I'm really sorry you guys! This story has been going for a while now and I don't seem to be getting anywhere do I? Well I'm really sorry =( Doing my GCSE's this year, and they take a big chunk of my life. I'll update when I can but it'll be few and far between.

You might find a few one-shots, because that's all I'll have time for. Speaking of which (shameless self promotion coming up) I have a Supernatural one-shot , It's called Whisper It Gently. If you want to tootle on over to my page and take a gander i'd be most grateful. It's my descriptive piece for my coursework and I wanna know what you guys think of it. See if it's up to your standards.

So no, I'm not leaving this story, I'm just on a….thingy from it. Chapters will come up, but I don't know when.

Sorry for letting you guys down. And PLEASE DON'T KILL ME =(

Love you all