Hehe. My second story! This one is going to have chapters!! Yay! Here we go!

A teenager, about 16 years old, ran through the forest, her Espeon right behind her. A herd of Donphan and a swarm of Beedrill were headed in their direction.

"Why me?" she thought while Espeon was thinking the same thing.


"Squirtle Use bubble!" May yelled. Squirtle obeyed. Bubbles floated in the air gracefully.

"Espeon Use psychic!" The bubbles were moving swiftly in the shape of a star.

"SquirtleWater gun!" It used water gun, but Espeon's psychic controlled the water also.

May hesitated. "No! UhhEspeon, stop!"

The bubbly concoction landed in a field nearby. Half of the bubbles hit a Beedrill's nest, while the other hit the leader of a Donphan herd. There were screeches and yells and they were followed by wings flapping and feet stomping. May returned Squirtle, but it was too late for Espeon. They started running for their lives (or at least their safety…)

End Flashback

The disturbed pokémon didn't seem tired at all after running for over 10 minutes.

Another teenager was walking in the direction of May. Seeing the dust clouds not too far off in the distance was pretty unusual. The teenager saw a figure emerge from the dust. It was gaining speed. The figure had a lot of pokémon trailing behind. As the figure came closer, the teenager could tell it was a girl. "May?" the teenager thought.


The teenagers were in an awkward position.

"Drew?" May asked.

"Get off of me, May!" Drew exclaimed, blushing slightly.

"Right," May said getting up quickly.

"What the heck's going on?!" Drew asked.

"I'll explain later!" May said, placing Espeon on her head.

"We have to go!" She grabbed his hand and ran.

Espeon had had enough of all of this. She teleported them to the nearest town: La Rousse. All three landed in a soft thud. Drew looked around. "Great. I'm back where I started…" he thought. "You owe me and explanation," Drew said.

May explained as Espeon hopped off of her head and into Drew's lap. When May finished her story, Drew shook his head slowly and smirked.

"You're such a klutz," he said.

"I saved your life!" May said angrily. "And that's the thanks I get?"

"Actually, Espeon did," Drew answered, stroking its fur. "And my life wouldn't have to be saved if you weren't such a klutz." He looked over her shoulder and saw that a crowd was gathering… a crowd full of teenage girls.

"You're such a jerk!" May fumed.


"You arrogant-"

"May??" The crowd was growing rapidly.








Drew got up and shook her. "MAY!!!"

"What?!" she answered.

The crowd started screaming and squealing.


"What?" May asked again.


"Oooh!" May said smiling. "You said to run…" Espeon jumped on her head again.

"Oh my GOD, May!" Drew yelled. He grabbed her arm and ran into a poke-center. The girls followed, screaming his name (A/N: Obsessed weirdoes…)

"Nurse Joy!" Drew said. "We need a room… and fast."

Nurse Joy noticed how urgent his voice was so she immediately gave him a room and key. Drew nodded thankfully and Dragged May to the room, locking the door behind him.

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