulse of unfocused Ki.

It destroyed the table she was on and she jumped to her feet and ran for a door across the room. A blast of energy hit just inches from her feet and she kicked the door into splinters and continued to fly forward into high heat and some trees. She landed hard and rolled forward several times before she fell off the edge of something. She had just enough time to see that she had fallen of the edge of an artificial cliff and was falling towards what looked like a giant bath tub, there were a couple of girls watching her fall.

Ranma hit hard, sending up a wave of hot water that swamped both girls.
Her body tingled and she turned back into a man, a naked man in a hot tub with two naked girls just a few feet away. He cursed his life and wondered what kind of punishment this would cause. He reached the bottom of the deep end and slammed his fingers into the floor and held on for dear life as he opened his eyes and looked around for an escape rout. He saw two very well endowed naked girls heading his way and nearly fainted, it was Ayeka and Ryoko and they looked a little confused. He hoped that they couldn't see that he was currently a man. the water was crystal clear though and he knew he was in trouble when Ryoko began to glow and fired a blast of energy at him.

He reacted instantly, pushed off the floor of the tub and launched himself towards the surface. Once in the open air he flipped and landed at the edge of the tub, taking in his surroundings in an instant. Ayeka was staring at him in wide eyed horror, or all his naked glory, he couldn't tell which. He shot forward and noticed a small water fall about a hundred yards off through the jungle like setting, he had to hide and he had to do it quickly. Suddenly the trees around him started to explode and he glanced back to see a naked Ryoko launching multiply energy attacks at him and started to maneuver from tree to tree. This only made her scream in frustration and increase the power of the blasts.

Ryoko blazed in fury as she chased the pervert across the jungle bath setting, he was fast and nimble and causing her no end of trouble.
Though silently she had to admit he was one fine looking man and had a buns of steel and was hung even better than her beloved Tenchi, though that thought was dragged into the dregs of her mind and beaten to death.
She had a pervert to kill and nothing was going to stop her. Her hands blazed again and she fired of dozens of shots at her cute target and grinned evilly as she saw him finally take some damage when his foot was caught in one of the explosions.

Ranma cried out and jumped for an over head branch and like Tarzan began to jump from tree to tree until he noticed that he was at the waterfall and gratefully jumped into the down pour and screamed in shock at just how cold the water really was just before slamming head first into the wall. Twin explosions hit the wall to either side of her and Ranma was thrown into the air, she landed at Ryoko's feet in a heap of naked female flesh.

"Where is he!?" Ryoko screamed just as Ayeka came running up, she had taken a few seconds to put on a robe before joining the chase.

"Ranma?!" Ayeka gasped when she saw the redhead in such a bruised and compromising position, all her goods on display for that pervert that was running about.

"She was on the wall when that pervert got away, she took a good sized blast."

"You did this to her?"

"I think she was trying to stop the pervert and attacked him, but got in the way of my blast by mistake."

"Lets get her up stairs, her clothing was destroyed in that fight she had with Katsuhito yesterday and Washuu has been treating her since then."

"Oh yeah..." Ryoko giggled, "Is the old fart still bemoaning the loss of the shrine?"

"Ryoko you insensitive whore, her and Katsuhito leveled the entire hill when their attacks set off that chain reaction."

"I know, firecracker here likes to fight like I do, down and dirty and with big explosions...who are you calling a whore, at least I know what to do when I am in bed with a man, unlike you and your 718 years of virgin hood." Ryoko said snidely.

Growl! Snarl!!


Katsuhito looked mournfully at the total destruction of the 700 year old shrine, in all that time it had weathered fire, drought, space pirates, and demented women with sky high IQ's. In an instant of battle he had set in motion its destruction out of pride, he had never expected this. He lifted up a large timber piece that had once been apart of the roof, his mind recalled the day 700 years ago when he had cut down the tree and used it to build the shrine. Even after all this time it was still usable, to bad most of the others were good for nothing but kindling now. If this wasn't bad enough, they had managed to vaporize several metric tons of dirt as well. Washuu was as shocked at the level of destruction they had caused as he was, this much should have been impossible.

There were very few beings on this planet that could do something like this with their bare hands. This Ranma just didn't seem the type, sure she had a lot of power, but it was just human life force energy, or Ki.
He had never heard of any techniques that could do anything like this.
Katsuhito dropped the log with a grunt and winced as it broke into several pieces. He sighed and decided to take a break, this was going to be a major problem if he rebuilt the shrine. With Ryoko out of her prison, the shrine's main purpose had been fulfilled and was no longer needed.

"Oh well, lets see how things go from here. This Ranma was a curious girl to say the least."

Last night Washuu had been flabbergasted at what her scanners had told her about Ranma. She had body that was in better shape than an Olympic athlete, and her muscle tone was denser than stone. Washuu had been forced to use some questionable methods to take care of the girl. There were chemicals in her blood that should not have been in a normal human,
and yet all scans said that she was. There was some kind of magical field around her that defied analyses and had baffled her super computer. Katsuhito had never seen Washuu this flustered and it was making her act stranger than normal, even Tenchi was a little worried about her.

Katsuhito weaved himself down what was left of the temple stairs and headed over to the house. His eyebrows raised just a fraction of an inch when she spotted the rather large hold off to the side of the house. The electricity and explosions that could be heard within the smoke were very recognizable and he sighed. Ayeka and Ryoko were at it again, they had leveled the house more than once with their fights, luckily Washuu had some robots that could fix any damage in a matter of hours.

"Hiry Sh"ten Ha!" Screamed an all to familliar voice from with in the storm of destruction.

Katsuhito gaped as everything with in the crater began to spin and rise into the air. This suddenly formed into a giant dragon headed tornado that seemed to be roaring to the heavens. His eyes spotted Ranma at the center of the massive thing as Ayeka and Ryoko were gabbed by the tornado and lifted into the sky, but Katsuhito wasn't to worried since both girls could fly if they needed to. He suddenly realized that this was the same move that she had used on him when they had destroyed the shrine, only a little different in how it was executed. This was something that a normal human was not supposed to know how to do, so how was she accomplishing it?

Ranma watched the tornado for a few minutes before walking out of it,
she looked like she had been a war. She was covered in busies and cuts,
her hair was a mess, and she looked totally pissed off. Katsuhito walked over to her and looked her over, his glasses fogging just a little. "Are you all right?"

"I will be once people stop using me as a shield or practice dummy,
those two started to fight while we were in that strange bathroom of theirs and forgot about me. I must have been blasted a dozen times before I was able to even think straight, but I showed them."

"I see. Did you know they could both fly?"

"No I didn't, drat all the luck."

"Did you know you were naked and that your hair is smoking?"

"No I...Eppp!" Ranma blushed and covered herself up as best she could,
she had totally forgotten she had no clothing.

Katsuhito laughed and yelled to the house. "Sassami! Could you find something for Ranma to wheare?"

"Hai!" Came the faint yell.

Ranma blushed and bounced into the house, through the upper story window. Unfortunately Tenchi was in his room at the time and fainted at the sight of a well endowed (natural) red head landing on his bed. His eyes bugged out, blood trickled out, and down he went. Ranma cursed under her breath and hopped off the bed, sized the boy up. A quick look around the room revealed all she needed, a pair of black jogging pants and a gray t-shirt that was a little small. Her large breasts were very visible and Ranma had learned over the last few months that ignoring her curse was a bad idea since no one else ever did. She appropriated the boy's school uniform coat and shrugged it on. This gave her a look she liked, now all she had to do was get the dirt, glass, plastic, and smoke out of her hair.

She looked down at the boy and growled, she hated perverts as much as Akane, but she knew when not to over react. Ranma stepped over the boy and opened the door to see the little blue haired girl walking out of a room carrying a bundle of clothing. "Its alright, I found something in her Sassami."

"Oh!" Sassami gasped and nearly fell down the stairs in shock.

Ranma surged forward and caught her before she could fall and grinned at the look of shock on the little girls face. Everything would have been fine from there if a little cabbit hadn't noticed the new girl in the house. "Myaaaai" I yelled and landed at Ranma's feet. Like a clock work robot, her head shifted downward and looked the...the

"C-C-C-CA-CA-CA-CATTTTTTTTTT!!" Ranma screamed, dropped Sassami and attached herself to the ceiling. The little girl gasped and giggled as Ranma used the ceiling clinging technique to move across the house like a spider, through several doorways and outside. Ryo-oh-Ki Myaaaying and followed the red head and phasing through walls to keep her in sight. Sassami saw a black and red blur as it vanished into the forest,

Getting to her feet, Sassami watched as Tenchi ducked out of his room and looked around franticly. "Sassami-chan, where did that red head go?"

"She is off playing with Ryo-oh-Ki, why?"

"She just stole some of my clothes."

"Oh my! I thought you loaned them to her, she didn't seem to like the dress I was getting for her."

"That's okay, where is she now?"

"Out in the forest."

Tenchi ran down stairs and outside just as Washuu walked out of her lab,
she had a puzzled look on her face. She flopped down at the table and blinked a few times, but after a few minutes she stopped and gazed off into the distance, deep in thought. Sassami noticed that there was smoke wafting out of Washuu's lab an wandered over to investigate.

"What happened?"

Washuu looked up and noticed the little girl for the first time. "I have no idea, I have never seen one of Ryoko and Ayeka's fights cause this much damage. They destroyed over a third of my lab and wiped out one of my memory archives, luckilly I have back ups or we would be in a lot trouble. Then this girl I had in the lab escaped and ended up at ground zero for what ever those two did, I don't even know if she survived or not."

"Oh, the red headed girl?"


"She was here a few minutes ago..."

"She was here? Where is she now?" Washuu asked excitedly, that girl was the perfect test subject, there were even some weird readings that her computes had picked up.

"She is playing with Ryo-oh-Ki out in the forest, why?"

Washuu vanished in a blur of red before Sassami could blink, she giggled again and ran after her. This was more interesting than dinner was anyway. Outside Katsuhito watched as Ayeka and Ryoko finally broke free from the tornado and plummeted into the ground head first, sending up a large plumb of dust and dirt. They were out cold and laying across each other in a very provocative fashion. He grinned and wondered what they would do when they woke up, deny it or hide it? He rushed inside and grabbed his camera, he had to immortalize this.

Ranma was walking home, it had taken her hours to lose that little demon that was out for her blood. She shuddered, stupid pops, training her in that useless technique and giving her a permanent weakness for good measure. Those...things could turn her into a raving coward or make her insane enough to lose her mind. If that wasn't bad enough, the little mutant cat had super powers. The little blood sucker could fly and jump through solid object while going for her throat, it's beady red eyes glowing with the promise of death. She shuddered again and looked around nervously, she could feel it nearby, stalking her again.

She started to run and was soon moving at a good clip when she passed a sign that said that Tokyo was over 20 miles away. Ranma skidded to a halt and hopped back to gape at the sign in shock, that little...bitch must have knocked him over 40 miles from home! Gods above, what had she done to piss her off, she couldn't even remember. She must have jumped to some weird conclusion again, sigh. I am not putting up with this any more, Ranma thought to herself.

There was a rustling of the plants off to the side and Ranma crouched down, that little demon wasn't going to get her, no way. Them sighed in relief when Tenchi stepped out. "Hi Ranma, what in the world are you doing all the way out here?" Tenchi asked, blushing as he suddenly remembered where his face had been earlier.

Ranma was about to punt the Pervert to the lake, when she saw that he was holding the little demon and it was gazing at her with those large sparkling evil eyes that seemed to be sizing her up for a blue plate special. Ranma screamed and took off again, this time heading cross country, knocking down trees as she went. Tenchi gaped as he stroked Ryo-o-Ki, she myaaaying sadly as the red head vanished.

This time Ranma didn't stop running, but kept going until she accidentally ran right off the edge of a small cliff over looking a large city. In her blind panic, Ranma squeaked and had just enough time to notice a girl curled up on the ground against the edge of the cliff,
before plowing face first into the unforgiving ground with mighty bang of dust and dirt. Luckily Ranma had done this a time or two, and wasn't affected by the short fall, she groaned a little out of habit and crawled out of the small her shaped hole. Akane's mallet had caused her more damage than this little fall, hell her father could give out more damage.

The girl! Ranma glance around and saw her, she hadn't even moved from where she was curled up. Ranma stood up, popped her back and walked over to her, she was very thin and had the weirdest hairdo she had ever seen.
Blonde hair done up in two large balls on top of her head with super long pony tails trailing back from there. Her hair was everywhere, but what caught Ranma's attention was the fact that she was crying her heart out.

The sight wrenched Ranma's heart out of her chest and she knelt down and drew the blonde beauty into a hug. The girl froze for a second before she latched onto Ranma and buried her face in Ranma's stomach,
continuing to cry. This was new thing for Ranma, but was a better person today than what he had been just a year ago. That and she had been forced to watch more than one sappy girl's movie with Akane and her sisters, they were all hopeless romantics according to Kasumi. "Are you going to be alright now?"

"Th-thank you, I needed that."

"No problem, you looked liked you needed it."

The blonde looked up and blue eyes met blue, causing both of them to stare at each other in wonder. A shock of some vague recognition went down their spines and had both of them shivering. "Have we met before?"

"Not that I can remember." Ranma said, shaking her head.

"Oh...I'm Tsukino Usagi."

"Saotome Ranma of the School of Anything Goes Martial Arts."

To Be Continued...

End Note - I can hear the questions now, Tenchi? Why Tenchi? Well, this was meant to be a short story that ended with Ranma running off after Ryu-o-Ki encountered Ranma, but the Sailor Moon aspects kind of came to me and I decided to take it a little further. I have some ideas about using a Tenchi Universe Technology in this, like a Master Key and the living space ships, we'll see if I use them or not. Ranma will be heading back to the Masaki Shrine in later chapters to get things straightedned out though and get the old fart to teach him some sword play.

Quick note - I am trying to write up a funny story for once, but I am not that good at these and I need to actually think though what I am writing before I put it down on paper. So far I am getting some good ideas and I am using a couple of other stories to get the general idea of what I am doing. We'll see how things go for now, and I may get a bit hentai every now an then, but I will try to keep it to a minimum.