"Is there no SUN in this infernal place!" I yelled into the dull grey sky. The clouds were visible from horizon to horizon, I hadn't had the opportunity to see the sun for at least a week.

I guess I should fill you in shouldn't I? After leaving Mom's, we flew north. The Flyboys seeming to have forgotten us all together. After some –cough- convincing by Angel, we managed to buy a house. I was surprised at, our luck in finding it. It was set back from the town, on an old track through a little wood. It stood alone and solitary on the side of a path over-looking the sea, The front of the house facing west, over the steely sea.

We've been living there for about a week now, each of us with our own rooms. I still can't get used to this! It just suddenly shifted everything into perspective. With the school finally gone, we now had a chance to be, well, normal I guess.

Since we had been here I still hadn't seen the sun, which was starting to depress me. On top of that, the voice has …persuaded…me, (with unconventional methods shall we say) to enrol us in the nearby junior, and high school.

I guess it was part of the plan to be normal. So I just went with it, and tomorrow was the day that me Fang. Iggy. Nudge, Gasman, and Angel would be starting school. For the second time.Joy.

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